Learning to Take Flight

Jeane: Next I had a brief dream image, where it feels like I’ve climbed on top of a cabinet with my dad, who seems like he’s at a younger age. There’s a pipe behind the cabinet that needs to be capped in some way.

I hand him a tool when he goes to cap it, but it actually causes the pipe to blow off more steam. My dad almost blows off the cabinet! I just tell him “No, let’s not do it that way.”

Then I hand him something else – it’s a tube of something that he can put on the pipe and it will seal it. That seems like a quieter way to kind of get things back under control so that we don’t fall off the cabinet trying to repair this.

John: That’s a dream image that’s linked with your first dream (see The Goddess Within). In that dream, you were shown a feminine quality that wanted to rise up, and own, a particular overallness that’s natural to you. However, in the dream you couldn’t quite manifest that goddess persona. In a sense, it wasn’t fully ready to leave the side of the “dying” masculine and be on it’s own.

In this follow-up image, you’re asking the question: Is it realistic, or possible, to completely walk away from the masculine? In terms of the dualistic energy of the physical world, the masculine and feminine have to be intertwined together – compatible and complementary. As individuals, we each have to be in touch with both those aspects inside us – they’re interactive parts.

So what this dream is doing is taking a step back. It’s indicating that, yes, something’s broken, it’s releasing steam, and it has to be resealed. You see yourself working with and supporting the masculine in fixing the pipe.

The best you can hope for, because the pipe is out of reach and a bit precarious and you don’t have a great handle on it, is for some sort of temporary fix. These expressions of the difficulty you face represent a type of karma, or a personal limitation, that you’ll have to face or overcome. There’s a part of you that carries a particular weight, perhaps from a triggered, imbedded psychology, and that puts a barrier up which prevents you from being able to just rise up freely.

So, when you feel that limitation, consciously or unconsciously, it tends to put you into a mood. It puts you in the position of having to try to take care of, or handle, the situation. It may seem strange, but in some way you’re trying to pull it together. In the meantime, this limitation keeps you from rising up into a kind of freedom, i.e., free of all the (earthly) reflections.

What seems to be happening through these dreams is that when you see something inside that’s a fairly phenomenal gesture or hint (like the image of the goddess statue), at the same time you get the counter reflection, too, to keep everything in proportion (the leaky pipe).

We all may have many internal barriers that prevent us from flying freely in the way that somewhere deep inside we know is possible. Your two dreams (yesterday and today) showed you both the possibility and the barrier to that possibility.

It’s all part of the refinement journey, to continually become aware of the next thing that needs to be let go. In that way we move from the denseness of being anchored in our personal-ego experience of the physical world, into the lightness and freedom of being an interactive part in universal processes.

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