Finding An Answer

Today’s dreams are a continuation from yesterday’s post (see The Fix Is In). Here we see how the thread begun in the first dream, with the robe and the vials of pills for an emergency, have carried through the dream images later in the night, offering greater insight and a warning.
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Jeane: In my next dream a woman friend and I have gone in to an auditorium – and it feels like a town we’re not familiar with – to watch something. And we go near the back of the auditorium and we sit down in these little wooden seats, and when I sit down and I cross my legs, my foot hits the rear end of the person sitting in front of me.

I look up and there are two or three Arab men sitting there in their long white robes and one of them starts really causing a fuss because I kicked him in the rear end, and women aren’t supposed to touch men so he’s turning around and causing a fuss.

Other than apologize I feel like the best way to deal with this is for me to just ignore it because I can’t do anything about it, and to me it was a little thing and it’s just culturally he’s fussing. I scooch my chair back a little and then I just am not looking at him because I’m not going to deal with his fussing.

He must have gotten up and I look to the right and there’s some other people that must be the women and children from his family that have come and they’re talking there, so I put my attention on what’s going on on the stage because I wasn’t sure if we were going to watch a movie or what. But instead I see there’s a group of people that have gotten up to sing and that’s all I remember about that dream.

John: Even though you have the station, and you have the pills, you don’t quite know how to use them yet. And that is not in the way that you might be inclined to think that that sort of thing is literally done.

You do introduce an answer in the dream, however, and that is that you put your attention, you redirect the attention to something that’s alive and quickened, and that, almost as if that is something that’s missing, you have a sense to know where the problem is by being able to address something that draws the attention, that quickens the energetic, as the solution. That’s very interesting.

Let’s see how that would apply. In other words, you can see maybe where your dad… let’s use your dad as an example. You can see where your dad might be bothered by something in some subtle way. Well, rather than address the issue, the manner in which he’s bothered, because that would be like inappropriate behavior.

The feminine doesn’t go up and do that sort of thing. The feminine has to have a better, subtler approach to changing things. What you do is in feeling the awkwardness that you know is troubling him, you figure out what is it that you can energetically do that sparks the energy so that that just goes away.

Because it’s almost like the feminine, from her understanding of the mood of things, can see the energetic imbalance and turn that mood from an energetic outer imbalance to what it looks like as a mood or a tone like that and then know how to just like she knows that her moods are changed by a certain way that the masculine clarity is able to come through and touch and cause something to switch, she now knows how to take and spin the interest level, the excitement level of what can be done, or activity wise, or just changing the way one is going about and that that relieves it.

In other words, it’s like for example how you might have applied that is you could realize that the nature of the football games actually, as much as it was an indulgence in something that appeared that one had to do and liked doing, it also took the energy down. You could have possibly seen somehow what to do to snap that energy, like maybe one takes a walk or maybe one goes for a swim, or whatever.

You have a sense of how to get something that’s constipating, and has a tendency of getting sticky and constipated, based upon mannerisms of the past, impressions. You’ve seen how your dad can drool and indulge in something over and over and over again, and you’ve developed an understanding of how you can use a tripwire so to speak, energetically, that kind of takes it into a whole other level of flow, and thus brings out the brilliance and the quality of the genius that underscores the depth of what your father is really all about.

And that the other is just some sort of stickiness that we all have our little stickiness areas and you don’t go touching and dealing with the stickiness areas like your sister tries to do that just invites a huge reaction. So that’s how you use your station and your pills.

Jeane: In this last dream it feels like I’m a little frustrated because I feel like I’m flying around in a circle in a confined space, perhaps in these small planes, there are two of them, and it feels like we’re circling around and I want the planes to land but there’s something that they’re supposed to do or bring in or land that we just seem to be flying in circles and it doesn’t quite come together yet for a landing.

So it has a slight frustrating feeling to it.

John: This is a warning dream. It’s saying that you can’t let your impatience get the best of you. As you see this stuff continuing to continue if you get worked up and agitated about it, you can’t hold your station and apply your pills.

Actually, this quality – where you change the tone of something rather than address the specific problem – and you have to do this from a point in which you’re not agitated or worked up because otherwise that doesn’t come across because the masculine senses this kind of thing and draws the wrong conclusion, so you have to be as naturally smooth and rhythmic about this as possible so that there’s no sense that you’re challenging anything or trying to manipulate in some fashion or have a reactivity in any regard.

It all looks quite natural. If you think about it, that’s how the Naqshbandi tradition is meant to work. In other words, when you meditate you take and you place, it is said that you place your attention upon the principle of love, or the quality of what you feel inside, and you hold that and dump everything else into it.

Because if you don’t do that then what happens is that your mind races out to whatever it is that’s bothering you, that’s agitating you, that’s a predicament and you just make that to the point where you drive yourself bananas, crazy, insane.

But if you can then take all of that stuff and dump it into this quality, this depth inside, it gets absorbed and goes away and that is a quality of meditation, that’s the principle upon which everything actually works. And what you dreamt, in terms of your station and your elixir pills, is how to apply that in terms of where you find yourself.

In other words, there’s one way of applying it on the inner, and there’s another way of applying that so that that innerness comes through into the outer, and that is the state and sense of pills that you carry. You know how to do that.

You see what I’m saying, right? You put your energy on a flow that enhances, that’s excitable, that’s of interest, that also, by the fact of a certain focus that’s involved in all of that, heals. And who would have guessed: it’s kind of invisible.

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