The Spark That Resets

Here is a wonderful example of how universal themes can emerge from seemingly mundane dream images. Here, the image of combining leftovers from a group meal creates a new meal, emblematic of the light of individuals joining to become an aliveness in the Whole.


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John: Well, in my dream I’ve gathered with a number of people. They’re all very accomplished or talented people in their own right. It’s like maybe are all athletes or they’re all something. In other words, they each carry a certain demeanor.

We’ve gathered for a meeting, and I’m not sure exactly what our meeting is about, but I notice that we each order a separate meal. After the meal, those who haven’t eaten everything, from that, there’s a piece here and a piece there of food that gets consolidated onto a plate and then it’s wrapped up in tinfoil or something, like somehow we as a group are going to take it with us, but I’m not exactly sure how that’s going to be.

I look at this and it’s like a complete meal in and of itself, yet it came together from a collage of what wasn’t eaten off of other plates, like certain people didn’t like the broccoli or whatever it was, because it had its own complete section of vegetable, and complete section of this, and complete section of that.

As we’re sitting there, because we’ve had our meeting, and it’s a quiet moment before maybe we disband, or go our separate ways, I take and I roll back the wrappings on this meal to look at it, and I start sampling or eating a little of this, and one of the others jokes at how ridiculous it is. It’s almost as if that should taste bad or something, but it doesn’t taste bad. Maybe it’s the concept that you have to do your own thing.

And the meaning of the dream is that the energetic of each that comes together as one, which is appreciated, in terms in this dream, of the inner connected union that is able to relate back and forth, has an overflow that rubs off.

And that overflow that rubs off is like a light in the outer, or an aspect of the macrocosmic heart, because we all started with our own individual unique talent and came together and, of course, each nourished ourselves in our own way at the meal. But from that is a plate that’s a composite of everything, and I’m able to appreciate that.

Now, most people look at it in the separate way and think oh, that’s ridiculous to be eating something that’s somebody else’s, or picked over, or whatever, and I actually, in doing it, find that it is refreshing or overjoying, because it’s bits and pieces of it all. What I notice is that what each person actually offers is incredible, but what makes the whole joyous and exciting is the overflow byproduct – the result of the union – that which can be found that rises up from the coming together, and that is what is exquisite.

On the surface that may even seem strange, because the general tendency, when a person is through, is to act as if you each go your own separate way again. Meaning that it comes together and then it leaves and there is nothing left that continues.

But what I’m noticing is that what feeds each of us – the byproduct of this coming together that has a quality of aliveness that feeds each of us  – lives on in the consciousness. It awakens something. Something mushrooms out of it that arises, or rubs off, like an aliveness and this is a rich freedom and joy that exists independent, yet it is intertwined from the coming together.

In other words, it’s like a byproduct or an aliveness that has a life of its own. It’s like something that mushrooms up as a composite. You might say each of us can look separate and be talented and maybe have our own ego nature of our own, coming together, but the result of that is something that’s really new, refreshing, and enriching. And there is a real heartfulness in being able to tap that, and there’s no restrictions to it. It’s not like there’s a karma or barriers or anything, to what this is that is separate, yet it’s intertwined as a bit of each of our beingness, and it’s individually unique and collectively whole.

What is really going on here? What’s this about? You know, because in terms of feeling the vibration of it you actually appreciate that more so than the fact of everybody coming together. You appreciate the result, kind of the reciprocal of all of that, which continues, which is left over.

What is that? Well, from the collaboration of our own lights coming together, the result that remains, between, at the end, that is the light of the world reflected anew. So that’s how it works. The light of the old has to go out because it’s screwed up, and people can come together in terms of their own light, and that light feeds upon other lights, and a reciprocal result of all of that is what carries an aliveness, is what carries a joyousness.

Each individual in and of themselves has a kind of a clarity. They don’t get any feedback from the outer, but when they come together in a depth of their own light clarity, with other like light-clarity minded individuals that have their own perception and sight in terms of how something is to unfold for them, the result of that is an aliveness in between, and that aliveness in between rises up almost as an effortless vibration.

It’s easily discountable and disregardable because each person ordinarily would be inclined to be paying attention to their own motif, but if you pay attention to the result, that is where the joy is, that’s where the excitement is, that’s where the aliveness is, and that’s how the new light of the world arises and comes into being. It’s no longer something that is sitting, kind of percolating in the Whole. It’s findable. It’s as if the whole has gotten smothered, and yet the light of the individuals coming together, what arises out of them coming together, is the spark that resets things.
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