Unfolding Naturally

John: In this dream I’ve returned to doing something that I know backward and forward, i.e., I have clear-cut authority in terms of the ups and downs and the ins and outs of this process.

So there’s nothing new under the sun for me in terms of this activity. I’m standing in a courthouse in front of a number of people making some sort of presentation or application. One of the clerks is willing to go along with everything I’m proposing, providing I agree to pay for some sort of review.

I point out that I understand why the review is needed in most cases but, in my case, it would be a waste of time because I’m the authority on this. Many others might do this without the appropriate knowledge, so there’s good justification to have a review process, but in my particular case it would be a waste of time. Plus, it would create more problems for the county.

I’m explaining all this saying that whatever the county wants to do they can do, but I’d advise against it because the long-term impact is going to make things worse.

The purpose of this dream is to indicate, and to show, that some things need to be left to evolve naturally. When things do evolve naturally, without too much control or over regulation, they can actually achieve a greater natural balance. Micromanagement can make a lot of sense in certain situations, but it can also choke something off from fully coming to fruition.

So, this is a teaching dream, and it takes a common waking life scenario (for me) and uses it to make a more universal point. It’s indicating that there’s a process by which things unfold in life and in creation, and that they unfold best if they’re left to unfold naturally. Whenever we humans attempt to control, or manipulate, or oversee, the outcome of events, we invariably have an effect on the way things turn out, but not always in the way we might hope.

No one person has the depth of sight to be able to oversee the process and unfolding of life. Any attempts to do that usually create a bigger mess, no matter how well-intended.

Controls may appear to make things better because they can cut through a lot of the issues and problems that take place at the very beginning of something. However, what helps initially, usually ends up choking things off from truly emerging in a bigger way.

That’s why freedom of choice is such an interesting thing. We have this freedom, which is unique to the human species, in our outer lives, but we also have it in our inner lives. We are so trained to try and streamline everything in our lives in some particular way, we fall into the trap of set patterns on an inner level.

As a growing-up process, everything can use a little guiding hand, like good parents offer to their offspring. It makes sense on that level. Yet when we get to a level in our development journey, or in our human journey, where we’re supposed to be able to take on a higher responsibility, the less of “us” in the process the better.

Human responsibility includes our responsibility to the whole. While we are trying to fulfill our purpose, it is equally important that we don’t prevent anything else from fulfilling its purpose. Only our natural connections, inside, can guide us in that, not our brain or our ego identity.

So this dream is using an image that I understand to speak to me of a deeper issue that I face, which is how to take responsibility for what I bring to the world (physically and energetically), without trying to control the outcome. Being in the space where that’s possible means surrendering to the flow, or listening to our own inner guidance.

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