Being Everything

Jeane: In my main dream I feel like I’m in a foreign land that’s somewhat jungle-like. It’s been taking me a long time to get where I’m going, which is a ceremony that one of the local men is performing or participating in. I don’t feel particularly friendly toward it.

I’ve spent all the cash I have in the currency of the country I’m in, but I’m carrying something that can be converted into cash or is the equivalent of cash. It’s like some kind of brick, and it reminds me of one of those bricks they used to make out of tea, where you could shave off so much tea and that represented a certain value.

I’m a little disturbed by this because if I can get to the village for the ceremony I’d prefer to have real bills to give them, rather than having to shave off some of this brick.

John: Your dream is presenting an overall context, within which these various components exist, i.e., you’re in a foreign land, and you have two types of “currency” that allow you to relate to the place. So the dream depicts two variables through which you’re able to exist within this overallness.

The first variable is the local currency that you had. That’s the medium of exchange that works and the one you’re most comfortable with. This currency provides you with a more familiar and natural (to you) way to interact with the space you’re in, i.e., you know which denominations are which and these are the component pieces you need.

That’s actually depicting a spatial orientation that you’ve identified with or are comfortable with. Yet just like in my dream (see Intra Sensory Perception) where the first part showed how I could get oriented or linked with the overall by visibly “knowing,” in your case there is the sense that these components (the currency) hold together the overallness.

But then you get a shift that you never quite get comfortable with. You preferred having an overall sense of what was important in terms of the components of the overall space, but the shift required that you “let go” of a part of yourself – like shaving pieces off – to be in the overallness.

This is a greater dimensional approach, but it requires you let go of the previous approach (local currency). You recognize this, but you aren’t comfortable with it.

In my second dream, I had to let go of the recognition of how things intertwined because I lost that ability of sight. But I still had to catch up somehow, and that came by sensing the distinctions – by trusting my instincts in the overall.

You too lost your ability to relate, using the local currency. Your challenge then was to work with how the bits and pieces (from the whole brick) of you are in everything, and that you can become comfortable with those “shavings” as you called them.

And that was a shift that, although you saw it, you weren’t ready to go along with yet – you still preferred the other “payment” method. This would be an entirely different dynamic – for you to be able to realize that you’re in everything, and that there’s no way that this indivisibility of the overall could ever run out or end. You don’t have to fear shaving off those pieces.

So this shift involves a different sense of awareness: to know that you’re everything. There’s no way you could be anything but everything. It’s a hard shift to make. Now you have to recognize how you are everything, and you’re in everything that exists in the overall.

It’s a pretty sci-fi kind of spatiality in your dream. In this case you had to work with an energetic as the aliveness, and there wasn’t anything physically manifested to offer familiarity, or to orient you. You just had an energetic awareness of how the wholeness and Oneness can come together in two different ways, yet you were required to drop the familiar way completely in order to make the transition to the second, more profound way.

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