Close Encounters

Today the series continues with a dream of being an alien on planet Earth, triggered by all the stimulation and noise occurring in Jeane’s outer life, and her sense of distance from all that.


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Jeane: In my dream I seem to be living in my hometown with my folks who are both alive, although I don’t really see my dad. I think in the dream I only see my mom.

I’m actually one of a small group of people on the planet that come from somewhere else, so we seem to be being discovered or persecuted. So my thought is that I probably need to kind of disappear and join a rendezvous with some other people so that I won’t be found.

And my dilemma is whether or not to tell my mother before I leave. The way I’m going to leave is I have this very low-to-the-ground kind of dark blue sports car and I’m just going to get in the car like I’m going down to the beach cabin or something, and I do seem to have a dilemma.

It seems like I have this desk that I’m attached to and I can take the desk apart and take it with me, or maybe just even have to leave it behind, but then it’ll get broken up is my sense. I don’t seem to want to see it broken up.

I’ll just get in the car and say I’m driving down to the beach cabin, but I’ll actually be going there and then going on to Spain, where it seems to me it’s like where I’ll rendezvous with some other people that are actually from another planet, and we’ll hide out until we’re no longer being pursued or persecuted by people on Earth.

John: You’re still complaining about having to sort out the energetic of things that are overwhelming, and what’s interesting is you just kind of want to get out of Dodge with it, you want to leave it behind. And that’s not actually how you function best.

The way you function best is you’re able to take the stimuli that occurs around you, finesse it in some fashion so that what it does touches something as an inner inflection, and it’s these inner inflections that you’re able to portray, that have a meaningfulness to what needs to flow.

Now you may have felt an awkwardness and an overwhelm and needing to go home and such, and it being too much. Deep down how it’s meant to work as an inner inflection, in which you just allow yourself to be overwhelmed by all of the stimuli, and that in the overwhelm, some part of you will sort this sort of thing out, and will come to what is important. It’ll just be in there and it’ll come together in its own due time.

What it’s really saying is a statement of the inner, that one goes along, they learn to figure out what is going on, based upon the outer stimuli that happens to them, that is not accidental or coincidental, it is part of a natural flow that has to do with how it is that they are designed.

And when they catch up with that, what they’re catching up with is not the putting together of the outer stimuli as the end all be all, but they are catching up with the inner inflection that is awakened as a result of the reflective images.

In other words, it’s a correspondence like that, but it really is not made possible unless you catch up with the inner essence of it.

Well, in your particular case, where you wander around, and you just happen to stumble into what you need to stumble into, and see what you need to see. A person can go about their lives and be tuned in to their environment.

I naturally seem to try to find or coordinate or reach to how something needs to flow on an inner way to be recognizing inside what was being inflected as outer stimuli and being able and knowing how to make that alive.

Whenever you’re overwhelmed by things, your dream is portraying you being overwhelmed, but it’s portraying you being overwhelmed in a way that I would not have suspected. You were overwhelmed by the fact that there is something about how you have to hold together the cadence of things that has to do with your dad, has to do with me, things aren’t quite right, you still haven’t quite caught up, as you would put it, with a balance because of your surgery, and all of that is creating a bit of a disarray.

And the disarray that it creates for you reflects more on a mood level, and so when you get off on a mood level you tend to hear things almost in a funny woundology way, and that is the sort of thing that you need to go beyond or go through. Your process takes you through that sort of tunnel first and then you come out the other side seeing what is going on from the inner flow.

But that’s your mechanism that sorts to that. Your dream portrayed you doing this. In other words, the thing that was alien and foreign were the things happening around you that didn’t have a cohesion based upon the overwhelming mess of your nature, didn’t have a cohesiveness at that time, but they will come to have a cohesiveness.

Describe your dream a little bit more because there’s a lot in it and what I’m missing is properly describing exactly how you do this, because you do describe how you’re doing this in this dream even though you’re describing a very dense awkwardness.

Jeane: I’m living at home but I seem to be involved in some activity that a few other aliens on the planet are doing, and people when they discover this, seem to persecute us and I have a feeling they’re getting close to discovering me. So then I need to go underground so to speak, which would mean going to Spain. My dilemma is my sister seems to know but, do I tell my folks when I get into the car or do I just drive off?

John: Your living at home means that you have a consciousness that you carry about you, before it’s introduced to the stimuli, has a natural wholeness.

Jeane: There’s a small group of us that are actually alien, but are doing something to help the planet but people don’t understand that so they’re beginning to figure out who some of us are and because they don’t understand we are really trying to help they are persecuting us but because I feel like they are maybe on to me I have to go underground and go to Spain.

John: That’s a double memo. There are two things that are alien here. One is the stimuli in the outer is alien, and that’s persecuting you and the other is that in spite of the stimuli in the outer that’s persecuting you, you still carry an inflection to something that is free from that, that needs to have its own space uncontaminated by that.

And then that causes you to go to Spain so to speak, Spain being an ancient part inside or a depth inside of yourself that is able to just easily announce what is meaningful. In other words, it’s like what you would say to someone that would be like a light bulb moment. It wouldn’t on the surface have anything to do with what… but that would be coming out of left field and it would add something to the quality it’s trying to sort out, and that would be like going to Spain, in other words that would bring something in that doesn’t have the alien contango, you being alien because you note something somewhere else.

The world catching up with you and seeing you as alien, or the inflections around, are alien because they distort what it is that you’re capable of perceiving when you get overwhelmed.

When you’re placed in an environment that you would never normally place yourself in you are going to find yourself naturally functioning in terms of trying to find that get-out-of-Spain depth quality. You are going to find yourself having to take something beyond alien to the inner.

Jeane: Well, then it feels like there is a desk that sometimes gets broken or it can be broken down that I want to take with me if possible. It’s an old desk but you can kind of break it down but sometimes it’s almost like maybe that is what people smash when they find out you are an alien too, so I just want to be able to break mine down in a way I can take it with me.

And also my dilemma is do I just get in the car and leave and go to the beach cabin and then tell my folks I’m going to the beach cabin and go to Spain, or do I tell my mother that I’m going. That is my dilemma. I feel like my sister knows.

John: Now the desk represents a type of orientation that you’re able to hold or uphold from the stimuli around you, but you have to uphold this in a different way. In other words, the way you uphold it is the stimuli is busted into a million pieces, so that it then fits into the overallness. In other words, you don’t noodle upon something overly specifically, which is the nature of the feminine to be able to put things that have a succinctness into a cadence that fits within the outer overall.

In other words, it’s able to take something that is too linear and bust it into 1,000 pieces. It’s included then within the overall because it then fits within the overall, but it can’t fit within the overall if it’s a succinct objective, linear thing that is too much to bring forward because it’s too microcosmic. It doesn’t fit within the overall whole.

You getting out of Dodge or going to Spain means you’re taking the alien stimuli, the stimuli that to the average person keeps them kind of caught up in the outer nuances of things, you’re able to somehow or another take that in in a capacity so that you’re able to sort that out, and what you are able to sort out you’re able to take somewhere as an energetic vibration that awakens something.

The meaningfulness being like a knowingness and the knowingness being like your work study desk in life, except because it’s on both levels that desk has to be busted into a million pieces so that it fits and accommodates the wholeness. When you are able to correlate and relate like that, that opening of it up some creates an inflection. That inflection that it creates, creates an innerness that awakens inside.

But if what happens in the outer scenario of things becomes to the point where it agitates or leaves you disturbed and you get caught up in mannerisms and attitudes and stuff like that, then you find yourself haunted as if you are in an alien atmosphere or in an alien element and you just want to shut off or close off or go somewhere.

What is interesting is we don’t have that luxury anymore. We actually do have to see what is going on behind it all. I mean, we can grumble and complain and act this way and that way for a while but we ultimately come back to having to make it make sense, and the way that it makes sense is we don’t sort out the outer variables to the point where okay, we have got everything into some sort of pigeonholing, we sort it out in terms of a sense of an inner flow that is in harmony with our perceptions of the overall.

But when you are not quite sorting it out then you have all of this other stuff where you are going to Spain or… It’s an interesting country you pick, Spain, because it’s an old world part of yourself from which you are going to find a resolution.

You do not know it, but you did pick an old part which means it’s not like… Spain is a foreign country but in a roundabout way it’s foreign from the standpoint that you have an association with it on a depth level to something that is ancient inside of yourself. It’s an ancient place.

Well, the schematic or the theme of the evening of yesterday after the whole day of over stimuli and overindulgence and being affected by things that could be disturbing both from the standpoint of physical exertion as well as confusion, the theme of the evening was, how do you take and you bring that back into enough of a quietness so that you’re not identifying with the outer stimuli as the end all be all, but finding that from the stimuli there is a correspondence to something meaningful that is sitting subjectively inside one’s self, that needs to be stirred or awakened?

In other words, the principle of something awakening like that is the feminine mannerism, and so the outer is approached as if it is throwing out masculine principle overload in all kinds of peculiar ways. How you ultimately come to recognize that there is something behind all of this, it’s not just the appearances and the mannerisms, but there’s something behind all of that that in other words everything that is happening isn’t by accident. It’s by some sort of… there’s no meaningful coincidences in other words.

It’s like somehow or another it is energetically reflectively shaped from an inner energetic that is there to be found, or reached, and so the dreams last night are trying to get one to recognize that there is this, and that we actually do somehow or another over the course of time have figured out how to find and see ourselves as sorting things out that way.

We do not sort it out by putting the building blocks this way and that way and then saying okay, this is how it’s going to be and now we’re comfortable. We sort it out by finding out what is going on, what is behind all of it, energetically that is meaningful from some inner point of reference, not some outer point of reference.

And this is the distinction between a person who is awakening more quickly. A person who is awakening slowly is having to contend with the outer things as if they are real and so they’re dealing with a lot of dead issues constantly and so they suffer by the confusion of not quite being able to catch up with the memo of it all.

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