A Place Within

John: In my dream, I’m attending the last class before a test.

It’s an accounting class and there’s a three-day weekend followed by the test. I show up knowing that nothing new is really going to be taught. It’s just going to be the professor laying out what the test is going to be, and perhaps establishing some ground rules, and maybe a slight review of things and hints that might make it easier to take the test.

Other than that, everything has already occurred and happened, so I’m just showing up; I’m going through the motions. I come into the area with my coat on and at first ponder whether I want to sit down. Then I notice that there’s a woman there who’s someone I remember from high school. I remember that she always takes this sort of thing seriously so, I figure, what the heck.

 At first I decide to sit behind her. Then I find that it’s better to sit up towards the front. I sit in a kind of triangular formation and I’m at the top of the triangle. As other people arrive, they all sit behind me.

The space we’re in is like an open, outdoor area; there’s grass and I’m sitting at the very top. In front of me there’s nothing but dirt and rock. I notice, off to my left, that people have their little indulgences in terms of how they have to carry or conduct themselves.

I notice for example that there’s a small, half-used container of fingernail polish. This is an affect of how people tend to see themselves but, in my particular case, I don’t really take any of it that seriously. It’s not why I’m actually there.

I’m there because it’s okay to be there and, at the same time, I’m able to notice that part of me is able to resonate in a particular, inner way. When I’m able to resonate in a particular inner way, I’m actually free of what’s going on around me. I’m able to observe and see everything that’s transpiring in a new way, so much so that I notice a shift, where I suddenly have access to a deeper space inside me that I didn’t know existed.

As I evaluate what’s going on, the only thing that makes any sense in terms of my presence, because I’m not there to figure anything out, is that I’m serving as a force that diffuses the indulgent energy of others. I have the idea that it’s important and necessary for me to be there.

Basically, I’m just there as a means of radiating how it doesn’t have to be. What’s going on around me is not as important as it’s made out to be. In my approach, I’m actually able to hold a better space in terms of who I am and, in doing so, things that are meant to open up can open up – if the intense, personal indulgences stop.

If I were to determine why it is that I’m free flowing through life like this, it’s to carry a mannerism, or a way of being, that enables others to be able to inflect slightly differently so that they don’t take things quite so seriously, or personally. In doing that, it enables them to see something more that wouldn’t otherwise be possible because they’re normally lost on some dense tangent caused by self-involvement.

The dream also has a deeper meaning, which is that by taking and holding and carrying a space that resonates inside me, what I’m really doing is aligning the bits and pieces of me that wouldn’t ordinarily be able to be aligned – if I had an indulgence that consumed me, as events in the outer are inclined to do.

The dream is quite similar to your dream (see A Natural Way) in that both dreams have to do with holding a space, or a place, within, from which something is able to open up.

In other words, it flows through us, and so our rapport in creation is changed. Instead of having to contend with the outer reflection of things, we’re actually able to touch, or be in cohesion with, the energy that perceives the indulgences and the limitations that are suggested by the impressions and the reflections.

So these images describe a state where we’re able to sit and go along for the ride, so to speak, but we’re free from all of it. In being able to be free from all of it, we’re able to align ourselves. But it’s more than that, too, because the process somehow takes away a seriousness, in terms of the outer, so that it too can come to know, and reach, a kind of higher meaning, and value, in terms of being. It’s an interesting dream about maintaining an inner space.

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