An Inner Compass

John: In my dream I feel like I’m still on our adventure in Egypt, only the adventure is coming to an end. To mark that, there’s a final dinner for everyone.

The meal is free, and we can have our pick of whatever salmon we’d like. Others have come before and maybe it’s been picked over a bit, so it’s hard to know exactly what’s available. I just know that I have my choice.

Then it’s indicated to me that if I sign on for another adventure, there’s a bonus that can be given, i.e., something more can happen. I feel guided by forces to this adventure that involves a boat sitting in the harbor. Other boats have been pulled from the water, but this boat is still sitting there because it has to wait for when it’s deemed right for it to move.

Suddenly the channel starts filling with water. This boat is sitting next to the dock, and it’s obvious that when the water rises the boat will be able to access the passageway to the sea.

This is showing that everything in this adventure is unfolding in a fairly natural way, with little resistance. I have a bit of uneasiness, though, because I don’t know what’s happening or why.

This dream is indicating that my consciousness is linked to an adventure that’s shaped for me to appreciate, i.e., at the dinner I have my choice of different salmon entrees.

Historically, fish represent a type of consciousness, and the salmon is the king of fish and, therefore, the king of consciousness. So, if I can go along with something as it naturally unfolds in the outer, I’m doing it in a very kingly, or highly conscious, way of being.

The dream shows that I’m in a scenario where I’m at the end of one adventure and at the beginning of another – if I sign on. I’m not told when I’m going or in what direction. My curious nature can become sad because it finds itself removed from this inner process, but the water rises to make the journey, or passage, possible.

When things happen so effortlessly, I don’t always realize how good I have it. Through this dream I’m able to denote that I’m receiving royal treatment on a conscious level (the salmon), which is directing me on how to proceed. I don’t know anything more than that, but I comply based upon my trust in the process.

I also had this strange image as I fell asleep: I had stuck dental floss into a cutout piece of watermelon. The object was to use the floss to cut the watermelon to free it up. This wasn’t so easy to do because the watermelon wasn’t fully ripe.

That image set the stage for the image I first described by showing me that I’m not fully ripe yet, but that I’m part of a wonderful fruitfulness in life even though I’m currently struggling, more than necessary, to find my way. Over time this will become more natural and happen with greater ease – if I continue to trust in the process.

There’s another meaning too, in that the bonus that’s offered if I sign on for another adventure is also an attempt to guide me, and is designed to carry me to the next destination. The problem for me is that I don’t hear that sort of guidance very well. It’s hard to know what I’m hearing because it’s so easy to get detoured from the whole by intriguing aspects.

This is one of the dangers of dreaming, because dreaming creates reflections and reflections provide a greater window into our psychologies. As we develop, the soul can move further and further away from our reliance on the limitations of our physical senses. We can then get deeper and clearer insights.

But until the soul is able to reach a point where it redeems itself, more or less, in terms of the overall, or as long as there’s still some aspect or process in which the soul is trapped by the magnetism of the physical body, and thus affected in the decisions it makes, there’s always the question of whether or not a personal bias has been introduced.

Everything becomes more and more subtle as we gain consciousness. A lot of very advanced people can still go off on some tangent; i.e., they may have taken a lot into account, but are they truly listening, or are they hearing some part of themselves still caught in the magnetism of things? And to what degree does that filter or effect the flow of what’s meant to be?

How do we really know what’s intended? We can only know if we stand back and act with a more feminine quality of receptivity: we let it proceed, but we have the foresight to know what the consequences are.

In other words, we don’t step in and shut off the process based on some greater perception that we think we have. As one develops consciousness, there are three ways to act on things. One is to act before something happens because we can see ahead. The second is to act as it is happening because we have an insight in how to shape and guide it. And the third is that we let it happen, even if it causes an embarrassment, while we hold a space that supports a change.

The third way is the hardest way to be, but it can lead to the greater consciousness of the whole and is, ultimately, closest to a natural process.

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