An Easy Feeling

Today’s dreams explore the territories of how a person feels themselves in a dream. Within the understanding that we are all of the characters that appear in our dreams, an overall consideration is, what is our relationship to them? Do we feel that things are working out? Are they flowing easily with the next thing needed just appearing? Or, do we struggle and get further and further away from what we seek to accomplish or make happen?

Feeling a sense of ease is one dynamic that can show us where we are, in terms of allowing something new to awaken or occur. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I have two little snippets of dreams. In one of the dreams I seem to have gone out in the neighborhood where I’m living, and I find out that this woman that I used to know that was a client, that I thought had maybe even died by now, but she’s living in a home nearby. So we run into each other.

She’s living like in some kind of a care home. I decide to take her out. When I go down to take her out, then a little boy also comes along with us. I drive them to a nearby town and they want to go out, kind of like on a boardwalk, and see the ocean. But the little boy kind of doesn’t want to stay right where we are and goes down some steps.

It’s almost like initially I lose him and have to find him again. They want to go out with me on this little boat that goes out on the ocean, and it’s a very little boat like a little raft, and then it’s almost like a scooter or something.

I get on it, and they get on it with me, and there’s just room for the three of us and we can ride somewhere. So we get kind of wet and I take them out in the water a ways and then come back to where we get on and off it.

Then I take them out a little ways and I’m trying to get them all situated and comfortable on it, and I turn around and I see in the distance coming for us, are these really huge waves and I haven’t quite got them all seated and strapped in and things, and I’m just trying to get all of that done before this really huge waves come to where we are and sends us up and scoots us somewhere forward really fast.

And I think a second time I went to take them out and took them somewhere to see the mountains but I don’t remember that bit.

John: So this is a prophetic dream, but it’s also a prophetic dream that in the first part has a breakthrough.

I can’t remember how you used to dream this before, but you somehow or another weren’t comfortable, weren’t completely at home, and weren’t completely at ease with the little boy that you were connecting with and finding inside of yourself, or basically kind of a natural understanding of how something comes together and works.

In this particular dream you seem to be catching up with that. And the reason why it’s a prophetic dream, as well as a breakthrough dream, is this part’s the breakthrough, but the prophetic part is “Uh-oh,” because now things are about to get really rocky, and rough, and big waves and the whole bit, and you’re going to need all of that; you’re going to need that linkage.

It’s almost as if a certain ease occurred in terms of you finding it last night, just in time for you to now get out into the journey and flow of life, to ride the waves of things, only to find that things are going to be much different. Where you had been able to exist and almost have a break or kind of a repose from what is intended, or meant to be, or is coming.

Now you are going to have to be hit with that. Now you’re going to be confronted with that and, fortunately, you had the breakthrough to be able to utilize, so you won’t be so thrown around, even though the dream shows you thrown around. So you’re going to be thrown around, but the breakthrough is what’s going to help you.

Jeane: Then I had another snippet of a dream where I seem to have gone out in the neighborhood, and there’s a football game going on. I don’t really know how to play football, but I seem to get involved in the game.

I remember that I seem to be playing with a tennis shoe on my left foot, and my right foot is bare. And my right foot is what I have to kick the football with.

I seem to go out in the field – it’s even a little muddy and stuff. I kick the football and I seem to do fairly well, but it’s partly because the opposition team also is just kind of goofing off. It feels like once they really focus on how they’re playing I’m not sure how well I’m going to do because I’ve never played this game before, but I’m doing my best to participate.

John: You’re kicking with the right foot?

Jeane: Yes, but it’s bare. I don’t have a shoe on it.

John: What this dream is doing is, it’s very similar to the first dream, in that you’re going through kind of an epiphany excitement, or realization, or recognition inside, in terms of how it is that you’re able to fit in to a scenario. And of course the scenario is the big picture or the wholeness of life.

The dream is showing that, here you are, in something that is beyond your ordinary normal straightaway comprehension. In other words, you can’t say that you’ve got this all figured out and nailed down. And yet what you’re doing is able to somehow or another make inroads; it works out for it.

You can kick the ball. You can kick it in the rain. You can kick it under muddy conditions, or you can kick it with a barefoot, and you look like a natural at it, but you’re the last one to get that memo. You’re just able to see that you are able to function and do that. And a dream like that is intended to show you that you have caught up and recognized a particular shift in terms of how it is that something is meant to awaken or open up inside of you.

Perhaps the positive aspect, if you’re not awakened, you don’t feel the fullness of breath after a dream like that is because, as you say, it’s happening almost in such an overall way for you that the level of elation and whatnot rising up hasn’t quite caught up. But somehow or another, I feel that there’s the sensation that should be there in kind of a sense of peacefulness, or an at ease, that’s greater than normal, simply because the usual ordeal of having to hold a space in the outer, has lost a certain awkwardness, a certain need to try to probe out to make the connection.

It has kind of fallen away. At least for the moment in this dream it’s fallen away, maybe another component could be thrown in and then you’ll be back at it. But it’s like you seem to have a reprieve there, and whenever one sees the reprieve, one feels that there needs to be, and should be, the corresponding characteristic and quality, almost like an agreement world on an energetic level, that rises up within to make note, or take note, or to bless the situation, so to speak, in terms of how you feel yourself.

This seems to have been kind of a theme last night, that there was something that one was getting even though one may not have necessarily noticed it at the time, in terms of the scenario of things, because in my dream there is an excitement about reaching, or having, or connecting with the placement, finally.

In prior dreams there was a struggle, and in the struggle an uncertainty existed as I sought to figure the uneasiness out. In other words, what was happening in those prior dreams was that on a deep, deep inner level I could know something, but then in an outer level I would find myself still identifying with the senses and the mind.

In this dream, somehow or another something had been gotten right; I’d found a placement that was exciting. As a consequence I was in an elated, celebratory mood over having finally gotten it right. Behind that there was a conviction of how this is meant to be, that I’ve never carried before.

In the past I might have a knowing on the higher self level, but as I woke up, or came closer to awake, or started feeling my mannerisms, a bewilderment would kind of soak in because my sense and mind would come into the equation. And when one gets flooded by outer appearances, then you start to grope in the reflections again, and then you’re unable to hold onto the inner recognition.

Somehow or another there was an inner recognition that had peeked through, that had flashed through, and was getting acknowledged. And see, you were getting acknowledged at a breakthrough, but then came the prophetic part only to have to deal with the big waves now.

The scenario in the dream is actually a two-fold scenario. At the dream group I made some comments regarding the individual light in relationship to the collective light, which of course the statement is that the collective light is out. You can’t get it, and therefore something can’t shift.

I stated that to place attention there, meaning the outer light, as if one is going to try to embrace all of that and somehow or another coax it along to where something is there to come together, is a waste of time. There’s no resonance with the collective in getting it on its own.

The collective draws their clarity from looking at the outer for its guidance, in other words to the reflections of the outer.

Of course, Lynn did the best job of explaining that by indicating that such and such a magazine really helped her to read that. She said that she could get hints about things. Earlier she was making expressions about how something is kind of nice in the world, just living in the outer world. And all of that was denoting and looking at things from an outer to an inner, and even though it was difficult, I pointed out that the flow was from the inner into the outer, and what the mind can understand, in terms of trying to look at the “movie” from an outer and thinking you can get to the inner that way, is very little.

I also realize that there’s the esoteric tradition, and then there’s the tradition in which Hazrat Inayat Khan indicated that if there was 10,000 people they might be able to make a difference in the world, because they worked with things kind of recognizing how something could be shifted and changed.

And Shah pointed out that a person, in terms of growing, needed to apply themselves. They needed to put themselves into an action into life, and try to be the best they could be at that action into life. And that then led to kind of an esoteric understanding that could naturally lead to that awakening inside one’s self, where you did kind of a hidden work.

But otherwise if that step still needed to happen, you were still then trying to resolve something as if a cast of 10,000 is needed to make that difference. This is a really interesting way of pointing out how the inner light needs to awaken in order to effectuate something, and that when that comes across then it finds a connection in which it reaches a higher mind quality in which that naturalness, of what can be revealed there, just naturally starts to ensue.

Of course, the meaning of my dream that I just had is apparently what I was reaching to, or trying to touch inside of myself, is seen more spot on than I realize. An elation existed in my dreamworld as a kind of confirmation of getting it.

Something that I used to see myself do once in a great while long, long ago where I’d get on the jazz, so to speak, and things would just flow. And what would come out from inside would just be amazing, and I’d have to sit there in bewilderment and watch that because it was coming from an inner and coming straight out.

Essentially, each person kind of carries their own connection to a type of inner light, and you get it instantaneously. And you don’t have to sort it out with ambiguity. It just comes to you.

With the dream group it was a jerking and a shaking that had a certain uneasiness because it was not something that came down smoothly because everyone was more comfortable kind of sitting in their predicament of things because they were still trying to make this work from their outer to inner mentality and so that part was hard.

This sort of stuff can flow that easily from a naturalness that will just kind of appear, which is already here, but it comes from within and it can’t be figured out in terms of trying to cobble together the collective pieces.
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