Holding It Together

Jeane: In this last dream it feels like I have a house that’s up in a mountain pasture area and I’m going to be moving back down, let’s say more to the lowlands, or maybe going to my parent’s house or something. But before I go down there, I want to take the laundry with me.

I’m rounding up people in the house and checking what needs to be done or cleaned up, but it’s kind of tricky because sometimes I have to go out through a pasture area, and up into a meadow, and across something else to get to where I’m going.

I figure out that somebody has left a gate unlocked up there and I’ve come back down. I want to leave, but the gate issue hasn’t quite been handled. I think my ex-husband is around, and I joke about how he should just take off and so he does. Now I don’t have the truck to put my laundry in.

I have a couple of laundry baskets. I want to take all of that with me to have fresh laundry when he comes back. I have to leave even though I can’t fix the thing about the gate being unlocked up above, and I have to trudge back down and find out where he is.

I don’t catch up with him until he’s already parked near my parent’s house. He has one of those awful big pickup trucks. It’s not my favorite thing, but I climb up into it to shift it around. But then my ex sees me and is worried I might ram into the cars that are lined up there, so he comes out to help.

I think that’s when I wake up.

John: Your dream is indicating that you don’t have a good general sense about things like you normally do.

Jeane: That’s true.

John: If you had a good general sense, you would know what was right or not right about the unlocked gate. So you have this awareness that something is astray, amiss, and because you don’t have this good general sense of things, then you can’t hold something together. When you can’t hold something together, you realize that whatever you do makes things worse rather than resolves them.

Your dreams have been dealing with the overall from the general, container perspective of the feminine. You’re weighing events in terms of how it is you’re meant to feel – as a vibration that you carry inside – in terms of a how thing relates to, and fits within, the overall (for the prior dreams, see Crossing Over and The Blessing of the Feminine).

My dreams (to follow) deal with the same territory, but from the masculine perspective. For you, the question is: does something fit into, or can it integrate into, the whole, without causing a disturbance?

For me, the question is: how do I maintain the means by which I’m capable of recognizing and hearing what is required, or needs, to occur?

Your dreams portray a type of hearing, too, only you hear things in terms of allowing yourself to exist or have your attention in the presence of the overall. I seem to have to hear it in relationship to the variables, the little details and idiosyncrasies, and the problem with hearing things in this masculine regard is that I can get caught up in contending with things that I shouldn’t be contending with, because the time and effort to contend with them takes me nowhere.

In other words, to contend with these things puts us in what could be called negative vibrations, which actually tear down the clarity. That, then, puts us into moods or mannerisms that take us away from seeing something new and original that’s transitioning.

We’ll see how this unfolds from the masculine perspective in tomorrow’s post.

The Blessing of the Feminine

Jeane: Next I have a dream that has to do with moving from one place to another, and the only part I remember is that I wanted to meet you somewhere. I’m going through some hallways that almost look like they’re in a castle, and there are some people coming out.

Maybe some of them are going where we’re going. It seems like you’ve already gone ahead. One English man comes out and asks me about getting some aid to get where he’s going; some money so he can stay in the country longer.

I look at him and make the comment that he should talk to you, not me. But I realize that people are coming to me because word has gotten out that you sometimes help people. I’m wondering how to handle that.

He’s about college age or a little older. I’m pondering it because it might be good to have him along, but I also feel that he’s someone who gets by on his charm rather than working hard. I’m not sure that you’d want to help him unless he put in more effort.

John: This a dream in which you’re looking at the masculine and feminine aspects of understanding. As the feminine perspective, you’re able to have a certain sense of understanding and clarity about how something needs to be, or should be, i.e., is it appropriate to give support to the masculine in this scenario?

So you have a feeling sense of the situation, but that doesn’t mean that the idea is grounded, i.e., does the masculine deserve your support in what it’s trying to do? So you’re weighing whether this specific aspect is something that’s meant to be incorporated in the whole.

The idea presented by the masculine can sound good, it can make a lot of sense, but it still may be on a level that’s not grounded – it doesn’t quite integrate into the schematic of the whole. The feminine may not be making her assessment by knowing the details of the situation – she may not know the As, Bs, and Cs of it – but the feminine does know, and can tell, whether something has the right sense or feel about it in terms of how it’s unfolding.

So that feminine aspect, if acknowledged and made conscious, can often reveal whether it considers what’s transpiring to be right or not. You can often see this in a husband and wife relationship. A husband can seem to make a lot of sense, but then if you look at the wife you can notice how she holds it together.

If she doesn’t have a wellness, and isn’t holding it together very well, everything gets kind of peculiarized in her nature, and she’ll be off in some way. Then you realize that the whole situation between them is off on a tangent, it’s out of balance. The husband may sound realistic and have a whole quality and nature of confidence about him – and you often see this in people who develop a certain natural rapport with things – but that doesn’t mean that what he’s doing is right, or fits.

Many couples have found a niche for themselves that kind of works, in an agreement way. But then you look at the wife and the wife may seem all worn out. That’s because in her role of having to clarify all of this, and to make it all make sense, she’s taking on something that deep down she knows has something amiss about it. And she may never be able to get over the degree to which she’s slightly unsettled. As a consequence, she can break down: reactively, emotionally, physically, all kinds of ways that a person can break down.

So this dream is actually a furtherance of the first dream (see Crossing Over), where the masculine provided a “bridge” that was inadequate for the space that needed to be crossed. This inadequate bridge indicates that you have a certain degree of personal identification, in terms of something about the outer, physical condition of things, and it’s interfering with your ability to take on the overallness (cross the bridge), of which you know you can be a part.

There’s the sense that because you’ve gone off onto it, i.e., you’ve taken on this role, it means you’re supposed to be able to take the whole thing on, contain it, and make everything fit together.

And you have made the journey to do just that; this dream indicates that this is the role you’ve taken on or carry. But you don’t necessarily carry the detail of things (masculine), so if someone looks to you to know if what’s presented is right or not (is the bridge sufficient, or should I help this student?), your assessment can only determine whether or not this “something” is working in a complete way or not.

One can ask the masculine, in which it would become a process of reviewing the details. Your dreams portray a general sense, and that general sense is the answer without the detail. The masculine side of things can have the detail, and the detail can all sound right, but it doesn’t have the view of whether it fits within the overall schematic.

The question is, is a thing to be blessed, or ushered in, or accepted by you in terms of the overall? So you’re learning to recognize what fits and what doesn’t.

Crossing Over

Jeane: Last night it seemed like my physical discomfort was keeping my dreams from going too deep. I do remember one of my early dreams, and it feels like I’m traveling by boat down a little river and through a jungle. Then we stop by a village.

It feels like one of the men gets off the boat with the intent to go into the village. Once off the boat, we have to go down a path and I think something needs to be crossed to go further. So, to be able to travel further, the man is taking something with him to place down on the road, which will allow us to walk across.

Whatever it is that he places down is supposed to expand; that’s how it helps us get into the village. But what he doesn’t realize is that what he has taken with him is a little wooden board, about three-inches wide, and it has all these little skeleton bodies on it. It’s supposed to expand but, because it has all of those little bodies on it, it doesn’t really expand. So we can’t use that to get into the village.

John: So, you actually could get off the boat and onto the land?

Jeane: Yes, but we couldn’t go very far.

John: And the wooden board had all these miniature skeleton bodies on it, right?

Jeane: Yes, skeleton bodies; they were tribal, I think.

John: So you already knew at the time that you were to do this, that in order for it to work the connection had to expand?

Jeane: Yes, but because of what he was using it wasn’t going to work.

John: It’s a dream that’s trying to tell you something about how consciousness works. Something needs to expand, and what is expansion? Expansion is a type of letting go, isn’t it?

Jeane: Or going deeper into something.

John: Yes, expansion is a letting go so that you can go deeper into something (the village). But if you’re still holding on to the aspects of the body (the skeletons), that will prevent your attention from completely shifting.

What’s interesting is that you’ve gotten off the boat. I mean, you’ve made a journey. You’re in the place, so to speak, but you still have to let go of identifying with yourself physically because that keeps you compacted. That keeps you contracted. That keeps your being from letting go.

The scenario of your dream seems to have been that your attention was on worrying about your physical condition as you went to sleep, you were sore and such. And the dream seems to have incorporated that by saying that that’s what kept you from letting go.

You know, one of the ways of perceiving this dream is that, perhaps you normally do let go and move about, having made a journey. And now you’re able to explore something in a more grounded, rooted sense (on land), and see it for what it really is, or for how it’s meant to be seen.

But then the dream took the opportunity to point out that the degree to which the body occupies one’s attention, or the physical life occupies one’s attention, so that the soul isn’t able to take on its full role in everything there is, that’s the degree to which you can’t go very far because that then controls, or limits, how it is that you’re able to relate.

If you’re relating to the physical conditions of things, then you can’t truly cross over, or cross into, the greater depth. You’re only able to work the slight edge of the beach, or something, but you can’t truly cross into the inner realms.