The Light Bulb Moment

Today we continue the conversation we began yesterday between Ann and John (see Jumping to the Inner). (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, you’ve dreamt in the classic sense, and this is a sense that I talk to this one teacher about. I did this on a trip I took with him and, his wife had shared a dream with me.

In fact, I commanded her to do it basically. I said, “Well, tell me the dream.” She later told me I scared her when I said it like that. It scared her to have to tell me the dream, and of course her husband was sitting right there too and, so in portraying this dream I actually then went to what I considered a fourth element in the dream.

What I said then and what I described at that point in time is not something that even he could follow, and so she couldn’t even follow it. In other words, I think to understand this stuff you have to have that ticking or correlating in your nature already to know it.

And so after I had done that… in other words she followed it up to one, two, three we’ll say, and I even tried to describe how it had this musical note to it, because the Chisti’s hear things in a musical way, and I can see how to apply the musical way to help facilitate how to hear it, to understand it, but then when I went to the fourth, I know I left her behind…

And so she turned to him and she asked him and his response was, “I don’t experience that.” That’s all he can say, “I don’t experience that,” something to that effect. Which had me almost doing a double take as if, am I imagining this or something? Is this something that I’m on some tangent on? But no, it doesn’t happen very often, but when that fourth comes in you get brand new information about life.

And I guess you can say that that’s a sight level too, or a mystic’s level. The new information you get about life also incorporates and pulls together, though, the alchemical level, because it is something then that’s not only new information about life, but as you hold it, you shift it into life too. It’s that powerful.

In other words, what I notice about hitting that, is that it may not be obvious at that moment in time, but your life changes slightly. That fourth thing causes something to change in the way you live, the way you now perceive a little bit, on a living regular way.

So you’ve done the first three, and rarely do you get to the fourth. The Chisti teacher never experienced the fourth. And yet, he experienced a heck of a lot. It’s like once I raised a question with him about something, and the next morning before he starts the meditation he turns to me and he says, “Last night I went into your dream.”

And then he says, “It’s definitely organic.” In other words, the issue that was raised had to do with the way something is to unfold, and he had shared with me the day before that he can actually see how certain things need to be, and so the point that I was making, if you can see it why not do it that way, as opposed to kind of allowing something to fumble about entrusting in the cosmic or something, or the great Whole, and watching that.

And I raised that as a question for him. That’s a big Rubik’s Cube question. And so he came back and his answer was basically: You have to trust in the greater principle of the Whole. The answer being, it’s definitely organic. He can pick that sort of thing out without going and having the fourth…

And the other thing he can do is… and I told him when he did it I thought it was an abuse, because, although I had seen this I don’t know that I can regularly act on it, and he has told me he doesn’t regularly act on it either.

When I was in high school I had moments where I could see the closing prices of the various months of the wheat futures market, before the paper came out to show me what they were and, of course, in those days, I had no idea what the market was doing until I got the paper because I was out in the country and away from it all.

It had already happened however at the time that I dreamt it. I just didn’t know. I mean I’d never heard no radio broadcast or anything which would have contaminated my impression. I was just picking up on it vibrationally.

Well, he had a dilemma in his life in which he got caught in this Madoff scandal, and lost a lot of money. And so he was really worried about being able to do what he needed to do, in terms of his calling, and his duty. He suddenly saw, one day, the price that a stock was going to go to in terms of coming down, and so he bought accordingly, and was shown at what number to sell it. And that got him out of a certain point of destitution, because he was hit that hard.

Now he knows that that was a kind of a one-time thing, and he can’t be relying upon that, but he has that kind of a closeness with inside of himself that can tune in to something. He also shared with me earlier, that when he was still taking people on adventures, trips, and such, and one of them was to India and they were going over to see, what at that time in terms of his understanding, was the most conscious or holiest woman alive.

And she was sick and she was dying, in other words her time was up. Before he got there he had the sensation that she had passed, but he didn’t have enough of an intuitive connection at that point in time to know if it was for sure or not. He says, “Now I would know, but at that time I didn’t.” He has that kind of listening center – that’s pretty impressive, where he gets the information.

Teachers like that, if they work on that level, like in our path, they can communicate that at night. He communicates it, but in a different motif. He communicates it and uses features like sound to help. The path we’re on uses features like light to communicate it.

That is why you’re drawn to this path, is because as your dream indicated, there’s your aha moment; you suddenly get the flash.

I can appreciate both because when I sit and meditate and go into a stillness and a quietness, I incorporate a lot of what I learned from this Chisti teacher. And I’m at a point where I don’t have the emotional, or something, content anymore, that I used to have, that I used to feel was important, that touched the heart in a certain way. Now, in many instances, it’s just kind of there and can even be a little bit bland.

When it’s not there, is when things are disconcerting. And last night what I dreamt was what it’s like when you’re not there. So now I am deviating off of your dreams.

And what I experienced last night was, I came out of meditation in extreme physical pain, and while I was somewhere else I factored that extreme physical pain into the dream. I’ve done this sort of thing before, but not with the awareness developed this time. I have done it with stomach acid, hurt back, or some goofy thing or another…

And it would keep me from traveling in a certain way because I would have to be attentive to my malingering dilemma, and so I would have that waft into the dream in some sort of hypnotic way or something. In this particular case what happened is this excruciating pain showed that I was not in the space of a wholeness.

And because I wasn’t in a space of the wholeness, I was at a point that could experience all of the lesser elements of confusion, pain, sorrow, disorientation, out of balance, all of that kind of stuff that happens when you are attentive to something in the outer, as opposed to the inner. And so what was unique about last night is I got to see this almost as if from the soul’s perspective.

In other words, the soul is factoring this in and so I had this delusional kind of dream in relationship to the pain factored into the dream to show that I’m out of place, and out of sync, and out of balance. But what I saw from the soul perspective is it may have that thrown in its face, but it can’t relate to something trite like that. It still upholds that as part of the memo of the overall.

It’s not part of the memo of the overall, but the soul has to assume that it must be, because it only sees the overall. That was something I had never noticed before.

The soul never departs from the profoundness because it never, you know, this other stuff – it’s not that, it never was that. It has no relationship with that. And the fact that I might have a pain or a physical ailment or whatnot, that’s a reflective thing.

So that was meditation dream, and then from the meditation dream I went into countless examples.

Now, the thing that helped to trigger this was I had a good close friend in Denver who is moving to Florida, and I think he identified the property through Googling, and stuff like that. I think his energy souped up to it and I don’t know what it was, but I think he talked himself more into it than actually taking and giving it some time to feel by going there and so on.

He was going to close on it I think Tuesday. It’s probably too late to stop. Well, I finally had time the other day to go on Google Earth and whatnot, and there’s a means now where you can take and use this little man and put yourself right in the middle of the street, and it’s like you’re standing there and you see everything. In other words you can Google it from above, like from outer space, but then you can do this and it’s just like you’re standing there with a camera.

It’s like you are looking at it with your own eyes and then you can just look around you. You can move this little man around too all in co-relationship to the street of course. You can’t go on the other side of the house.

This was enough for me to pick up the sensation of the area. Because I know this guy, I can see that what he’s doing has an outer quality that he’s reaching for, but it’s a total inner miss vibrationally, and he’s going to get very sad, and it’s just not going to have the aliveness for him.

Because he had something inside of him that is quickened in terms of an inner aliveness, but he seems to have to live in the perdition of the outer confusion, and he doesn’t know how to stay or listen to this inner aliveness as the beacon to everything that there is. It’s not like he doesn’t understand it, he just can’t do it.

I mean, he’s pretty conscious intellectually, but he just can’t do it, and if I’m talking to him he can understand it, but that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t go and still have these outer reverberations. And so it took and it left me drilling down on that scenario.

And then from the meditation dream, I could see the confusion that exists in terms of the orientation to the outer, in terms of what he’s trying to pull together versus the inner quality. I mean, in his way he made his checklist by looking here and looking here and looking there and looking there, but he’s still acting on the basis of an outer motif.

He’s not going to be finding that light bulb moment. He may get some little inflection to the degree that there are things in the outer that are not completely dead, maybe only 95% dead, that can give you a little excitement. And then you spark off of that and then all of a sudden you open your eyes and other than that 5% the other 95% doesn’t touch you at all, it’s dead. It’s dormant. It’s stale. It’s dull.

I don’t even know that I can tell him this, because if I successfully tell him this, which I figure is 50/50 I can, he’s going to crack, he’s going to collapse, because we do so much that we can’t help ourselves, we just do it.

And then when we do it we have to suck it up and make the best of it, and if somebody comes along and rubs our nose in it, you’re either going to get mad, fighting mad, to hold your space, but that isn’t his nature. If he gets it, his heart’s going to drop to the floor. He’s going to be crushed. And he’s the type, because he has a softer correlation than most masculines do to the feminine side of himself, he’s going to be a little bit of a danger to himself in his despair.

You don’t often see that in a masculine energy, but he has that, and so his defense mechanism is to lie to himself a little bit, and cover it up. But the problem is, he has experienced this inner, so he can’t quite totally get away with it. And it’s probably good that he only goes so far, because at some particular point it haunts you if you don’t adhere to it.

Your dreams are going first, second, and third. You’re getting the light bulb moment. That’s all very exciting. It’s still a process. What you’re doing is still on the level of inner teaching. And that’s very exciting. There isn’t a whole lot of grief in that, to where you’re missing a responsibility or something. You don’t know, and you’re being shown.

I mean, how can you pick at that? But what if there was another element, where you could slip backwards to what was just pointed out to you, and beat yourself up, and say, Jesus, how ridiculous, these checklists I’m doing. How silly. And what if you can really feel the pain of the stupidity of that, that that was a wayward way of doing it?

But in your dream enfoldment, that’s okay. Because that step needed to be there in order for you to be able to get the next phase.

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