All for One

Jeane: I had another dream, and it felt like I had this dream before, during, or after the prior dream – as if it was coming and going (for the prior dream, see The Support of the Whole).

It was a dream about having watched the show American Idol. It’s the night after the performance, but the groups are still going to go on stage together. One of the things that I’m questioning is that it seems like some of the acts don’t get all the glitz and confetti of the others.

I feel like they all should get the glitz, while other people argue against that. I watch to see who’s getting it. At one point I want to go down to where they are, and I see that they’re actually down in a canyon near a river, where some ice or snow or something has fallen.

It seems like the ice or snow becomes the excuse for why some acts don’t get the glitz, but I don’t think that’s a good enough excuse.

John: The best way to describe what you’ve done here is to look at it from the standpoint of a teacher who is working with a student (this relationship is shown in The Support of the Whole).

The teacher is excited by what unfolds in the student, even if what unfolds in the student appears to be something beyond what the teacher is able to recognize and realize in terms of, and for, themselves.

Why is that? It’s because deep down the teacher knows that they’re the student and the student is them, so what evolves between them is really the same thing. The whole process is to break a type of ventriloquism mode, so that what appears for one appears for all.

So that’s what your dream is actually doing. It’s saying okay, you have the so-called winner, but there actually is no winner in the highest ideal of things. They’re all winners because they’re all in it together. They’ve all reached a certain kind of awakening and, in that awakening, in order for that awakening to be valid, there has to be a mutual appreciation.

So it’s not actually a separate contest in which one person has one set of abilities, distinct and separate from another’s; it’s a world in which there’s connective intertwining. You cheer for all of it. Every bit that awakens is a part of you that’s awakens.

Somehow in your dream you got that. So you’re sitting there and saying okay, they shouldn’t just be having the glitz and the confetti for the winner because all of that which awakened is a winner, and it’s all connected.

In fact, the whole setup they have for American Idol – the traveling and touring and singing – and the way they accentuate their own particular qualities, is all done within relationship to the whole. It’s all part of a similitude linked together, and so you’re right: How do you celebrate one without celebrating the other, because they’re all emerging in a consciousness in their own way?

The depth of an individual’s quality has a lot to do with them getting out of the way of whatever it is that sees them as separate. If one person’s achievement is another person’s loss, then what’s important is being missed.

In your dream you didn’t miss what was important because you were sitting there confused as to why there wasn’t a big hoopla for all of them, because they all were incredible. They all intertwined and linked. The advancement of one is the advancement of the other in terms of the consciousness.

But in the dream, of course, this back and forth struggle you went through is internal to you. It’s indicating why you have trouble doing that, i.e., acknowledging the whole. So you probe the depths of yourself (going down in the canyon), and there’s something about probing the depths of yourself that causes you to take something too seriously.

In that probing, you find that there’s a duality. There’s a separation. Something has been distinguished. So you’re still having to deal with something that’s misaligned or out of balance.

Whenever you probe the depths of yourself, you always find something that’s still in disarray, and the disarray that you find is a disarray only because that part is still reflective of what’s real, instead of actually seeing what’s real. That part is still a piece or a component that’s in a duality, which isn’t connected and accepted and absorbed as part of the wholeness that is real.

So what’s interesting is, not only do you see how you’re supposed to be able to recognize that everything is incredible and it’s all intertwined and interconnected, but you’re also being shown how it is that you actually don’t see it.

You don’t see it when you do this kind of serious indulgence in terms of beating up on yourself or dealing with some quality where you go down into the density of yourself to face it. In facing the density of the self, you deal with having to go through pain, and you have to go through what looks like separateness and sorting out.

Both this dream and your prior dream have this interesting quality to them in that they both propound a deeper insight, but then they also have the “yes, but” part where you don’t maintain that insight consistently. So you’re given information, on a very subtle level, showing you that something isn’t fully in sync.

It’s like your dream is pointing out that, okay 70% of you has moved over here, but you’ve still got this 30% over there, which is a step back, or is something that’s still distinguished and separate from the wholeness experienced by the 70%. The 30% that’s misaligned needs to be brought over to join the rest of you.

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