Being In Function

As we develop, it is common to be confronted by our ability, or inability, to truly let go to something greater than ourselves. In Jeane’s dream, she is testing the waters of a deeper level of letting go. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I remembered one little part of a dream. I’m in a large room where we must all sleep together and visit.

I was sitting on the edge of a double bed, and someone is coming around the room and checking everybody’s… these cards that we have, that are something between a social security card and a Visa card. And my card had been left to me by the last person. It has the name of someone else on it because they’ve left it to me to use now because they’ve left.

Anyway, the person that’s going around checking all the cards, apparently if your card is constructed in a certain way when you go to buy things, you don’t have to sign, or come up with any other ID or anything. You can just use that card. And I seem to be the only one in the room who has that kind of a card, even though I got it from someone else.  

John: The difference between my dream (see The Spark That Resets) and this dream, is my dream takes and starts and looks at everything as if the uniqueness and the quality of a light has accentuated itself to the point where it then, when it comes together, offers something in terms of holding its own space as a light. But the composite of that coming together, where you would think that the result would be each of them would go off then just in their own space, the actual effect is that there’s something that comes together and twines and creates an after effect, in which that then is the aliveness.

It’s a composite of the focus and the clarity of each individual in terms of how they’ve broken through and been able to contend and relate from an inner aspect of themselves, into the outer. And that composite has an aliveness.

In your particular case you’re just starting with the general overall, and you’re finding yourself as having accessed an identity that surprises you, like it was left behind or whatever it is. It surprises you because you’re accustomed to thinking that everything has to come from something that is very separately and personally oriented.

So you’re working with the recognition that there is a way that you can function, and it might be a little bit discombobulating to one’s ego. One can function in relationship to absorbing or taking on the qualities and aspects and vibrations of another and, technically speaking, that is what a teacher kind of does.

They’re able to work with the student because they’re able to put the student into their own heart, and therefore they come to grips with the misalignments, and the peculiarities, and the oddities and awkwardness, that that person is going through, which are keeping them misaligned and all a jumble from being able to open up a connection to the light.

So, if the light of the whole is out, does that mean that you have to somehow or another be doing your own thing? You know, it’s kind of like you’re just hanging fire in your own capacity.

No, that doesn’t mean that at all, because you can’t change the fact that the light that you’re composed of and a composite of the Whole, of everything that exists. And as a composite and Whole of everything that exists, to the degree to which you’ve caught up with, and yet are able to let go of, any light that comes through you, that is you, and are able to see yourself in others, or, as the saying would go, be able to put them into your heart.

That is a way in which you find that you’re able to function. And it’s a functioning that might seem a little strange to you because one’s always accustomed to bicycling around as if they themselves are unique and separate from it all. And in your particular case you’re seeing that there is a way of being; in the dream you don’t quite identify the enthusiasm of it, like in my dream I found that to be exciting, really joyful, and who would have guessed that that is a real dynamic?

And your dream in terms of sensing and feeling the overall, you’re probably not going to sense it as dynamic and refreshed, because you’re not bringing in that masculine element or something that has to go off on its own individualistic, accentuated quality so much. Instead you’re just noticing that the qualities and characteristics of those around you, you can take in, and it isn’t going to hurt you.

It reminds me of a trait that the teacher applied where you can take and if you listen to someone for five minutes, and you just let yourself go and you don’t judge, and you don’t think, because somehow or another, however it is that they are, that normally you would have kept some barrier or quirk about them separate because of the nature of how they are. If you don’t stir that and use that veil as a differentiation, you find that you can be their identity. You can live in that identity too.

So what? The key is the letting go. And if you’re able to do that, in each and every instance of everything that is out there, that is a graciousness, and a compassion, and a Wholeness, because you’re actually able to let go.

And it’s like a type of losing one’s self, and in that process, you actually catch up that way to everything. In your dream it’s like you see this almost as, how can this be? Should I be concerned because it’s such a surprise. But it’s only a surprise because we don’t relate to the inner traits any longer, we relate to the outer reflections.

And so we keep pushing off and maintaining the distinctions. And in your dream you somehow or another are finding yourself noticing that there is this part that you see, which is okay, which means you’ve let go or dropped the distinction. And that’s a feminine way of doing it, in terms of the Whole, just like what I described is kind of a masculine way of doing it in terms of a spark.

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