The Ego Presence

Burial scenes and chase dreams: what does it all mean? Here, the images from Jeane’s dreams show how what awakens in a person needs to be handled, accepted, or incorporated into the life. Otherwise, fears and resistance from the ego can cause the images to veer off in unexpected ways as a means of offering a deeper answer and understanding. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: One dream I had I just remember a fragment of, it’s like something or somebody and there were other people standing around, but digging in this really rich, brown dirt, and they’re digging these holes. And then they seem to be burying people that are represented by something made out of silver.

I’m kind of observing this, but then I notice that he’s actually killing the people by burying them. So I intervene, make him stop and uncover them. Because it was like he was doing something that was really interesting, but then it seemed to me like he went just too far, so I made him uncover the people so they’d be okay.

That was one dream. I just remember the color of this really rich, brown dirt. It was kind of reddish-brown dirt with the silver.

John: What was the sensation it left you with?

Jeane: Well, the first sensation was kind of interesting because of all of the rich color and the motion of the digging, but then there was a sensation of things went too far and you have to fix them.

John: First of all, the image looks positive because something made out of silver is being hidden or buried in rich dirt. It’s almost like that’s a good trait that’s happening. It’s as if it’s being protected or guarded.

Jeane: Then I make him partly uncover them.

John: Because you don’t know why that is. The theme of the dreaming is trying to figure out why it is that something has to be done. Because we don’t know, we have to try to figure out the answer.

So your reaction to this image in which a part of you, that is catalytic, is being preserved or hidden for safekeeping. Because you don’t know why that is, you actually are reacting to leave it more out in the open – to uncover it so it’s visible.

In other words, it was a strange theme last night in which, for my dreams, I could tell that something was naturally there, but I couldn’t explain why or how or what it meant. So I found myself going from this condition of trying to figure out a solution or a resolution in terms of how to deal with something, which had been prior dreams, days earlier, to now all of a sudden having all the answers provided.

But I don’t know what that means, or why, or how that took place, or where it came from, and so I’m disturbed by that now in that I have to know why, how it works. In other words, it’s like I have the sensation that everything is okay, but I don’t know why and how that is.

And in your particular case you just have the overall presence of an image in which something that is catalytic, that’s made out of silver, is buried in rich soil. It’s safe, it’s secure, but because that seems odd to you that it is like that, you feel you need to take a step back and look at it as opposed to just be in it.

Jeane: I thought that burying it killed something?

John: Yeah, you would think that because that’s kind of how everything is in the outer. If one doesn’t understand everything in the outer, in the overall, then whatever it is that you don’t grasp or understand means that you’re not taking your responsibility over it or something. So you try to take and roll everything over in your hands as a doingness. But that was a prior pattern; that’s not this pattern.

So in this particular pattern, you’ve let go. You’ve allowed what needs to be, to happen, in terms of something precious that is kept safe. This is a shift and because you don’t quite grok [understand] the shift that has occurred, you are feeling that you need to let it be visible again.

And so you’re feeling you need to let it be visible because you’re killing something, but that’s what it’s all about, is to kill the ego presence that gets in the way and causes things to go all astray, that you have the ability to just naturally know what is whole or right in a sensation and you’re able to maintain it, to live it.

And you don’t know why that is, of course, because that’s an image that’s a little bit shocking, because you can’t put your finger on it. Even in the overall you want it to somehow or another be an image that makes more sense.

Me, in the masculine, I need to understand why something is, so I struggle in my way to understand it. In other words, I’ll be damned if I do, damned if I don’t. At one point I’m trying to get something to happen and now all of a sudden it can happen and I’m still not satisfied because I need to know how it is and why it is that it happens.

In your particular case you suddenly see an image that enables something to just be precisely how it should be, in a quietness and a hiddenness, and now you’re disturbed by that because – where did that come from?

Jeane: In my next dream, it feels like maybe I’m living somewhere in the north, and I’ve had a visit from a friend of mine who’s Israeli; he and his wife. I knew them in New York and then they went back to Israel later, but he’s visiting me and you.

And we live somewhere in the north; it’s seems more like New York. He’s visiting and while he’s visiting, some government agents chase him and kill him. And I observe it, so they start chasing me.

First I go down along a dock area, and I seem to hide behind the pillars on the dock, and then, just as the government agents could spot me, I seem to be able to jump from the dock pillars. Suddenly I’m in an orchard, a kind of flowering orchard with pretty white cherry blossoms, and I get away from the government agents that way.

I go to his wife’s house – her family’s house in Israel – which for some reason is more like it’s in Washington, D.C. in relationship to New York in the dream. Just south down the coast would be the way of putting it.

I go to the house and I sneak in the garage door and crawl up into an attic above the garage door and then later crawl down into the house and start looking for people. It seems to be a multi-room house and they’re busy doing other things.

I find a piece of paper on which I can write down what I saw about what happened, but I’m hiding, so the government agents, as they’re observing the house, won’t see me. At first when I get his wife they have trouble believing me what really happened, but I’ve written it down.

And then he seems to be alive again and he’s there, so now I have to hide him, too. I want him to also write down what happened on some notebook paper. It takes me a while to convince him but I finally convince him. He doesn’t want to hide out in his own house, but I know the government agents may come and search.

I find a way to get us back up into the attic. Then I’m trying to figure out how to get us out of there, so I kind of want to get back to where you are, and I get this idea that we have a boat, like a Beachcraft-sized boat, that can sleep several people that no one seems to know we have.

So I figure if we can get to the boat I can go up the coast. You even seem to suddenly show up to help steer the boat, but at first we have to drive it on dry land. It’s in a trailer or whatever going down an alleyway. I even stop at a restaurant that’s closed, but there’s still people sitting around in it.

They have some people there that serve you breakfast early in the morning. I’m thinking about all of this because my thought is that the boat’s perfect – nobody knows we have it and I can take it straight up the coast to where we live.

But the downside of that, if I’ve made a mistake and the government knows we have a boat, it has a GPS and they’ll be able to track us. So what do we do?

John: Because you objected to something being hidden and kept buried, this dream proceeds to show you what happens in that kind of step-back nature. In other words, it’s now at a point where if something visits you, you’re exposed, and you’re now in danger, or something chases or comes after you just like it comes after him. And in the dream you’re trying to flash back and forth over the idea something getting killed even. He gets killed in that one?

Jeane: Yeah, but then he seems to come back to life.

John: Which is another humorous state in that none of this needed to happen, if you would have just allowed something that’s catalytic to be kept hidden and buried and out of sight of things, but because you took a step back and you acted like there was something wrong with that, now you’re compelled to see that in doing that you start this whole reactive thing that goes on.

Now, the thing about it is, it’s a very interesting reactive thing because the whole time that this is occurring you don’t seem to be all that – in most chase scenes you’re more affected by the issue itself. You’re more thrown around. You’re more caught up in it. You’re more lost in it, but in this particular case you seem to just be more ambivalent about what is taking place.

Yes, you have to deal with this, and yes you have to shift around, and wherever you go they seem to be able to find you. The storyline of the dream reflects kind of a nonchalant nature. It’s almost as if you kind of knew better or something, the way it reflects it in such a nonchalant way.

Ordinarily when you have all of this sort of stuff going on, the tendency is to be more concerned about it but it’s almost like this whole dream, and the whole schematic of the dream, is like, well, what do you expect?

And at each stage you’re realizing that you’re getting the answer to something that you didn’t quite have before, that in spite of all of this that happens, nothing gets killed. Which is the same thing as that getting buried in the rich, brown soil. It’s not really killed. That’s just a knee jerk reaction, and as far as the fluidity that it gives you, something is just naturally provided.

I mean, if you need a boat to go somewhere you’ve got the boat. You can go zipping off and go somewhere. In other words, you have access to a flow as needed in order to carry on.

However, because you aren’t quite ready to maintain something in a hiddenness, then you have to look over your shoulder all of the time. It’s almost as if you’re finding that you’re able to go along with the play of that.  In other words, it’s almost as if it’s expected. It’s almost as if earlier in the night you really did understand how something needed to be buried, so now the dream is showing you how all of this other dribble-drabbles about, that you’re just taking it in and watching it as if you kind of know this as the consequences, or something, as opposed to being lost or caught up in it and not really having a good answer.
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