Crossing Over

Jeane: Last night it seemed like my physical discomfort was keeping my dreams from going too deep. I do remember one of my early dreams, and it feels like I’m traveling by boat down a little river and through a jungle. Then we stop by a village.

It feels like one of the men gets off the boat with the intent to go into the village. Once off the boat, we have to go down a path and I think something needs to be crossed to go further. So, to be able to travel further, the man is taking something with him to place down on the road, which will allow us to walk across.

Whatever it is that he places down is supposed to expand; that’s how it helps us get into the village. But what he doesn’t realize is that what he has taken with him is a little wooden board, about three-inches wide, and it has all these little skeleton bodies on it. It’s supposed to expand but, because it has all of those little bodies on it, it doesn’t really expand. So we can’t use that to get into the village.

John: So, you actually could get off the boat and onto the land?

Jeane: Yes, but we couldn’t go very far.

John: And the wooden board had all these miniature skeleton bodies on it, right?

Jeane: Yes, skeleton bodies; they were tribal, I think.

John: So you already knew at the time that you were to do this, that in order for it to work the connection had to expand?

Jeane: Yes, but because of what he was using it wasn’t going to work.

John: It’s a dream that’s trying to tell you something about how consciousness works. Something needs to expand, and what is expansion? Expansion is a type of letting go, isn’t it?

Jeane: Or going deeper into something.

John: Yes, expansion is a letting go so that you can go deeper into something (the village). But if you’re still holding on to the aspects of the body (the skeletons), that will prevent your attention from completely shifting.

What’s interesting is that you’ve gotten off the boat. I mean, you’ve made a journey. You’re in the place, so to speak, but you still have to let go of identifying with yourself physically because that keeps you compacted. That keeps you contracted. That keeps your being from letting go.

The scenario of your dream seems to have been that your attention was on worrying about your physical condition as you went to sleep, you were sore and such. And the dream seems to have incorporated that by saying that that’s what kept you from letting go.

You know, one of the ways of perceiving this dream is that, perhaps you normally do let go and move about, having made a journey. And now you’re able to explore something in a more grounded, rooted sense (on land), and see it for what it really is, or for how it’s meant to be seen.

But then the dream took the opportunity to point out that the degree to which the body occupies one’s attention, or the physical life occupies one’s attention, so that the soul isn’t able to take on its full role in everything there is, that’s the degree to which you can’t go very far because that then controls, or limits, how it is that you’re able to relate.

If you’re relating to the physical conditions of things, then you can’t truly cross over, or cross into, the greater depth. You’re only able to work the slight edge of the beach, or something, but you can’t truly cross into the inner realms.

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