The Consequence of Being

John: In this dream I seem to have re-experienced our entire journey through Egypt with the group. I think I’ll try to read the journey dream as I wrote it down, rather than to just say it, and we’ll see how that comes out.

The dream begins with some photographs taken at the beginning of the journey. A group photo is taken, as well as one picture of each individual on the trip. The light at the time these pictures are taken is very bright, both for the group and for each individual, although it differs somewhat between them.

As we proceed on the journey, this light is affected by the decisions we make in our approach to things. The point is reached where our focus and attention causes us to make choices that revert each of us to a memory, as if something embedded in that light from the very beginning has lost a degree of its luster; it has become veiled through this journey we have undertaken.

However, as we are proceeding, the rays of light are awakened, and we each become adorned more and more with these rays. The rays of light seem to awaken as we become more conscious of a process, and of a journey, and of a letting go.

What’s interesting is the light that we’ve realized by the end of the journey, and how that compares to the light we carried at the beginning. Of course, am I actually seeing an image of the light at the end of the journey, or at some intermediate point where the end isn’t quite known at this juncture?

Another interesting aspect is that each of us are allowed to make our own decisions as we proceed on the journey and, at times, there’s a reflective hint which causes us to inflect back to a faint memory somewhere. Other than that, we are left on our own.

The fact that I see myself in a group means that there’s also some degree of guidance. However, the light coming from the group is diffuse and a bit fainter toward the end relative to how it had been in the beginning.

Nevertheless, the light that remains still has some redemptive qualities as a “light of the whole.” The light we each reflected in our initial, individual picture, is, of course, a depiction of the main, inner reflective, or inner presence that we carry.

It seems to me that the effect of this journey is different for each one of us, and the bands of rays that we have awakened and adorned ourself with are a testament to how the journey has unfolded.

It seems the light of the group is no longer a pure bright light at the end of the journey, or whatever phase of the journey I’m looking at, but has taken on an affect and characteristics manifested by the decisions that have been made by the whole.

Of course, I now know I’m only seeing the light as it currently exists, at this point in the journey, and I’m aware that for the light to be as it was at the beginning for each of us, and as a group, is still a long way away.

When I ponder this dream image, I’m left a bit embarrassed, saddened, ashamed, and with an aching heart. If I just accept it as it is, my sense is that this is not really my responsibility. I am what I am.

As I settle back I’m struck by an after-the-fact report that comes in that says that the group picture came out well. This was a joyous, unexpected surprise. At the end of that it said something interesting: that the comb we each had in our pockets seems to have fallen away.

This image can be looked at with a sense of loss, but in the group picture there’s an elegance that says this is a good thing for the light of the whole. I come to know that the light is different when the picture is taken from a neutral space.

This dream is describing the adventure that is the journey of life we each take, as a group (humans) and as individuals, and the consequences of being in the physical world of creation. No matter the group we find ourselves in, whether the whole human race or a smaller subset, the journey we take is completely determined by individual choice. In the end, we each carry the responsibility for our personal relationship with God and creation.

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