A Type of Magic

Jeane: It feels like I’m in a dusty old western town, and there’s a rather sophisticated man I know there. A group of girls, including me, are supposed to do some belly dancing for this man and some others in town.  

There’s a woman who’s a professional belly dancer, and she’s coming to join us. I know that we’re not that good, but we’ll do the best we can.

We go to the train station to meet her, and then I’m in a room with her and a few of the other women who are going to dance. I’m trying to find a skirt for twirling because it feels like some of them don’t swing out quite far enough. I’m trying to get the skirt just right.

We don’t seem to have much time to rehearse together. We go to the stage area where we’re to perform and we stand there, kind of bunched together, so that our feet almost show beneath the curtain. I’m just hoping that it goes as well as possible.

John: You’re using the imagery of belly dancing as a quality, or a trait. Belly dancing is something that compliments, or has an affect, on the overall presence of a situation. So you’re using that image to show how some inner aspect of you is catching up with a vibration that’s aligned to belly dancing in that its performance carries an essence that comes across and effects all those who are in its presence.

So, the dream has to do with how you’re changing. But it’s not just that, it’s also about what that change is bringing to the surface, inside. It’s a reflection of what’s awakening in you, or the role you’re taking on, or an aspect of the responsibility involved.

In other words, the responsibility in this dream is in you learning how to get this certain vibration out in the world, which means that you’ve visited it and kind of know what it’s like, but you’re still new at it. The image shows that you haven’t had time to practice, which you feel to be important, but you might be selling yourself a bit short because you’re being taken in to this connection and responsibility as if you’ll do just fine.

Jeane: Then the dream image suddenly shifts and I see myself standing on the edge of a barren desert with some tribal people who live there. Before we step forward, to do whatever we’re going to do, I realize that one of them is trying to capture a strand of my hair. I know that people sometimes do that because they want to use it for some type of magic.

So I brush my hair so they can’t quite get to it, but I realize if they want to they can just reach over and pluck a hair. I also realize that I can turn around and pluck a hair from them, just to show that I know what they’re doing.

But suddenly I don’t have the heart to do that because I see that all they’re really trying to do is to build a football or soccer field for their children.

John: This part takes the set-up and flashes you forward to a station of completion. When you’re in this station of completion, you’re no longer trying to figure out how to do things, i.e., find the right dress or learn the dance. You’re able to reflect the essence of what’s important just by being who you are, and by being how you are.

Thus you’re seen on the edge of an empty expanse with some tribal people, representing ancient wisdom, and they are trying to connect or touch your essence. You aren’t striving or stressing, you are just being who you’re meant to be and that’s enough.

You don’t have to go out and do anything, and you don’t have to try to impose on others. Those who recognize you for who you are – who somehow or other come close to that themselves – gain from you a sense of awareness, inside (magic). That enables them to take a piece of what that is from you, energetically, and use it to help open up things in their lives on a more meaningful level.

In other words, you’re able to help facilitate an awakening in them, in the sense of them being more who they need to be, in relation to what’s important in creation.

So your dream has switched from a kind of active reflection, with the belly dancing, to a state that’s quieter, where you’re now able to hold the vibration on your own. The vibration you were trying to practice with in the dancing has become something that just exudes from you.

Those who are meant to recognize that vibration are able to experience and be touched by it, which is like taking something from your heart (the strand of hair).

However, because you’re dropping the personal involvement, you’re able to let this happen and you know that it’s all part of a process that helps facilitate an awakening in others. They are then able to do something heartfully, something that’s meaningful in and for the enfoldment of life.

It’s an interesting dream in that it tells the story of how some part of you sees that you have changed – it’s like a perception that comes from your higher self.

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