The Key is You

In terms of symbolism, a key is one of the most universal. In Jeane’s dream, a car park in a forest leads to the question of who has the key? (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: This morning’s dreams, the first one I remember, I find myself parking my car in a parking lot in the forest. And it’s kind of a small circular parking lot in the forest. But then once I’ve parked the car, I notice I have to get the valet key to lock it, which tells me that actually the car had already been parked, and I must have come and gotten it, and then driven it back. Because obviously the main key is with someone else.

John: You’re having complicated dreams. I mean, that’s an interesting dream, too.

It’s like having a perception that has a reverb in it, which means that your perception goes along, and then reverbs or vibrates back, or amnesically loses a remembrance. Which means that it does that because it has a confusion in relationship to how it sees itself and its own sight or connectivity.

It’s like if you had a clarity that saw something straightaway, the memory and everything would be right there. But if there are things that affect that clarity, because you had doubts, or you have issues that you think you need to sort out or something like that, then you short yourself out. Then you’re deviating back into something that has a personal aspect to it.

There you’re dropping the linkage to the whole, and there you’re assuming that something is separate from yourself, or that you’re separate from the whole, which is usually the case. In other words, that’s how you tend to see it usually – that you’re in some capacity separate. And if you’re in some capacity separate it’s the same thing as giving up a certain authority or power of your inner being.

Because you aren’t separate; you’re part of the whole. And as a consequence of you doing that, and having this yo-yo affect that goes back and forth and back and forth, that should know itself in the wholeness, but then keeps seeing itself in the separateness, you develop this reverb in the energy in which you can’t remember – you’re not staying abreast of the flow.

In other words, you’re losing the recognition of how something is designed to unfold – and you can have an awareness of it – and because you doodle back to something that’s bugging you or bothering you, you give up the energy of the intertwined recognition that you have.

It’s like going from an element of a type of consciousness, to a flashback, or I should say a huge kind of step back, to where you don’t quite get it anymore. And then you try to take it from where you don’t quite get it anymore, to remembering something. Well, how can you remember something? Because whenever you take and do that sort of thing, where you veil yourself with a mannerism, that’s when you lose the sight that was there.

This dream is actually kind of similar to the dreams you were dreaming last night (see The Hearing Center), in that the subject matter seems to be: What are the traits, or qualities, or characteristics, that one carries on an energetic imbalance? And it’s an energetic imbalance in which you still buy into relating to something separate from yourself.

Well, I guess what it’s doing is it’s showing you the consequences of doing that, that it causes you to lose the naturalness that you carry and automatically know. Because the pristineness of that is a quality that just sees and knows. And when you take and shock yourself with something else as being valid, and a separate thing for you to have to contend with, that blurs and veils what you were experiencing, when it was all open and free.

Jeane: I also say the dream kind of shows us that we’re usually given a key that will show us what the truth is; it reminds us.

John: Well, you had the key at the very beginning, but then you lost the key so the issue is how is it that you lost the key?

Jeane: I never lost the key. I just lost what the reality was. The key that was there reminded me of what the reality was.

John: It reminded you that you have to hold the center in yourself, because you always have the key. It’s not something that gets deferred. And in deferring, it caused you to forget where it was, because you always had it.

In other words, you took a step back and identified it as something going on that is separate from yourself, and therefore you forgot your overall remembrance of the key, the overall knowingness that the key is you.

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