The Sensation Function

Today’s dreams explore the realms of feeling, from outer to inner, and inner into outer, and explore what’s involved with balancing ourselves in relation to what we are processing. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I had a strange dream last night. In this dream I’m in a building. I’m in a room with a group of women and there’s a group of men nearby. And it feels like people are going to teach us how to make love for the first time.

On the other hand, they’ve matched me up with this Japanese woman and that doesn’t make sense to me, so I have my eye on this guy in the other room. Through signaling him or something I know that when the time comes, I will hook up with him instead, because that makes a lot more sense.

But then it feels like we go from the room before we’re all going to our hotel rooms or wherever we go, and we go to a banquet. The first thing I notice is that they’ve overcooked the chicken, like you cannot eat the tip of the chicken wing because it’s just all overcooked crust, and maybe if you go down to the next layer you can get a little bit of meat. That’s all I seem to notice there.

John: As a consequence of you showing a preferential to the masculine side, what seems to unfold is now when you go to the meal the chicken is hard to eat?

Okay, so this indicates there is the wrong order of things here going on in the outer. I mean, it’s the feminine that knows how to make all of that, pull all of that together, not the masculine. In other words, this is the byproduct of you hooking up in an imbalanced way.

So what happens?

Jeane: Then we go to a room that has hotels in one area and a big swimming pool right in front and then an area in the middle that I’m not sure what those rooms are.

Well, it feels like at first we go through a party and I overhear a man saying that the man that I’m with is not really who he says he is, but he’s actually someone who’s pretty wealthy, a prep-school type that is kind of disguising himself and pretending to be let’s say more of an average person. I overhear that and note that.

I’m also looking around and it feels like I’d like to find a space to go be alone with him, but all these prearranged hotel rooms seem kind of bizarre, plus there’s a party going on. So we go out to the swimming pool, which it’s almost like a very black water, but when we get in there I see some people standing in the alcoves kind of spying on one, so that feels uncomfortable.

Then I look at these series of rooms in the middle of the building that I didn’t know what they were before, so I suggest we go there. It feels like we’re separated for a minute and I talk to a man who seems a little bit like a mentor or something, and I explain to him that I found out that this guy actually is someone from probably a pretty wealthy or sophisticated family who’s there, not even giving his own name, but that doesn’t seem to bother me, because I look around and I said, “You know, if you look around the city right now, most of the people have been leaving the city for the suburbs, and here someone at least has left the suburbs to come back to the city,” so that’s why it doesn’t bother me in a way.

Then I hook up with the guy again and we go in to try to find a room. Well, once we go in it’s almost like this is a series of circular rooms that are not private like I thought they were. There are people of all ages going around in there and I think they’re walking counterclockwise, and we’re going in and looking around clockwise, because it’s kind of a circular space and one room seems more like an arboretum, and we’re looking for a bed or a place we could be private. But then you have these people touring the area and also there’s an arboretum. There’s an area that I find where staff sleep, and if there were stairs upstairs to actually private rooms that’s blocked off.

There are glass windows that go out to an area that looks really dark. We kind of complete the circle and we come back and we’re looking at the swimming pool of having to get in a swimming pool again as an option, and I think that’s when I wake up.

John: The hint as to what this means was right at the very beginning, in that there’s something in terms of what is accessible that isn’t coming through, or isn’t opening up. It’s there but it hasn’t opened up.

It’s amazing how this kind of coincides with what we’re talking about. And so you’re drawn to this particular scenario, but by being drawn to it what you see in the scenario is all cluttered or fumbled. You can’t find a room, or the chicken initially is the byproduct, is cooked wrong.

It’s kind of a dream that is scoping in almost a type of sensation-way, to catch up with something that… In other words, I was evaluating this in my dream. How is it that you come to know something that you need to come to know? And when it is inside and it’s locked and it’s hidden, the thing that is most out of balance in your nature is your sensation function.

And it’s almost like it throws new light on the meaning of what is the sensation function, and I’ve always noticed that the sensation function in my nature is the most imbalanced part of myself, but now that throws the question, is it really? Because a teacher did indicate to me, he wasn’t so sure that that’s really the most imbalanced. And even felt that the dream world would indicate otherwise, but on the outer it comes across as the klutzy or the most imbalanced.

And your dream seems to have this sensation dilemma going on of trying to get something into a cadence, and you’re doing this and you’re doing that and you’re doing this and you’re doing that and somehow you’re scoping all around to catch up with the energetic in which it all tends to then flow with a uniformity and a synchronicity.

But as long as it’s not, then you are not finding this or the chicken is… It’s like you went into this long sequence of a dream which I even tended to mostly forget because you indicated and told the schematic of the energy by the fact of this chicken being off. The rest of the dream had you feeling the whole sensation quandary, right?

In other words, you got it in a blunt, direct, to the point way, and then you had the whole meander for the rest of it.

That was the strange theme I guess of last night, and on a sensation level I got thrown off straightaway because of this call that came in when I should be sitting down meditating so I didn’t get started until an hour later, and I felt what a catastrophe, but I also felt that there was a part of me that had been affected in some way that I couldn’t explain where I would be able to just immediately let go.

Often times I sit down and it’s the time to be sitting down and all of that, but I also know that I don’t quite feel like I can just let go. This time I felt like I could just let go even though it didn’t make sense that I could just let go.

And so the first thing that happened within about five minutes was I noticed this incredible feeling. It was like something had fingers and the fingers had a certain softness to it so that they wouldn’t scratch, and the fingers could reach and take something right off the cheek and it was such a sensation to just pluck something up like that.

And what was the relief, what was so amazing, was the relief had this whole energetic of something being lifted, something being… well, it was a relief, but the image of this happening was one thing, but the sensation of the energetic relief was another.

It was just like a bizarre snippet sort of thing and so after five minutes of sitting down I’m going to start writing something like this up. I mean, this isn’t how my meditation works. I come across something after an hour or two or three or something, so I ignored it. And then I came out of my meditation thing, hours later, and I remembered something that was all had to do with a type of soothing that was going on on a sensation level.

In other words, there was something a little imbalanced, a little off, and then something that was like a type of rejoicing inside that made the sensation feel wonderful, but as I’m about to write this up which I know is going to be a long dream, I reflect upon this snippet that I hadn’t forgotten.

As soon as I reflect upon it the dream goes completely away and I remember the snippet. I write the snippet up and I go, wow. So then after writing the snippet up I then come back to what occurred in the main dream as kind of a whiff or sense and all I can say is that there was this whole soothing or letting go as if something had lifted, and I could tell this on a sensation level.

So it had me pondering the significance of the sensation level, that when I’m most bewildered, confused, and wandering around and dense. That’s when something that could be flowing isn’t flowing, and when I’m in this whole sensation exhilaration or something, that’s when something is flowing, and so then it got me to pondering.

That which can be sensationally flowing inside of myself, can be something happening on an inner level. I could still have chaos or mayhem happening in the outer, but I don’t identify with it. So far what happens is because I identify with the outer, and recognize this on the inner, my sensation function sits in kind of some sort of wibble-wobble, where it doesn’t quite gel unless there’s a cadence in the outer, as well as in the inner.

Because I can have this quality that’s amazing on a sensation open up on the inner, and then all it takes is some catastrophe or peculiarity that completely surprises or shocks me that occurs in the outer, and it can knock me off. Or if I don’t know that that’s going on, I can still stay on this inner and that other won’t matter. Well, this is bizarre to me. This is my sensation imbalance.

Anyway, this is the nature of how the dreams were last night is they tended to zoom around the theme of how it is that you measure, or detect, or gain a schematic of reference, and it has to do with the sensation function.

Now, if you’re going around, and another way of saying the sensation function is to say okay, you have an auric sense of well being, and if this auric sense of well being that you carry comes into a schematic, and you start feeling self-conscious, or peculiar, or acting up, because that auric sense that you carry does not comport with the density or the limitations or the streamlining of, lets say, the schematic that you’re in.

That schematic can start triggering an imbalance in the way you carry yourself, or a self-consciousness, or something, you can really get beat up, you can really get strange, you can really get weird, you can really get peculiar. And what happens is, on a sensation level of the inner effect of your being, in relationship to the outer schematic that’s going on, and you’re out of touch with that outer schematic, what readily shows the break in the intertwined linkage, is your sensation function.

I had never stopped and looked at why the sensation function is such an important quality, of four qualities, thinking, feeling, intuition, and sensation; I hadn’t stopped and realized how the sensation function is such an interesting tuning fork.

Isn’t that interesting? It was a type of schooling, so to speak, that occurred last night that was triggered by things. As far as the dream element, I mean you may have had a dream, but you were being pressured to catch the memo. That’s what was going on. We call that dreaming.

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