Trouble on the Way

Jeane: In this dream I seem to be in an old, wooden school building. I’m in a room with a woman who’s married and has children. The children aren’t there; she and I are in this room and we’ll be meeting with someone.

When we leave the room we have the option of going out to a different life. You (John) aren’t there now, but you’ve informed me previously that when we leave the room the woman will choose a life without her husband. I find that hard to believe, because I guess I see their marriage and children as kind of solid. Maybe there’s a hidden problem?

Sure enough when she goes out the door, she chooses to leave her husband. A tall woman appears to escort her out; I think her husband has suddenly shown up and is acting in a threatening way.

The husband tries to bully the tall woman, but when the door opens there’s someone even bigger than he is on the other side, so the husband has to back off for the moment. I get an inkling that he might cause trouble later on when everyone has gone home.

Now you and I are outside the room and we’re all going somewhere, but the staff that has provided the protection is leaving. Another friend of ours has shown up (a man) and the two of you need to have your pants altered.

I’m a little worried about the husband’s threats, so I go up to the person who has provided the security and get the name of another worker who lives nearby.

You guys are taking forever with the alterations, so I go over to an elevator where a big man shows up carrying a baseball bat. It’s not her husband, but I associate him with that. I can kind of tell that there’s a problem but he just looks at me and walks by.

I get on the elevator and go up to the next level, which is more like a shop setting. I go over to a window and see some of the people, who were in the school earlier, on a march along a railroad track in the distance. It feels like we’re being relocated and they’re getting a head start.

I go down and I have to jump across a little area to reach some other people. I express some of my concerns about security and then I’m trying to catch up with the people walking along the tracks. I want to see if I can get them to go back to the school building because I feel like there’s still the security issue going on; you haven’t caught up yet.

Then I run into some tribal people who want to stop and greet me, so the others keep moving further ahead. The tribal people seem to be expressing some gratitude for a friend of mine who worked in their community and I get sidetracked because I’m looking at a woman and remembering that you told me that her husband is actually gay.

I wonder how she lives with that, and then I have to catch up with everyone else.

John: I could tell right from the beginning that you’re dreaming about something outside yourself, in terms of the overall outer context, and that you’re laying out a blueprint, or formula, upon which you portray where the attention and focus is, of different aspects in you, in relation to what is trying, and needs, to unfold.

In our next post, we’ll look at the relationship between the masculine and the feminine in this imagery, the struggle to keep moving forward, the need for protection, and we’ll discover why the scene turned out the way it did.

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