A New Predicament

Today’s dreams are a continuation from the same night of images explored yesterday (see Clearing Things Up). Here, we see the dilemma deepen, as the masculine and feminine energies seek to come together, but are faced with certain limitations. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In this image I get on an elevator with a man who’s, I guess, in charge of something, and I complain to him about the people in my last dream, that the problem was, although they were seminar leaders, she had a drinking problem she was denying, and he tended to abuse his power by sleeping around. And I object to that.

Then he seems to disappear from the elevator, and the elevator stops. And I know I’m just on a brief break – I have to go back in just a few minutes. I take a step out and, lo and behold, there’s a bush with a bird in it.

I step out of the elevator, outside, and there’s this bush in front of me, and there’s a bird on it. It’s kind of an interesting bird, like a small falcon or something – brownish red feathers and everything – but it’s doing something where it looks bigger than it is, and then it flies towards me.

It kind of seems to land on the wall. It still looks to me like it’s more spread out on the wall than you’d think it would be, and then, when it drops down to the ground, I see it’s actually two birds.

I don’t know if one bird was fighting with the other, or if they were mating, or what they were doing. I can’t figure it out.

John: So how did it start?

Jeane: It started with me getting on the elevator with someone in charge, and complaining about the other two people in my last dream.

John: Oh. So what you’re doing is you’re sorting out what’s keeping something from coming together, and you’re sorting it out as vibratory changes of something different in the energetic. The drunkenness quality, she had a problem with drinking, which is a way of symbolically meaning that she’s indulging or preening in life, and getting a little too carried away about things – and therefore not catching up with something, not seeing what she needs to see.

And he has a habit of taking things for granted, like sleeping around, which means a little too cavalier in the freedom sense of things – not necessarily responsible. The drinking problem is like a doingness, and the sleeping around is like an aloofness, and these are actually qualities of limitation of masculine and feminine.

The feminine can have a doingness that can be interesting and enamoring. You know, loves the sunsets, loves all this sort of thing, and that’s a type of delirium, or type of drunkenness, in its own way. There’s something very fascinating about it, but also it can be a type of drunkenness that has a closeness to it.

And the sleeping around has a distance, has an aloofness, has a lightness, and is more irresponsible, which tends to be a quality of the masculine. That’s what’s the problem in terms this coming together, something coming together to be able to fly, because it evolves into the image of what, two birds?

Jeane: Uh huh.

John: And they’re dying?

Jeane: No, they’re on a bush and I can’t tell. At first I think it’s one bird. I can’t tell what he’s doing. I just think he’s flying towards me but he seems bigger than he is, but then when he’s on the wall fluttering around and falls to the floor I realize there are two birds. But I don’t know if they were mating or fighting, or if one bird was kind of trying to protect the other. I mean, I can’t tell what they were doing.

John: Are you sure there were two birds even?

Jeane: Yeah. I couldn’t tell it until they fell to the floor, because one bird was covering the other.

John: But other than that they were one bird, and so when they come crashing down they’re two birds. But they can be one bird and you saw them as two birds. When they come crashing down there was something the matter then.

Jeane: No, I saw them as one bird, but then they got closer and then I saw them as two.

John: When they got closer you saw them as two. It’s a perception thing. I think it has to come together. They fall to the floor as two, but they look alright as one, right?

Jeane: Well, I couldn’t tell for sure.

John: When you got closer when you tried to examine it they’re two. So the drinking problem and the sleeping around, they’ve got to come together somehow or otherwise they fall to the floor.

You’re asking two things like that to happen, and they don’t make sense how that happens. That’s what’s wrong in the other aspect of your dream. You’re trying to whirl and do this, that, or the other, and you have these two energetics that are off.

One is sleeping around, and the other is a drunkenness, and the drunkenness is the delirium in creation, and the sleeping around is the aloofness. The drunkenness can be a kind of intimacy and beauty, and the sleeping around is an awe, it’s an aloofness, and yet they come together. That’s what’s wrong.

Well, I saw it differently than that. Not differently, but in a different symbolic way of seeing it.

And then all of a sudden I see this star, this flash blue light, and suddenly there’s communicated through this flash of blue light like a voice, and it’s like a voice of a higher self.

And it again says something that almost sounds like an opposite; portraying it opposite to how I would be inclined to look at it. The voice says, “You have a fear of losing.” I have a fear of gaining. That’s all there was and so you sit and you ponder that.

You have a drunkenness and sleeping around quality dilemma. It’s interesting. That’s the dilemma by which you pull the masculine into yourself. That’s why you have all these dreams and images: You go through kind of a sleeping around energetic weirdness, in the masculine, that’s an aloofness that you see in that way as if that has a freedom. It doesn’t of course.

A drunkenness is a closeness that’s like trying to find a freedom, but it sits in an amnesia. A fear of losing is trying to keep something going, keep pulling something through. In fear of gaining, his barrier is to keep something from happening. Very strange thing.

Both of those are telling about something that is a dilemma, in terms of trying to sort out this. That has to make sense somehow for it to happen, because it doesn’t quite make sense, it sits as a dilemma.

How do you reconcile a fear of losing and a fear of gaining and have something okay? How do you reconcile a drunkenness with the sleeping around? Wow. The masculine element sleeping around is too aloof, and it has a certain waywardness about it, and the feminine quality has a certain amnesia, and therefore it can’t pull something, it can’t see the signs, because it’s in creation, because it’s amnesic, and it’s drunken.

And like that the bird crashes down – it’s two birds – crashes down, when it objectively looked like it was one bird, but it’s really two birds crashing down because of that condition.

And I have two principles warring against each other to a quality of losing and a quality of gaining, going back and forth, keeping a delusion up. And then they’re broken apart. How they come together is a whole other question. They come out of the blue light like that.

So we’ve got a new adventure we’re figuring out. I didn’t get much rest on the last one. How this other suddenly started to make sense, and now we’re kind of in a new predicament.

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