A Fractured Way of Life

John: My prior dream (see Where the Future Lies) pointed to a need to resist an established mannerism that views the new with too much familiarity. I was able to realize the need to embrace the shift, a shift that’s leading to something that has more of an excitement, euphoria, and trust, that will, by its naturalness, cut through the general malaise. This is true on a personal level, in my development journey, but also speaks of the need for the human race to adopt such an approach.

Well, typically what happens is we end up just keep taking what is new, and whole in and of itself, and adding it into the fractured way of life that currently exists. We can see it in the way regimes in the world have been toppled recently, but nothing new or good forms in its place – the countries end up tearing themselves to pieces.

We had something of an awakening back in the 60’s, yet it ultimately got deviated from and everyone went back to being worn down and beat up, and people lost their connection to the quality that was trying to come through.

The same thing happened after 9/11. At first there was something that touched really deeply and there was a recognition of what was important or what was real in life. But, before it was all over, it got twisted and demented and things got even worse.

Yet it doesn’t have to be this way. It is possible that the new energetic that’s available now can actually get us somewhere – if we help usher it in.

If we examine how this continues to happen, we realize that this fractured outplay keeps repeating itself because the human race isn’t taking any responsibility for the overall – for the wholeness and interconnection of everything. An understanding of our role within the whole is absolutely critical now, in terms of things turning out well for the human race.

This theme continues in my final dream image, where I see a fresh pallet of 2 x 4 boards sitting at the top of a slanted roof. First I see it up there, and then the next thing I know it’s like it pushes me right up to the very top of the roof.

I feel that when I come back down the wood should come down, too, but I’m told to just leave it up there so it can be used later. I come down but, as I do, I take empty boxes and trash down with me so it doesn’t get blown around.

When I take the trash I walk it straight down the roof, without having to jump off an edge. The roof just suddenly slants all the way to the ground, which surprises me because I thought I was going to have to jump, and it’s a long way down. I find that I walk straight down and it’s like I’m observing all of this as I’m coming down.

The meaning is, as a change occurs, I’m meant to be able to let it be. It’s a type of change that’s different and refreshing, and it’s a shift; a new energy coming in. I need to be able to recognize how to get the trash out of the way (what’s not working) instead of having to deal with it, and at the same time allow something to rise up as the building blocks (2 x 4s) of something new.

Another meaning is that, If I’m able to feel the transition that’s occurring in life, then I can be swept up in its transformational energy. When this occurs I realize that I can’t support old patterns that get in the way of doing something differently. When I get it, I’m able to allow myself to shift away from my old ways of being, and I can realize what’s new, and what needs to be taken away (trash) or allowed to fall away.

As we feel the wholeness, we can feel that there’s something more that needs to be taken into account and, consequently, any deviation from the wholeness introduces an element of imbalance that ultimately causes things to break down.

In order for life to take a huge step forward, into a whole new way of being, it has to be done in a way that incorporates everything. We can’t have dueling this or dueling that, and we can’t have revolutions that just shove part of the situation out of the way. In order for this new energy to work, no person or people can claim to see or know how it’s meant to be.

We have to figure out how everything comes together under the umbrella of naturalness. We have to be able to catch up with the naturalness. If we don’t catch up with the naturalness and embrace the wholeness, then what is new and natural will become contaminated. We must accept and embrace the future as it presents itself.

Thus there are consequences when we take part of the whole and go off on some tangent. The consequences are really big now, as we find ourselves living in a time that requires everything to work as a wholeness.

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