Feeling the Vibrations

This dream describes the subtlety of understanding our connections to the energies of everything around us. Understanding the truth of the physical world requires connecting to the energy of what we experience; i.e., finding and understanding that same energy in us.

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John: In my dream, I wrote this thing up not having the foggiest idea what it meant. Then I slowly started writing down things that started coming to me. But even after I wrote it up, I laid back for awhile not getting it.

Then after writing some things up I slowly started to see why it was that it had the appearance that it had, and the reason why it had the appearance that it had was in the meditation dream I was being compelled to look at the fact that I intertwine with energetics.

I don’t intertwine with objects or mannerisms or people or anything in the physical. That isn’t what I am, or am not. I’m various energetics, various vibrations. I intertwine with these vibrations.

The dense way of showing it was that for no particular reason, because it’s not like I have this going on where I need an answer to this, I just am noting the transitioning.

I can feel the energetic of what is breaking down in Europe, and what is breaking down in Europe – that breakdown is represented almost as the thing that gauges it, or the thermometer of the whole thing is gauged by the conduct of the value of the Euro. And so I’m sitting and I’m looking at this Euro, and I know what’s going to be happening to this Euro.

Now the reason why you know what’s going to be happening to the Euro is that because you are connected or intertwined with it. So I suddenly get it, that you don’t look at an inanimate object and know something about it.

In this case it’s an inanimate vibration that is depicted as a physical object, being the Euro. You don’t know anything about any of this unless you are also it, as well, so I am those vibrations that have to do with what becomes the physical construct in the outer called the Euro.

So I’m taking and I’m playing with that energetic and, on one hand, I’m taking and looking to see what I could do that might change or alter things in the short run, and there is something that could happen that could affect it but it’s very, very temporary. It doesn’t have any follow through.

So I’m realizing that for me to be able to denote that the near term, not the long term but the near term, I do have a position in the long term but I’m not seeing that. What I’m seeing is what is going to happen in the very near term.

In order to see what’s going to happen in the near term I’m more accurate and more connected to what is to take place in the near term than I am in the long term because I can account for the vibration. I can have a better closeness to that vibration in the near term as opposed to the long term in which there are still components and things that can get in the way, that can keep the gap going .

I’m shocked that I’m sitting here using this image to denote that I connect to things vibrationally, and so that seemed to be a fairly pronounced statement, that dream, saying that it worked like that, and that’s how I am or that’s what is going on and that’s how I’m intertwined so to speak with everything in existence. It’s all vibrational, which is like a form of light.

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