Clearing Things Up

There is the thought, in current spiritual teachings, that the light of the collective has gone out. This speaks of the idea that the human race, as a species, can no longer be awakened – it’s too far off-track. So it is left to individuals to become awakened through their own choice. Jeane’s dream triggers a discussion of what that change may mean, in terms of fundamental, internal, energetic processes. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In this dream it feels like I’m across the room from a couple that I used to know, that led seminars. I’m across a rectangular space, and as I try to go to sleep it feels like I have to move upwards in kind of like a pyramid spiral.

As I do this I’m trying to shed something that’s covering, and so I move around in a spiral going up like in a pyramid; it gets narrower near the top. And I’m shedding something off my hand as I go up. And then I’ll look at what I’ve shed off and then it feels like I go back to the bottom and I start all over again.

This happens three or four times and then I get up there maybe close to one of the last times and it feels like some of this it’s either like it’s being a little directed by the people across the room, or I’m comparing it once I get up there. It feels like once when I’ve made this really great effort, I look down and I see that my right hand is shaped like this copper crab’s claw.

I seem to be getting kind of discouraged by this or tired by this whole process. And then it seems that the couple has suddenly scoped to where they’re right behind me and they’re telling me something about this but I can’t quite hear it.

I have to say this is a couple I don’t entirely trust either, but I’ve been making such an effort to shed off whatever I needed to shed off as I went up in this pyramid shape and then all I have come up with so far is this kind of curved copper claw shape, and it’s kind of discouraging and rather exhausting. I perspire a lot as it happens, but I’m just trying to get to something, but I can’t even hear clearly what it is.

John: That’s a really good way of presenting it – as if something needs to be cleared. And you’re working at it in terms of like a clearative aspect, or an overallness, that you feel. You are trying to eliminate the stigma by taking a quality that just kind of whirls it around or something, that deals with the entire space as if you can lift it. And so you’re attempting to do that, and you’re held back, and you’re attempting to do that, and you’re held back.

It’s kind of a newfound dilemma that tends to exist because there is something in the atmosphere that functions and acts like a stigma over what would ordinarily be something that should be kind of okay.

And you come to the conclusion that you have to somehow or another get this from behind you, and from in front of you, and however it can undulate and move around, you have to somehow or another swirl this up – that you have to change the dynamic. You have to change the chemistry in some fashion in some overall way.

And you’re struggling to figure that out and how to do that. It’s kind of like your overall approach has been one of being able to clear a space, and so this is what you’re trying to do to the situation that you are sensing inside as awkward and out of kilter from the ability of an overall wholeness that is meant to be viable. This sort of thing has got to be just swept away, swept up, absorbed, or something.

It’s an interesting dilemma because in order for something to shift, that’s something that needs to occur. And you have no answer for it yet.

You had something that was sitting out in a space that you could stare out into, and from where you’re at you’re trying to create almost a vacuum or vibratory effect that would somehow or another reconcile that. As you did, you didn’t quite embrace it or pull it in, because it’s almost like it went in front of you when it wasn’t behind you.

It’s almost like maybe something went around and around and tried to create the vacuum effect, but you didn’t quite make it overall enough. But in the swirl it suddenly was in front of you, and it had been behind you, and that’s an image that just indicates that somehow or another you’re not quite able to sweep it in. You’re not quite able to encompass it all.

This is a dream that has an overall context to it: How is it possible for a quality of soul light to be able to be effective in an environment in which something can’t be shifted, in which there is a means of connection that is lacking? It creates a huge uneasiness. You’re dreaming the barrier.

Your dream carries this whole overall motif to it. You’re just working with an overall vortex of energy, finding that you can’t clear it. This whole idea of you being able to clear something has a greater context. It has a context that has to do with the overall. It has to do with the whole. It has to do with being able to shift a kind of light from the inner into the outer, and you’re not able to do it in this dream.

So that creates a major ponder because you should be able to make it work. You have in the past been able to clear something. And yet in your dream last night you couldn’t make it work.

The way I see this when I break this quality down, the part of that that I can reduce into a masculine association is that you’re able to use a manner of this space to let go of things, in terms of how you rapport with yourself. In other words, unlike most people, you can take and you can hear something that might cause emotional reaction or reactivity or something in some fashion, and you’re able to let that be.

Because you’re able to let that be, you can actually access, as an aspect, a type of masculine use of energy. You can just, out of the blue, energetically emote a clarity about something that can be, that makes sense, that isn’t too tight, and isn’t too narrow. And when you do it, you can do it with a quality of a freedom.

That’s kind of how I see this clearative space inside of you having evolved on a masculine energetic trait. Is this how it’s supposed to evolve, because that’s kind of augmenting a succinctness to your light? It’s confusing to me because on one hand I can see that specific succinctness awakening inside of you, and now you have a dream indicating that the whirlwind overallness of clearing a space, and absorbing something, is lacking in terms of your ability of expectation that you ordinarily haven’t had to contend with before, as a problem.

So, is there a shift in here? Is there something that has changed in terms of that quality? This poses a real peculiarity that I have to ponder and wonder. If one takes and factors in that something in the overall is no longer possible, does that mean that something in the individual, in the uniqueness of something that could come together as a specific light sight – is that more accentuated then?

It’s really interesting to wonder about that, where what had been viewed as an essential aspect of what is needed, is now having to go even, so to speak, more inward, and yet at the same time more masculine, because masculine tends to pull something. I guess it does come through from a place that’s really inward as opposed to overall naturally in the outer.

Is it possible that that’s what’s going on? Something is changing. Yes, there may be a dilemma in terms of how you work with the collective, and you’re having to work more in another kind of invisible capacity, but an invisible capacity in relationship to something that comes through as if it’s a type of masculine energy. But it’s an unusual kind of masculine energy because it’s not loud and out in the open. In your case it spins and tries to fix, but it can’t, and yet has to find a clarity for it to work.

This is the dilemma. You have the dilemma from a certain quality of yourself that has gone off in this unique way. You have kind of a collective uprising as part of the shift when they come together like that, and they seem to be all kind of sitting in a type of strange disjuncture and nothing can clear that space. Wow. That’s the dilemma, and you dreamed it. That’s incredible.

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