Going Together

John: In our last post we looked at a complex and interesting dream that Jeane described (see Trouble on the Way).

In it, she was struggling with protecting a woman (a feminine aspect of her) from her husband (the raw masculine energy in her), while trying to make progress along some train tracks (a spiritual path).

So as the scene begins, there has to be a grasp of the situation, and that’s where you start in the schoolhouse. There you come to understand things (school) and to what degree things are out of balance, or elusive (the surprise of the woman leaving her husband).

Now, there’s a certain protection in that space as it initially opens up. But when that protection is removed and you have to go out into the world on your own (you step out the school door), you quickly find that you’re no longer safe.

This is just like the opening scene in a play, because there are phases to this that are part of what’s evolving.

There’s a scene in which the overall scenario is not being fully appreciated, shown by the two men distracted by getting their pants altered. What that image signifies is, how does one “wear” the particular unfoldment? The masculine aspect (of those two men) is obviously not being attentive in the same way that your feminine aspect is being attentive.

That difference causes a kind of amnesia gap, but in another scene it’s recognized that things are on the move, and that those from the schoolhouse are now able to shift and go to a whole new place.

Then there’s the whole idea of whether all of this is happening safely, whether there’s protection for all this to unfold naturally. There’s something in your whole sense of things that isn’t properly covered.

In other words, how does the security exist in relationship to a number of things, and especially in relationship to this one woman who still has a shadow condition of things affecting her in such a way that she loses the balance, the protection, the way of feeling herself, in relationship to what’s been presented, or this attempt to awaken?

So you have all these different aspects emerging at the same time. You have an understanding that’s being brought through, and you have a protection within that process.

As a consequence, you have a shift in terms of things being able to progress to something more, i.e., the next destination. That’s the schematic, that’s how it’s supposed to flow. It’s like a three-step process.

The question is, is it complete? What about the woman (a feminine aspect of you) who has something going on that causes intrusions, in the way of the raw masculine energy looking for her and still trying to disorient things?

What’s the flip-side of that? The flip-side of that raw energy is something that has become almost too pacified, which appears at the end as a woman who has a gay husband, showing you that something has been left out. Something is yet askew.

You have the entire flow. You have a process all laid out, and yet you have these idiosyncrasies, these little complexities to sort out.

Jeane: I was feeling the feminine balance wasn’t quite there yet.

John: Well, is it the masculine/feminine? It seems to be shifting octaves between one extreme and another. In other words, it has a masculine with overly raw energy (the angry husband) that then becomes something that’s too pacified (the gay husband). It’s almost as if the middle ground is skipped.

There’s the process of unfolding (changing your lives) and yet there’s this part that‘s acting up, which has to be included somehow. If it’s not included, then you get something that’s too pacified because it’s missing that energy.

In other words, you can’t get where you’re trying to go without all of it, i.e., all aspects. So this shows that something is not being dealt with or taken into account. The understanding of how it needs to proceed is there, but the addressing of a certain kind of energetic that’s needed – that’s not quite figured out.

And how is this to be figured out? Well, the hint is that there’s some sort of fear that still exists. There’s some sort of reaction that’s still percolating in the background of what’s unfolding, which operates as a distraction.

Consequently the whole flow forward is jeopardized by these deviations, and that’s where the question of the protection comes in. In other words, you’re losing a kind of a cadence (you’re always trying to catch up), but still moving in a way that you need to move, but you have these issues to resolve.

The purpose and wonderfulness of a dream like this is to reveal to you that, in a process, there are things you have to be careful not to leave out. And you have to look at the attitude you use to solve them. I mean, you show a certain judgment toward the raw energy – of trying to exclude it.

But you have to allow a certain degree of that in and be okay with it because it’s part of the process. When you try to shield things from that energy, you end up trying to move forward in a way that isn’t quite right or safe.

So how does the process consummate itself, in terms of taking on the whole, so you don’t eliminate the raw energy of things or have a judgment or reaction toward it? Why would you have a judgment and a reaction to it?

Well, it would be because you have a belief or viewpoint that, somehow or other, it (the raw masculine energy) needs to change. But does it? Or do you (the feminine) have to change to accommodate it in some way? Because without it you end up with something that isn’t quite right. It turns passive, which implies that the kundalini energy, which is essential for truly going home, has been compromised in one way or another.

It’s an interesting dream, with a whole movie-like scenario to it.

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