Intra Sensory Perception

John: In this dream, I feel like I’m in a foreign place, and I know that the objects I can see don’t necessarily represent what’s going on. However, if I stare at them, or sit with them for a while, I can get a perception about how things link together.

They link together because, as I let go of the surface appearance of things, suddenly I can see how everything is related. It’s surprising at times to see how things interconnect.

Then the dream switches, and I suddenly find myself in a different place. This time, no matter how hard I look, I can’t see how things link together. There’s no shadow dynamic, or anything like that, as in the first dream where I was suddenly able to go beyond the surface and recognize how things join together.

In this second place, the light works differently; I have a whole sense of the color in the space, but I don’t have sufficient visibility to see how everything interconnects. So to understand this space requires a process of letting go. The ability to know, in this case, is based on sensation, rather than by reaching a state of inner stillness where the underlying energetics suddenly appear.

So there’s no sight involved in this second approach, but there is a quality of allowing oneself to suddenly be transitioned. If I try to apply the type of sight that worked in the first image – when I was able to sort things out by settling back and finding focus – I’ll never figure it out.

The type of letting go in this case is different and doesn’t allow sight as the means of revelation. Here, awareness is reached through a type of natural knowingness that’s able to emerge. I never “see” the linkage between things, I can only sense them.

Okay, so in the first image of this dream I was pondering, and looking, and wondering, and trying to get a skill. I was trying to relax and let go in a certain way that would allow me to see how things link together. Of course, to begin with, it seemed like I didn’t get it, but when I finally did, it seemed fairly easy.

The other thing that was interesting was in getting the sense that how something links together is also important in terms of how I relate it to the overall energetic, and its familiarity, in the way of a family relationship. In other words, I also became aware of how I’m in relationship to the greater overall – my participation is part of it.

However, in both dreams I had the sensation of being on a journey in a foreign place, so at first I feel an alienation or separation from what is around me. In the second image I would have been completely lost in trying to see or connect in the same way I did in the first image. So, it was a tremendous shift to be able to do it in an inner context way. I wasn’t able to find sufficient visibility, so I wasn’t able to see myself within the larger context of anything. But I was able to sense that I was okay and then I could act upon that sense. That was sufficient.

So the first importance was to see how I’m intertwined with everything. And the second importance was to reach a point where I was emptied of everything, yet at the same time I carried an awareness of my surroundings.

What has been shown to me is two ways to connect with the energetics around me, or two ways to discover the truth of what I’m participating in. Both have their appropriate uses, and both rely on letting go of, or getting beyond, the first level of sensory experience (lower self) and allowing a deeper knowing to emerge through the senses (sight and feel) of the higher self.

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