Free as a Bird

Jeane: I only could pull out the end of this dream.

It feels like there are two of us, a man and a woman, and we might be fleeing something. I run into a house and in the doorway is a being that is part buzzard and part man – and he’s hanging upside down.

John: Part what?

Jeane: Buzzard.

John: Okay.

Jeane: I think I’m the man in this dream, and the woman is with me; it’s a little confusing.

As we flee into this house, a winged figure is following us. We’ll be okay because we can dash into the house, but the being who is stuck hanging upside down, who’s part man and part buzzard, may be in a bit of trouble because the winged figure could attack or eat him.

Then the dream shifts slightly and I’m standing there, and there’s a man standing in front of a woman. I feel like we can dissolve back in time and, at some other point, come forward in time.

That’s about all I could pull out. I know there was more to it but it moved around a lot.

John: You saw or experienced in this dream a few ancient, symbolic images. The man hanging upside down, who’s part buzzard, is a person in such a condition because he’s still holding on to something. In other words, that aspect of you isn’t as free as the winged-beingness of your nature (the one chasing you). He’s like the Hanged Man in the Tarot, who is caught between the material world and the spiritual life.

The winged figure also represents an ancient god, symbolically speaking, the essence of which would signify an emptiness, an inner space in which you’ve let go of everything. In a sense, you exist between the world of the living (flying) and the world of the dead (hanging).

Thus you face a conundrum in terms of where you belong, or in terms of what belongs, if anything. What you’re supposed to derive from all of this is the emptiness, and so the image of the buzzard man hanging upside down creates, and causes, inside you, a shudder, or a realization that you’re held back in some way.

In other words, the place you’ve run into isn’t completely empty or free, and the winged creature that’s behind you, which is also part of you, is the part of you that can let go of everything, and that has to devour all that is dead (or not free).

However, you have a mystery on your hands because you have these two images, one that represents something that’s a veil of illusion that holds you back – the buzzard man that’s in a betwixt and between state – and the other part of you that, at its depth, is free and empty. So, under these conditions, the part that’s probably troubling you is, “How does the winged creature eat the buzzard?”

In your description you actually have a sense that that’s what will happen. However, if that were to happen, then there would be a statement or something… you would feel the shift. You’re caught between all of this, in a way, because the winged creature is behind you, and the buzzard man in the house is in front of you.

Can you be in the emptiness that’s situated in between? Do you have to be concerned? Do the images your eyes alight upon, or see, affect you in any way? Do you cringe? Do you react? Do you take on a mood?

Anything you do as a reaction or response tends to define you in some capacity. It’s almost like the ancient story of Lot’s wife being turned into a pillar of salt for looking back. You could actually be free, though, and not have to know, see, perceive, or take into account anything.

However, in this particular instance, you’re not walking away from it, and not able to look back. You’re heading into the place in which the buzzard man exists. Can you do it?

In other words, you’re presented with this conundrum, and the only thing you have available to you to resolve, or solve, this conundrum, is what you note about yourself in relationship to what you perceive.

So, can you maintain the peace, the silence, the emptiness, or do you have to see the buzzard man? Do you then have to yield back to the winged creature? In other words, do you still sit in this polarity, yo-yoing back and forth, or can you occupy neither space and stay in a Nothingness, in which there’s total peace and nothing going on?

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