The Hearing Center

The imagery of Jeane’s dreams points out the aspect of hearing during a dream, which can come as actual speaking voices or as an inner knowing. It is just such an inner guidance that can give us confidence in the direction we are heading. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Before I went to bed last night I was watching the Masterpiece Theater. The period piece setting wound around the early 1900’s.

And so when I went to sleep I continued dreaming about that time period, because the thing about that time period is that there were so many changes occurring that people could actually move out of class roles that they had.

So what I’m dreaming about is that there’s a chauffeur that suddenly discovers that maybe he can change professions, you know, like women suddenly are going to get to vote. They can move around more. I’m observing these changes, and for a while it’s just that, observing that this person can do this now that he couldn’t do before – that sort of thing.

Then it feels like I had phoned someone and made an appointment. It’s almost like I don’t know if it’s someplace I’m going to go, or stay, but I hadn’t confirmed it, and it’s getting time to go there.

You’ve picked me up and we’re getting ready to drive. There’s a road, a kind of narrow road, that goes down along some trees to the waterfront, or wherever this place is that I’m going.

John: It’s like a second dream, and it may be repeating the first dream but using a different scenario. Because in the first dream, basically what you’re doing is you’re taking an octave off of what has been a theme of the previous night, and you’re finding that, however the characteristic and trait is, inside of yourself, where you may have been this or may have been that – it can evolve into something different. It can be about something different. It could come together in a different cohesive manner.

Part of the dreaming last night was in terms of finding the linkage and the connection of things, in terms of how an energetic can actually then come out of a disequilibrium and find a cohesion. And so the first step of your dreaming is to be able to see that that which is kind of one way, can actually change, and shift, and take on a mannerism, and a means, and an expression.

In other words, it can grow out of one way of being and evolve into yet another way of being. Which is very similar to the idea of being able to clear a space from a distance, and then suddenly not quite able to touch the overall in all of that sequence anymore, but then have a natural sight about what can be there instead, a substitute. When the clearing is at another level of depth, but then the sudden sight about a situation is now at a greater succinct closeness, it brings something directly through. And so you don’t quite have the amnesia of the clearing, which was effective as an amnesia, because you let go of it that way.

You’ve actually pulled something more precisely through, so it’s changed, and has gone into an octave in which you don’t even really necessarily realize it, where you have just a natural sight about something that wasn’t there before.

Well, this particular dream then is taking an octave of that and showing that you shouldn’t find any alarm or shock to noting that something can just naturally evolve and can be one way and then that can evolve into something else. There’s something interesting about that and so then your second dream is doing what now?

Jeane: The second dream, it’s like I’ve made a reservation somewhere but I haven’t confirmed it and it’s the day I’m supposed to arrive there so I know it’s important to get there. Well, you’re driving, and we have to kind of go over to a little peninsula and then you drive along, it’s almost like palm trees or something, and then you turn right, and you drive along this little road. And then it will emerge eventually at a harbor area or something where the hotel is.

Well, I know this timing is kind of tricky. So it’s time to make the right turn, and suddenly you start dithering like, “I’m not sure this is the road,” or this or that. And so I snap at you because it’s like, “Excuse me, we just need to get going down this road.”

And at the same moment it’s like I can hear that the hotel or whatever is calling because they haven’t heard for a confirmation on the reservation, and they’re going to cancel it if we’re not there. They haven’t canceled it, I don’t think, but I know it’s just important to get there.

John: So you’ve taken and you’ve done the same thing that I did. In other words, you’re trying to take and pull together a cohesiveness of energy, so that the expression of a flow of something is disorienting, and discombobulated, and imbalanced, and misaligned as it would normally be. So part of that is to know where you belong, or what part you hear of yourself, that you know is clearly you.

You have taken and, first of all, in the first part of your dream, you have seen some aspect of yourself capable of shifting and evolving to reveal something important. Well, what is important is the succinctness to a hearing center that enables you to know where you’re calling, or orders, or flow needs to go. And so as you do that, as you’ve made that shift, which is more masculine, I, in the dream, have shifted to trying to dither or be in this overall space, and it doesn’t feel right.

Well, you have the clarity of a masculine, an insight of a masculine, and not only do you know that it should be done, but you know that it has been designed that way. It’s been pent up, it’s been held, it’s been placed, it’s meant to unfold, and now you get it.

When you didn’t get it you could kind of be more easygoing and relaxed, and just see how things went and maybe have a little uneasiness if the flow was a little off. But when you really do kind of get something it creates a succinctness in the knowingness that’s not to be denied.

In other words, the order of everything else in relationship to that seems to be askew, almost as if you’re vacuum connection, that sees the target straightaway, is so acute that everything else by comparison kind of loses its imagery or semblance and, yes, it can get like that.

You’ve put it together by taking your overallness and connected to a knowingness that comes through you, that is like a type of masculine trait. And how that works in relationship to this more natural lilt, that just kind of hung out before more amnesic, is kind of the part that I’m playing or representing in the dream.

This is a dream that is adding to what took place last night where a certain kind of way of clearing something, or holding something, in the overall has evolved to a shifted aspect of your being where you have a natural knowingness. And now that natural knowingness has come under command, has come into such a succinctness that it operates.

This actually is something that can be seen as a quality of light that shifts time and space. In other words, you can’t tell the distance and you can’t tell the time. In other words, you don’t know what era you’re in even. Even all of that can get shimmery. You’re describing that almost like that, only you’re using the example where nothing – no dithering, nothing – could stand in the way because you could tell that it’s beckoning, it’s calling, it’s something that’s been determined, and there’s no equivocation any longer. There’s no confusion any longer.

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