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In her dream, a startling image offers Jeane a challenge to her established reactions, and the possibility of accessing the intertwined nature of all of life. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In one image it’s like I’m in a hospital ward and someone else and I – there’s a cot that’s pulled up with a man on it, and at first I think that we’re just supposed to guard the body on the bed, because somebody else comes and pulls the sheet back to see what’s wrong with this guy. I think he was a soldier.

We see that his whole chest is open, like you can just look in and see what’s in the chest cavity. It is almost like it’s even preserved in what looks like a fluid. Well, the guy leaves, I mean the person who had looked left because it kind of kind of upset him. And I’m there, I know that I’m supposed to stay with this person until the doctor comes and there’s someone else with me, too.

Well, then pretty soon this guy that’s laying there, that I think is dead, opens up his eyes and starts talking to us. He even gets up. He wonders why he’s there. He obviously wants to go back to wherever he came from.

I don’t want to shock him by pointing out that his chest is completely open, so I just try to talk him into lying down. He can’t leave until the doctor or someone comes, without me really having to explain to him what the problem is, because I just want to get him calmed down to where he lays down until someone comes that can handle this.

John: I don’t know how it is that a person’s ever going to get around the idea of not taking in and believing what one sees as being the situation or the literal truth. In other words, what you’re seeing is a person who should be unconscious, because he’s in a condition in which you no longer cope physically, and yet he has a sense of awareness that is able to want to get up and go and move about and go about whatever it was that he had been doing before he became mortally unconscious.

The theme of the dreaming was this gap that exists in terms of time and space. It’s almost like being able to say that if you’re really conscious, in terms of a wholeness, there is no time and space.

The more unconscious you are, meaning the more confined you are to relating to things as if the outer is where everything is at, the more literally you take everything that happens around you. You dreamed this as an image that begged the question: how are you going to reconcile that image? Because what took place baffles the scope of comprehension that you have in terms of the way things are.

And it baffles that because you look at things in terms of having to make sense according to outer appearances. This wouldn’t be so if you saw it all as an aliveness of energy, that never dies, that is constant, that is an essence that permeates through everything, and that you are also not somehow separate or distinct from that.

In your fullness of who and what you are, you’re intertwined with all of that. And it’s because of that intertwining that certain amazing and magical things can happen. It’s because of that intertwining that things work in cohesion with each other. Indigenous cultures work with animals for example, instead of the animals in fear of the people, because there’s a recognized symbiosis or basically an intertwined energetic.

Because the theme of the dreaming was to try to get one to let go of the way one holds onto appearances in the outer, because the outer reflects something just like a motion picture show – and it’s all fabrication, it’s all a flicker.

What makes those flickers what they are is the waverings that we have energetically inside of ourself. Whenever you cringe with a kind of fear or react with a kind of wound, whatever little nuance you do sets off a different, inflective flicker, and that responds as if it’s an aliveness as a reflection. We identify with each one of those inflections because we’re constantly splaying out thoughts that work into inflections, that work into outer appearances, and not holding onto the essence in which you go behind all that suddenly has a sense of appearance.

You have something that is totally bizarre, totally outside a realm of normal comprehension, to see if you can make the leap. Otherwise what you see makes no sense whatsoever, and if anything is somewhat appalling, and would cause you to fall back upon the inflection that you generated, that caused this sort of thing to have its energetic counter reflection – according to some inflection reaction, mannerism, trait, or characteristic that you had flicker inside yourself.

If you can’t step back from that, then your heart gets stabbed by the image, which means it shrinks. Because the earlier theme-ing in the dreaming was one of being able to recognize that a person needs to be able to sit in the condition of both conscious and unconscious happening simultaneously.

Now what appears to be unconscious is not unconscious, it’s part of the whole. What appears to be conscious, that we take for outer appearances around us, is really unconscious because we’re identifying with those appearances.

One needs to be able to hold all of that together, because the essence includes it all. When one goes off on this tangent or that tangent, you throw yourself around. The key is to quit throwing yourself around, to know that you are doing that to yourself.

You can throw yourself around in such a way that you create wonderful results, or you can throw yourself around in which you create horrible results, but all of it is kind of a doofism, because you are acting out as if there is something important in terms of the outer, in some context, instead of the outer being a reflection, constant reflection, of where you’re at on an inner essence level.

In other words, where you’re at in terms of that, and where you’re at in terms of that is you picked an image that has a fear element connected to it, to which the fear element then turned around and laughed at you so to speak because it got up and walked – and how is that possible? Showing that the whole thing is a figment of one’s inflective imagination.
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Today, John’s dreams point to the challenge of balancing the inner and the outer. Most often we are reactive to what is occurring in the outer, which diminishes our ability to hear our inner guidance. It’s a fine line to shift to an understanding of our outer world through our inner sight. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: The dream I had starts out where I’m trying to reestablish an energetic balance. There may be things going on on the inner that are scoping about, but in terms of how I look to do this, I look to do this with images that have an outer context in the dream.

And of course during the day I was seeking to make the determination with the inner context of meditation, but because we live in a world in which the senses and mind dominate in the outer, we have to reconcile what is going on. And that tends to result in an outer way sense of projections, because that’s how when you’re in the outer, and caught up by the stimuli of the outer, the imaging of the flow tends to come across and is reduced as an understandability.

That is why it is said that there is a way of looking at the outer, in a way a person conducts themselves in the outer, to notice what, on the inner level, is astir. As far as having the dream that images it with outer images, to start with I had the dream from the standpoint that I was trying to grasp the underlying energy trying to unfold in a general way.

What I mean by general way is an unfoldment that is taking place as more of an in-the-bones, or mannerism, that’s not necessarily quite in the present yet. In other words, it may even conflict a little bit with what is currently unfolding in the current situation.

And when you’re trying to measure something like that it’s very difficult because you don’t know when it is meant to come through. And a lot, a lot of time could be in between that, even though you can get the sense that it doesn’t seem like that.

So initially I’m looking at this in kind of an outer context way by trying to determine what the price of precious metals are going to be, for example, in more of a longer term context. In other words trying to see where the switch is, the peaks and flows and the switches are going to occur. Therefore that are going to dominate or press through, and supersede, eventually, the impressions that are prevailing now.

That’s kind of how I started to try to noodle this out, but then some part of me realized that what I’m trying to do there is too hard on myself, that there needs to be a simpler way, an easier way to do this.

So, in the next dream I find myself trying to lighten that load by settling for what is a reasonable general going forward flow of fair value.

In this dream a decision is being made by a woman to sell hotdogs in front of an established hotdog stand. She is trying to set the price – basically she’s trying to do this by feel.

In other words, she’s not looking at any set of facts or parameters. So first she figures $.55 cents, but then that doesn’t quite feel right to her, so then she moves it up to $.65 cents. So she’s vacillating back and forth and trying to figure out what the number needs to be.

So I seem to come along and make some suggestions. I do this first of all by asking her about the size of her hotdogs, and she says that they’re pretty good sized; they’re nice, meaty hotdogs.

Then I notice that this compares to the hotdog stand who claims to have about the same kind of hotdogs. And then I check on their business that they’ve been doing, and they claim to have had a pretty good day yesterday and that they’re selling their hotdogs for $1.05. So I suggest that, taking this into account because she doesn’t have an official hotdog stand, she can price it in between and the number she was trying to do it was too little.

She should bring the hotdog price up to say $.85 cents for a hotdog. That’s still a better bargain than buying it at the hotdog stand, and maybe two for $1.50. She quibbles about that a bit but decides that that’s okay.

And then comes the idea of a drink. Well, when you provide a drink, I learned from the hotdog stand, that the consistent pricing exists wherever you go. And the hotdog stand is actually a little less. Normally a drink is $1 in most places, and the hotdog stand is selling it for $.75 cents and suggests that you don’t mess with the drink all that much because it is a fairly established thing.

Everyone gets a drink and they’re used to paying a particular price and that’s not really all that competitive. So to create the bargain, I suggest a bundled price of two hotdogs and a drink for $2.20, which means now I’ve cut another nickel off of the drink. Instead of $.75 cents it’s $.70 cents if you bundle it.

In repeating what I indicate, at the beginning, is happening, a human being tends to reflect what is astir in the inner by the way he acts in the outer. That is why it is possible to look between the outer lines of things to ascertain what is astir on the inner.

Once in a while, but not often, you come across a person who is able to bring the inner vibration more directly into the outer without all of the outer reflection hoopla, so there’s more that can be shaped without the veils.

I’m gyrating back and forth in terms of trying to formulate what is a sense of dictum, in terms of factual aspects in the outer, conducting one’s self there in some fashion, just like you that seeks to hold a line, find a line in terms of what works from how you understand things astir, how to then sustain and maintain and ground a value. I tend to be doing the same thing, and both of us could be much wiser for the fact if we could take and adhere more to what, in a sense my second dream quality there, in which you can trust and hold to the conscious unconscious stirring not having to constellate it at some sense.

A human being always has to constellate it, always has to bring that something into a solidity in terms of their soul nature in the outer, but that then limits the depth of the soul. It defines the soul. It sets up something that’s established in a particular way and a soul can be so much more than that. And if you really feel yourself when you do something like this, you don’t like it. It becomes nauseating at some point.

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In this series of dreams from Jeane, we can see how, over the course of a night’s dreaming, a premise and a process unfolds. In this way the unconscious guides the conscious to new revelations and understandings. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I have a series of dreams that ran together and initially they started out being influenced by the fact that we had watched the primaries last night. So it’s nighttime and it feels like I see the forms of what it looks like as the candidates for the Republican nominee move forward, but I just see it as like forms on the horizon that move forward because it’s night out and they just have different energies in how they move or some don’t move forward at all. Then that kind of segues into the next dream…

John: So far what you’re doing is you’re catching the thread of what the unfoldment theme of a quality of inner into outer is. In other words, you’re looking at the candidates and you’ve developed the sense that one of them has to surge forward and when it surges forward and stabilizes itself in a front runner position, that something as an energetic will coalesce around that occurrence.

At present there seems to be a lot of vacillating first back and forth and back and forth, but you’re sitting trying to take a read or get a bearing on what is about to unfold as an expression, as a theme of energy in terms of expression.

Jeane: What happens next is the candidates are out over water. It almost feels like the water in a park at the hometown where I grew up, but it’s mostly still night, and then there is the force on the water almost like an ocean force where there’s a storm that’s come up.

The storm is such that some people go into the water and they can only be rescued by helicopters. It almost feels like I’m involved in this process, like have I gone out, how much have I got in the water, could I get rescued by the helicopter. It’s more like I’m monitoring because some people would not even venture out in the form, and some people are going to have to be rescued by the helicopter, and some people seem to have been able to fly right through.

That was my second dream.

John: What you’re doing now is after having established kind of an inkling or understanding as to what is going to kind of unfold, the next determination that you’re trying to make is, to what degree the process is conscious and unconscious? Because you have the sense that what’s unfolding is also kind of superimposed mannerism.

So it exists over a setting of water of which people or whatever end up getting caught in whatever the unfoldment turns out to be. They get caught one way or another in kind of unconscious mannerisms and are in need of being rescued.

The deeper meaning of this, the nature of the dreaming last night had to do with the idea that what is unfolding on an inner level, because of the nature of the senses and the mind and whatnot in an outer context, you have to look at and read behind the scenes of what is unfolding in the outer in order to try to get an inkling of what is astir on the inner.

The outer reflects the inner. Rarely is it to a point where a person can hold the inner connection. They’re always relegating it and reflecting it and creating veils for themselves through their outer dynamic. And so the theme of the dream is to try to backdoor this thing so that one is tying their connection to this whole inner linkage.

So that’s what you are seeking to do, with first of all discerning what is taking shape, and then secondly trying to focus yourself to what is conscious and what is unconscious in terms of the process.

Jeane: In the next scene it feels like it’s a little more towards daylight, and I’m in the park there at my hometown on the edge of the lake, but I’ve kind of interrupted the whole process because I feel like my mother, who’s been gone, has returned home and I want to talk to her. So I phone home. And there must be two people there that I don’t know well. They answer the phone and they go to get her and I can hear them. I think it’s a man and either a son or a woman, I don’t know.

They’ve gone to get my mother, unless they’ve set down the phone and they’re talking, and they’re forgetting that I can hear them. That’s all I remember of that dream except that there’s a shift suddenly.

John: What you’re trying to do now is you have the input of things, in other words the sight of something, in front of you, in which you can see what is unfolding and then you can see the effect that it’s having, in general. From there you’re trying to take it to a deeper level, in terms of where it’s going, or something, or what the ultimate consequences could be.

In other words, how does this thing get shaped? And that’s where you look to the feminine side again. But at this point, because you’re looking to the feminine side, there’s some sort of mystery that still exists because that side has to be reestablished, or you have to re-find that, or you have to bring it to the fore in order to get a better sense of what is necessary, for shaping purposes, because it’s the feminine that does that, that does the alchemical change.

The first two dreams have created the coming through with the level of sight, and then now you’re looking at how this… You haven’t established yet, but you need to establish what this is going to shape into.

Jeane: Then there’s a shift, and I’m observing an adolescent boy, but he’s more like 19 or so, and I’m at the same park but it’s more daylight now. He’s been given a position like a park ranger or a lifeguard, and I can see it suddenly dawning on him that now when his friends come to party, if they try to drink or things at the beach or get drunk, he’s going to be the one that has to enforce that you can’t do that. And it’s going to be very tricky because you let people come and enjoy the park, but he’s now going to be part of what enforces that it doesn’t get drunk or out of control.

John: The whole thing is you’re now defining from what you’ve observed and then located inside yourself how you’re going to carry and conduct yourself based upon what you’ve observed unfolding in the outer. In other words, you found the element inside of yourself to use as a tuning fork kind of note.

So then the last shift is how it is that you feel or see yourself as being able to conduct yourself. In other words, you’ve brought back in the feminine principle. So how is it that you’re going to cause something to unfold, or how are you going to conduct this?

And what arises is kind of a set of values, because you now have a sense of how something needs to be coordinated in relationship to how one enjoys or appreciates themselves in life. It may have been all confusion before. At one point it was a mystery as to how this sort of thing was going to come together or come out, and where you separate the conscious and the unconscious, and then how you establish and reach the part of yourself that can guide something or help formulate a plan, or a shaping. And then in the final dream, you’re setting forth how it is that you’re to do this. In other words, your way of doing it.

Now also as the theme to the dreaming last night, was this context that: so in the outer, also in the inner, which means that how one takes and sees themselves, in terms of symbolic imagery, involved in an outer capacity way, that to a person who knows how to read the unfoldment of the inner energy through the veils of the outer mannerisms and projections, you’re able to see what is seeking to come through, or be astir, on the inner.

Based upon your fourth aspect of the dream, what you’re essentially doing is, as you gather a certain kind of clarity and then attempt to figure out what that means in terms of shaping things, you’re actually setting up guidelines. You’re setting up distinct things.

What I read behind the setting up of those distinct things, is that that’s a type of sealing, where your nature tends to take on a kind of station in which it then lives or orchestrates itself in an outer way, based upon the degree to which it is caught up with something on the inner.

It’s a type of station, but it isn’t the fullest of stations that you can reach. That is why it is said that it’s a type of sealing, where you seal yourself, and then you tend to carry that mannerism over and over and over again as a schematic or a dominant theme.

Now, as I have seen you do this, where I’m starting to react is the fact that you think you have to do it that way, because I know that there’s a bigger trust in which there is a more powerful effect, and a more powerful connection on the inner that you can reach, if you don’t have to create some sort of established dictums.

In other words, if you can leave yourself more vulnerable to the circumstances around you, which is another way of saying that in spite of how it looks, can you let something crack, collapse, or die? It’s a very, very tough kind of principle, but if you can do that you find yourself in an even greater state of freedom without having to react or knee jerk all the time.

What you’ve done is you have described where you’re at, through this dream process, of how you have taken what is unfolding, in terms of a perception, you brought in the characteristic of the feminine that takes and works with that in terms of how to determine the way it’s to be introduced into life, how to shape it so to speak.

The actual shaping of that is established through the fourth part of the dream, where you have certain dictums that have been established in terms of how to carry this across. And so you have set, you have established, a certain format.

Now, that format is a format that you function from that you’re comfortable from, that has to do with a clarity and rootedness that you have come to grips with through the process of time – in terms of your soul level.

What I am saying, however, is that you can take another leap. That’s how you are situated, but you can take another leap with that as well, in terms of another kind of letting go.

The way I described that in my dream is that rarely does it get to a point where an individual is able to take what is unfolding on the inner, and hold more to that unfoldment on the inner, as opposed to having to create certain reflections from which veils arise in terms of how that comes across in the outer.

How is it possible to backdoor, or to back up into, the inner unfoldment to where you’re able to maybe sit more at the very beginning, which is at the point where you have the conscious and unconscious forces there, and where something can be rescued out of the unconscious – but not having to project a rulebook of what necessarily is conscious?

Very hard because a human being always has to have everything make sense in a dot-your-i, cross-your-t sort of way. But within the dream, taking out the need to have to seal it in some capacity, you find yourself back into something like that, which is very, very difficult because it’s a more speeded up way of having to be, when the end result of the other that reaches a type of solidity and power of expression, that is pinpointed, seems to be an advancement, but is actually a taking on of a state that is transitory to the bigger picture. Because the bigger picture would have you letting go of that, and not sealing at all, continuing to try to stay on the inner.

But that is very, very difficult and rare to do, thus that’s why you have the dhikr to try to hold the note during the daytime, because during the daytime you’re constantly taking whatever your perception is that’s unfolding from an inner schematic being the dominant underlying energetic, and you’re constantly trying to bring that to some sort of sealed understanding.

And the dhikr, heartfully felt, keeps taking you back and taking you back to that there is something so much more that stays in its free flow, or surreal, way without having to be nailed down.

So that’s the dynamic. In other words, your dream is portraying where you’re at, in terms of the dynamic, but within the dynamic is the full understanding because you have all of the component parts. And often times one, in the dreaming, we tend to perhaps dream on the first go around something that is meant to be present at the end.

And then there is the middle, in terms of maybe how we’re working with it, and then there can be the consequence at the end as to where it goes or something, or how it’s steered. And often times it’s important to try to put an attention upon how something begins, because in the beginning the components are a little more fluid, and from that fluidity you can tend to see something that you may not be able to see once it’s more solidified.

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