A Safe House

John: In my dream I come home to find a group of thieves on my roof. I had placed carpets on the roof while I figured out where they belonged, and the thieves are throwing them down, onto the ground below. Once down, they can steal them, but I surprise them in the middle of what they’re doing.

I yell up at them that I’m going to call the cops, figuring that will make them stop. But when I go inside, I realize the phone has been tampered with. I figure if someone is going to go to that much trouble, they’re a real danger – so I take off running.

I run and run, knowing that, from their perspective, there’s a need to prevent me from making a report. That way they can finish the job without any concerns.

Eventually, I’m caught by one of the men in an open area. I manage to push him off and take off running again. This guy is much faster than I am, so I run inside a store, where an attendant is sitting behind a cage, walled off from the rest of the store for protection.

I plead with this man to call the cops because this other man is there to kill me. The thief can’t kill me in front of the attendant – he needs to drag me off – so the thief tells the attendant that I’m delusional and that he’s there to put me away.

The naïve clerk believes him. As circumstances would have it, a big, burly janitor comes in through the backdoor. I’m wondering whether the attendant called the janitor for backup, or he just came in by accident?

Whatever the circumstances may be, the man who’s after me is able to become buddy-buddy with the janitor, who’s just a big, simple guy. The two of them walk away as if on a break.

I know the thief is just covering his bases, making sure he has no witnesses, so I tell the clerk that the janitor is going to get killed. I know that means that the clerk is next because the thief can’t leave anyone to identify him.

With all this going on, I take off again, running through all kinds of different areas. Eventually I come to a spot where there’s a house. When I look inside, I see a group of men plotting to do some nefarious thing. They’re no immediate danger to me, but what they’re looking to do is not right either. This confuses me. Where can I turn for help?

I find myself again looking for a place to hide because help is nowhere to be found.

This is an interesting dream, and I’m just now realizing that it’s sort of the story of my life. When I used to go into courthouses and find properties that needed some problem resolved, by some quirk in my nature I also tended to look at everything that was going on in the system. If I found anything to be really out of whack, I would try and fix it.

Eventually I realized that it was impossible to fix those things because the people who had the responsibility were corrupt. I couldn’t turn to them for an answer. The deeper I looked, there’d be an even deeper fundamental problem. So I had to learn to keep what I knew to myself.

This dream seems to have that same pattern to it. It starts off with me discovering that something has become aware that I’m keeping things of great usefulness and value, even though I haven’t figured out where they belong (symbolized by the carpets on the roof). If there’s an attempt to take these things of value, there’s nothing I can do about it because no one will believe me.

Wherever I turn, I either find too great a state of innocence (the attendant and the janitor), because they just don’t function at that level, or they’re too corrupt. The corrupt can’t offer help because they’re off on their own tangential deviation.

How does this apply to my situation? Well, there’s something moving inside me where there’s a powerful insight, value, knowingness, or presence, or however you’d describe it, which has importance in ways I don’t fully appreciate yet. This has been exposed or discovered and that causes me to seek help.

This reminds me of the issue I recently had of exposing too much spiritual or esoteric knowledge to a person who wasn’t ready for it (see Pearls before Swine). And it reflects the issue of why so many esoteric teachings remain hidden: people are often too innocent to absorb it or, if they comprehend it, it’s too upsetting to their worldview and they want to destroy it.

That leaves any holder of such knowledge to either continually stay on the run, so to speak, or to remain hidden.

So in the dream, the things of value are on the roof, the highest part of the house, which symbolically speaks to the idea of something not being incorporated into the multilevel aspects of the life (house) of a human, i.e., the lower (basement, first floor) and higher aspects (second floor and above).

And, once these things of value become an inner knowing, can they be kept safe, whether from the outer world, or from the lower aspects in me (the thief)? Ultimately there’s nowhere in the external world to turn for a resolution to this dilemma, it can only come from within. I have to provide its safety in me.

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