Let it Be

Jeane: In my main dream, it felt like I was visiting somewhere to help out a woman who was part of an organization that assists African women. This woman even seemed to live there.

The woman had a lot of work to do, and some of it had to do with seeking aid, so I was going to write a few letters on her behalf.

I think that these letters documented some deeds or actions that had been done by specific women. I decide to write these letters because I felt I could do it in a more detailed way than she would have the time to do. It feels like, at some point, she might have decided it’s not so important to write the letters, but I realize that, in the writing, something seems to come alive and swirl around on the page.

I take a lot of time with the language and how it’s written. I see how this makes it come alive and so I insist that it be done.

John: The theme of the dreaming is having to probe outward. I don’t know if you were of the belief, like I was, that it was futile to probe outward. Probing outward often means that we’re defying the circumstances, by trying to change them. Is that what you’re doing by continuing to try to write the letters?

Jeane: Well, I was writing the letters for these women, but it made something come alive on the page.

John: So, what you’re really describing is a scenario in which you’re taking, or confronting, or facing an issue on behalf of others. In other words, this is outside of you, but you see that this overall approach is what makes something come alive. It’s what causes you to become aware of something that otherwise wouldn’t sort itself out.

It’s like taking on a type of responsibility, a type of energetic responsibility, in some overall consequence way, in an overall vibrational mode, in order to understand something more that isn’t possible unless you take on this mannerism.

In your dream did you find that it was unusual that you we’re doing that, i.e., taking on that responsibility? Did you note, in other words, that you were seeing yourself doing it, even though others weren’t?

Jeane: The others weren’t doing it. It seemed like it was because of a lack of time on their part. The letters might have even required some translation. But it felt like the writing was telling a story, and the others just ran out of time to tackle it.

John: That basically means that you have a sense of something that others don’t have. You have a strong sense about it, and you feel that others don’t see it in quite that way. So you feel compelled to take it into account, and to unravel the issue.

If you were to really look at this, you might find that you wouldn’t have bothered to take this on, except for the fact that something compelled you to get a better handle on it. I think this dream image is kind of like a test question that needs to be resolved by you.

Even though you don’t know that it’s a test question, it’s still something that you’ve taken on as a mannerism, or mood, or mode of your being, and so you go off on this adventure seeking to resolve the matter.

I suppose the question one has to ask is, if one does this, is one limiting something more? In other words, does this outward divergence (this compulsion) in one’s nature get in the way of an emptiness or nothingness? Deep down, at the highest level of looking at things, that’s probably true.

However, under the conditions we find ourselves in, there’s a bewilderment that has to do with thinking that something always has to be aligned or put in order. Until we exhaust this urge, or mannerism, we can’t really totally let go and trust in something more that exists at a deeper level of our beingness.

At that deeper level in us, we know we have the answer, but we aren’t able to access it yet. So instead, we try to figure it out by probing outward rather than inward, as a way to get closer and closer to the alignment.

I guess that’s just the part of the path that a person’s on until they reach a point where they have enough of a connection, within, to be in a flow. Then they’re able to flat out be with, and be in, and be at ease with that.

The most difficult thing for a human being is to be able to realize that there’s nothing we can actually do about anything. Even though we may know that, and we’ve been told that, we still seem compelled to have to try.

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