Following the Blueprint

Jeane: We were watching a program when I fell asleep, before I got to see the last performer. In my dream I feel like I’m trying to see the last performance. I’m wandering around and a younger female cousin is with me.

We’ve gone into an area that’s like an amusement park and I run into a man I knew a long time ago. I go home with him. In the morning, he’s asleep when I get up to shut the door to keep others from coming in the room.

The man disappears, but I’m looking around his room; he’s very neat about everything. I have a little box with a little glass giraffe and some other glass animals. I want to put a few of them on a nightstand, but I don’t want to put all of them there. I’m looking for what to do with the rest.

I look in his nightstand and see a carved box, but I quietly shut the drawer because it’s his space. I find one nightstand I can put few animals on. I’ve made up the covers on the bed and I want to quietly leave without making my presence known.

I run into my cousin again, and she asks me where I’ve been. I tell her, “You don’t want to know.” I start walking her back to the amusement park area, still trying to figure out how to see the last performance.

John: This is a dream in which something is knotted up inside you as an ancient memory. It’s really a blockage, like an amnesia. It’s something that you’re trying to get back to that carries, or brings forth, something you feel pulsating deep within, which is hidden, or has gotten away, or is lost. There’s a faint memory to it that compels you to be waiting for it, or looking for it, or doing something to jar it loose.

As a result of harboring this type of energetic, your dream proceeds to awaken something that facilitates the process. You’re able to find the missing (inner) components, which are latent there. The dream suggests that, as you do this, there’s a particular mannerism in you that isn’t quite ready. So, you’re drawn to cause something to awaken, but at the same time you don’t readily embrace it.

In the image, your cousin wants to know where you’ve been, but you don’t necessarily want to reveal that. You aren’t sure how you feel about it, but what you’re shown is that you’re able to perceive, in relationship to what’s occurring in the environment around you, what’s awakening and what’s quickened.

Something has to happen to quicken what is hidden, and then you’re able to figure it out or understand it. That’s what it’s like to look into the table drawer of this man – he’s a catalytic energy. But to understand that, you had to do something first, which was to follow an energetic (take a walk, meet the man) that allowed you to connect in a certain way. So you’re then able to spread out your characteristics and your traits (the glass animals); you put them in the open.

That establishes spatiality, and you’re able to perceive what’s needed as a latent energy for what this man has hidden away in his inner state, or inner being (the carved box). You were able to get closer to that type of hiddenness.

What’s interesting about the dream is that you have to allow something to pull you forward into a connection, and as you allow this to happen you open up and what comes out of you is a revelation, or is revealing. You put the characteristics, you put the animal qualities, out there in the open. That creates an expanse in which you’re then able to look and see into secret aspects of the masculine nature.

It’s almost as if this dream is laying out a dynamic in terms of how this process unfolds for you. Your understanding of the masculine dynamic is accomplished by you radiating out a feminine overallness – in terms of the qualities and characteristics that are embedded in your nature.

That’s the middle part, but to get to that middle part you have to be drawn from the state that you’re in, which has an amnesia, back into a connection (with the masculine) that you’re not too sure about, and that you may even feel carries some sort of secret guilt. When you do that, it causes something to shine and you lay out on the table the qualities you carry within.

In other words, you have to open up before you’re able to look at the masculine trait. You feel you have to establish your feminine (overall) presence first, or you have to own the feminine quality before you’re able to perceive more deeply into the latent masculine quality inside you.

Your dream explains to you, on an energetic level, how that flow comes together. It’s very interesting to have a dream describe how that works for you. In your waking life you might be inclined to look at whatever is going on in the masculine element of life and just try to sort it out as best you can.

With this dream, you realize that the way this actually works is to go to the resource center within you first, and then the other aspects will become more obvious. There has to be a magnetic energy that draws you, that connects you, that links you so that that resource center opens up.

I would suspect that this is a very, very informational dream. Your tendency could easily be to approach what you’re trying to understand in some other way, but this dream is showing that this is the corridor through which all of the knowings can simply unfold. That’s quite an interesting blueprint.

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