Something’s Missing

Dreams during a single night are usually connected, weaving imagery together to portray an inner issue, which comes through as guidance for our waking life. Here John and Jeane continue discussing the dreams from the previous night (see Who Are You?). (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link, should you wish to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So in my next dream I’m going to get married or I’m considering getting married, but it feels like if we’re having a ceremony the reception or whatever is being held in kind of a circular building outside, and they have valets that come and park the car.

The way that they park the car is they take it from you and then they back it up into a space in kind of a circle around the building and I’m kind of being a little fussy that they park my car near the front so that it’s easy to leave since it’s my wedding, or reception, whatever it is.

Then it feels like I’ve gone from there to this kind of small… initially it looks a little like a trailer but that has been very nicely fixed up by my husband and his family, complete with a little high chair, because I must be pregnant, and it was almost like the family was a little anxious about whether I would go through with the wedding or not.

It’s like I had to kind of feel comfortable about how the place had been decorated even though it’s a very small, very simple space with wood floors. Then when I look around I notice the space has changed and instead of just being this kind of like almost like one room very plain but very nice space with the wooden floors and everything, I now see that there are steps that go down that lead to a second area that has a couch that faces a little fireplace and it’s no longer just a trailer but it’s an apartment that I’d been renting in a building where a lot of people rented apartments that kind of ran into the next apartment.

There’s almost like some division between them, but we’re all shifting, we’re all shifting units over one, because the landlord is remodeling. My unit still looks the same but I’m looking around at what’s happening to other people around me and there were two people that were rooming together and the person that originally had the place is going to be keeping it but the other one is moving on. I will have this place but I’m still moved over one from where I used to live.

John: The dream is indicating that in order for you to make the connection, or the marriage, or whatever, to bring it through, that there’s a shift that has to happen. In other words, however it was that you had the appearance of how things are in terms of how you are in relationship to where you lived, or the house perception, so to speak, of yourself, that has shifted into something different – this other house.

So, let’s see if I can say it. You’re rejecting something that had been put together and shaped in a particular way, that for some reason bothers you now.

In other words, it’s almost as if, is it a rejection or a realization?, that you have a shift that you can make, or you can sit in something that has run some sort of test of time, in terms of its value or utility to you. If you continue to accept how that is in terms of how it’s put together, how it’s shaped, this will keep you from shifting.

So, what the dream is trying to say is that there’s an attention that you need to catch up with, that you need to place your attention upon, that you would be inclined to miss if you overly indulge in the environment that you’re in. If you tend to see the scenario of that environment as comfortable…

Well, there’s a part of you that isn’t comfortable in it, but the dream isn’t indicating that you have precisely figured out why it is that it’s not comfortable, or why it is that something is off, and you could very easily disregard what you note as off.

But, if you do, there also seems to be at hand here something that has to do with a shift. It’s as if the shift can’t happen, the shift won’t happen, if you don’t come to grips with whatever it is that’s holding something off.

The first dream [see Who Are You?] you’re going to see how that came out in terms of you’re going to let the situation decide what made the most sense, based upon the kind of return that came in.

But your first bets had no return coming in and the second sequence of bets, the next candidate seemed to create winnings. So that kind of drew you forward, but that kind of being drawn out like that led to you coming across and discovering there was something that you had lost [the purse].

In other words, your identity now is stirred up. So it’s as if the resource that you are drawing from to bet, what was the correlation of that to this purse? Did the monies come from the purse?

Jeane: I found the purse and then I took some monies out of it, some quarters or something.

John: Were you using that to bet?

Jeane: I don’t know what I was doing with it. It’s almost like because I was collecting other coins that had fallen, then when I found the purse I started just to collect coins again, then I got interested in what was in the purse and what it told me about somebody and if I could locate them.

John: So in that dream you seemed to be asking the question: why is it that you’re doing what you’re doing? In other words, something isn’t quite coming through for you, that’s what it is. Something isn’t quite coming through for you.

It’s like saying your feminine nature needs to hear a memo, and it has come to the point where you need to hear that, you need to get that memo better than what has been happening so far. It needs to come through clear for identity purposes.

And in the second dream, in terms of being able to make the shift that’s necessary at this point in time. Of course, if there’s some memo that you’re meant to get, that throws the responsibility upon me in some fashion, because I represent that masculine energy that pulls something down as a clarity that then awakens something from a hearing center that completes the loop, or the process, by which then something is energetically entwined and correlated.

But I seem to be not quite getting that memo either. If I’m not seeing it, how can it be possible for you to see it, would be my attitudinal response if I were to look at myself as having a role in relationship to your process.

We’re both being challenged in terms of something that’s there on an identity level that isn’t being recognized. Only your dream takes it one step further and indicates that this is important, that there’s something about this in which what we are caught up in is holding us back.

We need to subtly recognize whatever it is that we are caught up in, and realize that some slight letting go or whatever that is, there is a shift that’s necessary, that we’re meant to catch at this point in time.

I don’t get the sensation that it’s anything wrong because it’s more a matter of us not getting something. This is a real stretch here. What is it that we’re not getting that we’re meant to get?

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