Awaiting a Signal

John: My dream is similar to yours in that I’ll have to look at it as a type of blueprint (see Following the Blueprint). It’s like there’s an ancient memory inside me, as if I may have been in it during a deeper phase of my sleep, but I was unable to pull it out.

I mean, it could have been that way, or it could just be something that’s pent up inside me. The inner recollection is that there was an adventure or a journey that I’d been on, that I’ve completely moved away from. As a consequence I’ve forgotten it, but not completely – there’s still a faint echo or memory that exists. I know that, but there’s nothing I can do about it.

I sit at a table by myself, in a state of controlled waiting. I know that there’s something faint, deep within, but I don’t have the means by which I can go back and awaken it, or go back into it in terms of the depth at which it unfolds, or is simply there.

So I sit at the table by myself and, at some point, someone gets my attention to come over to another table where others are sitting, and the images and energetic inflections that just suddenly jump around are all sacred images.

It’s like I see these images floating in the air, in a kind of ethereal way, like an image of a temple going by and other sacred items. That’s what gets quickened and awakened at the second table, but it’s done in such a way that nothing appears out of the ordinary. It’s just that I notice what’s transpiring, and the idea is to quicken the recognition inside.

Upon noticing it, then I’m told that I’m invited to be at a particular place at a particular time, which involves being able to go on a journey. Making this journey requires I take a leap of faith, but I have sufficient information inside to be able to do that – because I’ve seen the floating, sacred energetic images going by.

I don’t know what to make of it. I know that it’s somehow correlated to something very, very faint, of which I have been a part, or involved with, or in flow and in sync with, but I’m no longer in that state.

Now it’s almost like it’s being dangled in front of me again, images that something knows that I’ll find meaningful and will trigger a response. I’m then baited, by being welcomed or invited, should I choose, to go on a particular journey, and that journey is to take place at a particular place and time.

In other words, I have the sense that that journey would reawaken this ancient memory that I have amnesia toward. I base that conclusion on the hints or impressions I received by having seen the sacred images dance around, once I had shifted from a state of controlled waiting (sitting alone), over to a table with others.

It’s not like anyone talked or did anything different at that table, it was just in the ethers there and out of the blue something more was then presented to me for the next phase, or the next step. So this dream is doing the same thing your dream did: it’s laying out a blueprint, or format, upon which something is designed to unfold. The energetic lies dormant; I can’t reach it on my own and, as a consequence, I sit in a type of controlled waiting.

When I see the sacred images, when I see the energetic, even the faintest elements of it, I will know it and when I know it I can act according to the subtleness of that. In doing so I can slip completely back into that which is held inside from long ago and is protected in a type of controlled waiting until the moment it can be awakened again.

In a sense, this is true of every human life, as we are born away from home on this planet. We each have a faint memory inside of our connections to the rest of the universe, but it lies dormant inside until such time as we can awaken it. That requires being quiet enough inside – a controlled waiting – to hear the signal that can unlock it, and we can begin our journey back home, and back to God.

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