Functioning From Within

Shifting our way of being from responding and reacting to the outer world, to responding to a guidance from within, is truly fundamental in the journey away from the apparent separateness of ego identity, toward becoming a part of the connected Wholeness. Today’s dreams delve into this struggle. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: The dream I had, what I remember of it, it was like there was an energy that would come down. It came down straight like a line, but at an angle, and then it would refract off. It would hit below and refract off.

The energy was alien but it would set something off, and so then we would be trying to figure that out, I think. I just can’t remember that much of it, but it was followed by a little image and in that image it’s like maybe you had visited your family. And you had a shirt, and in the pocket of the shirt you found a folded piece of paper, and I saw it was a message from your father but maybe it’s kind of a hidden message because people just think it’s a piece of paper that you had.

But I can see on the back of it there’s some writing, even though it looks like an address and a number, but I know it’s a message from your dad.

John: We’re both playing with the same thing, and that is: how the energetic needs to be. What is off, what is not working, in your first dream, is the dependency of an energy coming down that takes and awakens and keeps something viable and alive, and a person has gotten dependent upon it being like that, only the energy is refracting off. It’s not coming through.

What the dream is indicating is that the normal flow that one has to work with, or depend upon, is not properly reaching the source, in terms of the ability to flow creatively. And when situations get like that they spin more and more reflectively out of control, and less and less connectively within.

It’s really, really important that one connects within and goes to an inner depth, because you can’t subsist any longer trying to take and be balanced from the situations that exist out there because there isn’t the customary usual feeding type flow that comes in.

That is what your first image is doing, and the second image is indicating, and was your way of pointing out, that there is a guidance or a knowing that one has, as a light that comes through from some place at a deep inner depth inside them, and that unless you are connected to that, unless you find that, unless you hold that, unless you honor that you have something like in the first image. You will end up with a situation in which you’re guessing, in which you’re acting but don’t have the ability to make a proper access, and therefore you become depleted. You get depleted and your energetic is drawn out and worn out by the reflective conditions around you.

The oddity of something like this is that the only thing that measures this is the heart, and the heart has to have a longing or a yearning that pulls for something to be a particular way because the mind and the senses, this never makes any sense to the mind or the senses. The mind or the senses bifurcate off of the energetic in terms of how they go into the outer and deal with the reflections, but the heart doesn’t.

The heart starts with an overall and finds that the mind and the sense is limited to a narrowing, and if you’re trying to function by way of connecting to a transmission that is bifurcated and not there, to where you’re only thinking that you’re getting the memo. In other words, the feminine nature is such that it sits in a world in which it has gotten accustomed to having the energetic come down and awaken things.

But that awakening that is happening around in terms of appearances is bifurcated, it’s off, but there is an inner light that one can have – when you look at the second dream – that one needs to be careful to stay attentive to. And if you stay attentive to that then something will be okay.

What you’re doing is the scenario that’s triggering these kinds of dreams is you realize that I’m kind of going away, and what I’m going away into is something that has its own different separate kind of reflective energy. And you kind of know that that is bifurcated in some fashion, but I’ll be okay if I hold to the heartful inner energy, which is like my father’s energy.

But this is your dream so you’re using me as an example of what you have to do to hold onto something inside you, that you have to find that inner linkage that feeds you and exist there because the energy coming down and through, that you may have been able to get along with in the past is bifurcated, it is distorted, and therefore not giving you what you need.

Now, my dream describes more in detail as to why that is.

I’ve been seeing this and not understanding what it meant before when I would see myself like on a job and kind of lost in the job and not remembering what it is I was supposed to do and where’s the foreman and where’s all of that. This time when it repeats I actually get it because now I see why it’s like that. There’s something that’s been dissipated or lost.

So this starts off where I’m in a warehouse where the shelves of product are getting empty and I’m losing my memory all the time, or as the time keeps progressing, in terms of what should be on each of the shelves in terms of the large pallets of wood that stock the shelves.

In other words, what we have is we have these huge shelves or bins that hold pallets of various sized wood and ordinarily if you’re really, really connected to this place you’re connected to something in which those shelves are full and also you know a means that if they need to be filled, what goes where.

In this dream, because somehow or another I am not making the proper connection to that linkage, that part that I use as a resource base, I find that what I am doing is I’m taking certain sized wood and loading it off to one side. And those piles that I make, as time keeps progressing, they keep getting smaller and smaller and less and less stable because I’m starting off with one set of confidence, but I’m not able to sustain it because somehow or another I’m going back and forth getting disoriented as to where I’m finding what I need.

As a consequence, I’m getting less and less done, and more and more black workers are being hired and they walk around with their shirts off and I’m told that they are the real deal, meaning that they would be good hard workers that seem to be able to stick to the basics and know what it is that needs to be done, and I seem to be pretty drifty. They can work harder. They are more consistent than I am. I don’t have any direction anymore. I know that this can’t continue. There’s no supervisor around. Eventually I will become helpless at this rate.

The meaning is I’m becoming less and less capable of self motivation, and am relying more and more upon subjectively feeling my way around. That’s why I’m dreaming this dream. This too only goes so far. You can’t just subjectively feel your way around.

In your dream, of course, the energy coming down is bifurcated, and so in your dream if you’re going somewhere to do something you have to have an inner linkage or you’re in real trouble now, because why is that? That’s the means to hear and to remember. The energetic for that is not found in an outer way.

The dream is showing me that I am losing the inner connection from which this is all made known. I lack the inner guidance that is there and then I’m losing the connection to what it is, and what it is that I should be doing, and when I should be doing it, and how I should be doing it, and where I am to find things because I can’t find them reflectively and I got to know that they’ve got to be built there as a resource that just sits there inside me in an unlimited capacity.

So I become more and more dissipated in terms of the inner condition, is what I’m seeing, because the thing’s on the shelves. I shouldn’t have to load those things on the shelf. I just need to support their existence there because they are naturally somehow there.

It’s the part of me that I don’t know that is the real deal, that takes and has the handle on the shelves, and product that fills the place up, from which I can then take and do my thing. But only if I have full access to shelves that are full of product in this warehouse, as opposed to the shelves getting empty.

What the dream is saying is that there is a means or a mechanism or connection inside that is dissipating and this is a dream that is after the program, which means that the program builds you up to a degree and then you kind of slide from that, and as you slide from that the shelves go empty and then pretty soon you’re caught in not knowing how to flounder your way around.

In other words, a heartfulness is needed to link me to the inner space or inner source. Without this I slowly fall back more and more onto a delirium of not really having a good way of knowing what I’m doing. The best I can do is reflections with a memory shot, and no guidance, and no listening center.

The scenario of that of course is the dissipation that happens when you just sit back and you don’t have that real deep connection that you had at the program, where you suddenly got full and then as you’re sitting back you’ve been adjusted and pointed in terms of the means upon which you need to be at this point in time, attuned to that, and that’s at that space where the inner turns into the outer. And so instead if you’re sitting there thinking that you could somehow mutate from that, and that other is just going to be there amnesically, you find out that something goes whacky in terms of how you feel your own heart and it is the heart that you have to hearken to.

It’s the heart that you have to pay attention to. You can’t have your attention focused into the outer and how the outer looks and responds and is because that will just take you into a type of delirium because, as much as it wants to know, and thinks that it knows – it doesn’t know.

We exist at a point in time where everything has to come from this empty space. And, also, as a scenario for the future is I’m going into a situation in which those I will be with, like Rick, who is going to give me a ride to the airport and my mother that will be there, they’re all going to be acting out upon outer reflections and my challenge will be to reside in the inner in order to be able to sort out what needs to be done and what can be done.

Look to the inner, feel the inner, hear from the inner, as the place for heartfelt inflection, and not get caught up in any of the outer nuances.

In other words, function from within, the aspect of my own light, in terms of how I hear it. Otherwise I’ll be pulling from the outer reflections and I can never do that anymore. I can’t be doing that because that just depletes the shelves to the point where you’re in a total delirium – and what a strange feeling you get when you don’t have that connection to reside in.


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Neither Attached Nor Detached

Yesterday, Jeane’s dream explored the idea of struggling to hold an inner space where something new could unfold – when the time comes (see The Interval Before Manifestation). Today, John’s dream explores the same territory, yet from a location of stability in being able to not be swayed by the push and pull of energetic, and societal, changes.

(At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In my dream, at one point I remembered the details as I looked at two energies going on at the same time, that basically have opposite effects – especially if you’re to view these opposite effects as a sensation in which the determination inside you is one way or another, kind of a setness.

But in this dream, I just recognize that the two effects are going on simultaneously and that in one sense, where something is expansive, it’s like you’re able to be offered something rather than taking the blow of something being overly expansive, and in the other way, where something is contractive, you’re not lost in the contractiveness to where you’re hurt that way either.

In other words, in my dream this wasn’t confusing to me. I was able to be turned first one way or the other, it didn’t matter, or turned both ways simultaneously. I took both extremes as simply being the way things are. I kind of pondered inside myself but not really. I mean, I just noted the distinction that if a person isn’t fluid in their being, such a lifestyle in the world would be disconcerting. For me it was what I had to adjust to and my being responded accordingly: I could do both directions.

The meaning is that I am describing a condition based upon just the inner vibration and being at ease with the inner vibration then the ways that things unfold, or the degree to which things are thrown around, don’t seem to hold sway or to have me definitively reactive one way or the other in some sort of cause and effect reactivity.

So in the dream in which I’m experiencing both up and down, or expansive/contractive, simultaneously, I’m able to see myself shift as the circumstances require. But I also know that for most people such a reality will drive them crazy.

I can see how it could be difficult to me, but I just seem to have a natural way with it. And that’s why I’m able to note that, that I’m able to be something that wouldn’t ordinarily make sense to other people because it’s a way in which the mind in the outer has to go both directions simultaneously, which means that a person who is attached to set ideas and approaches would be very disturbed because this isn’t rational from a linear perspective in terms of outer life.

Thus a person caught up in any outer mannerism in some mental, spiritual, or ego way is going to be experiencing, and noting this, as a very disturbing and problematic condition. But for those able to be fluid, adaptable, and accepting, such a person can shift and adapt and go with the changes and the flow, not having to take them on in any one particular way that they have to be and, therefore, don’t have to suffer the stigma and nuances that are prevalent with those who have to have some set way or another.

In times like this the potentialities, the opposites are… there’s a term for those. In Chinese spiritualities they’re called Yin and Yang, light and darkness, but both expand and contract simultaneously in terms of what an individual is able to experience from within. And when you reach a time like this where the darkness aspect of things is able to intensify, as if everything is broken down and that there is no set order, its corollary, in light, also magnifies.

And so this can be a time of great steps forward in inner spiritual consciousness; not necessarily outer, but inner, which is when the individual’s conscious life is able to constellate with the opposite because it is okay with it. It’s okay in both ways. It’s neither holding onto one or the other.

But in the outer collective, this is an effect with extreme consequences because the expanse is taken in as being something more than what society can handle, on a reflective level, and the contractive, of course, is technically viewed like the flipside of the coin, the same way.

So systems fail and yet there is a way of being with that and not having to suffer. But those who are set and have to appreciate it in one way or another, in terms of how they take it in, the reflections that they receive will lack the inner grace, will not know how to sit in this as you’re meant to sit – neither attached nor detached in any regard.

Those who have no other reality other than what exists in the outer, the breakdown of the social, economic, and natural order of the environment, which means even Mother Nature can be acting up and so on, will find things to be most confusing, disorienting, painful. And the one thing that they should be able to do, or should be doing, but aren’t able to do, is staying in that inner interval or space that is expressed in terms of the breath as being the place where the in-breath turns into the out-breath, at a place where nothing in creation has a fixed hold upon one’s being.

And that a person simply adjusts, as need be, if they find themselves in creation but are also in this interval, and when you’re in that interval you feel the connection to your need, you are therefore able to fluidly go this way or that way without being hurt.

In other words, expansively, contractively, simultaneously… you know, whatever is going on just doesn’t have a deep touch or hold upon you. Those caught up in the outer, though, take this in too literally and do not know how to do both simultaneously, do not have the flexibility, the fluidity, or ability to relate to the heartfelt love and beauty within, where there is a protection and state of inner grace, because you’re in a point where things have to just wait.

It’s the interlude between one step and the next. And for a person who is able to reside naturally in the inner/outer by embracing the nothingness that is everything that exists in creation, means that the interval where the in-breath turns to the out-breath there is a naturalness and an emptiness from which manifestation actually manifests naturally – but from the seed of the latent opera, which hasn’t yet happened, so things sit without a light.

And at this interval a person is at the creative epicenter of the light harboring that which is yet to be in the inner emptiness, that is meant to come from this inner emptiness and nothingness, as an all encompassing vibration that touches all of life. To reside here is to be at total ease with the expansive/contractive, or inflation/deflation, because there is nothing going on that is absolute yet as destined or predetermined in manifestation and creation, that is predesigned and is the precursor for a new era.

In other words, the precursor hasn’t yet been released, which it would be when the out-breath comes into play. The danger of this space, if viewed from the perspective of the outer, is that there is no fabric to the collective order from which a person can reflectively seek solace. Everything is subject to change at any given moment because there is no connection for the collective consciousness to turn to or shift or evolve.

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The Interval Before Manifestation

Things are changing. Energies on the planet are shifting. These current times require a different approach, and part of that approach is in finding a location inside ourselves that can hold an emptiness where something new can unfold. We are poised in time, similar to the moment when one wave recedes from the shore, yet before the next wave comes in. In this interval, we must hold an openness and inner balance while we await further instructions. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: This dream takes place in the jungle, and it feels like because we watched science fiction movies yesterday, aliens have invaded. And so different groups are hunting each other in the jungle.

And one of the things that we do, we’re a small group of people, is we go out as kind of like a decoy. And so we’ll have a few people out there in the jungle and then you kind of try to entice the other side to attack you and you capture them – if you don’t get captured yourself.

The problem is that if you’re out there in the jungle, and you’re either being the decoy or you’re being the group attacking them, they may end up being friendlies, in which case you can join together and be stronger, or they’ll be aliens in which case there’s a battle.

Sometimes some people can morph to look like the opposite of what they are, and so the first two times I have the dream we’re friendlies, and if other people attack us who are like us then we can join together, and if the aliens attack us we can entice them in and do battle,

But then the third time I dream the dream, the people that look like us are actually aliens that have disguised themselves. But I seem to know this right away, and so I guess that’s one of those skills you have to know, that no matter what it looks like you have to know what they really are.

John: Which is the condition of things in the outer when people are confused and lost. In other words, they can look one particular way, but what they really understand and consciously are able to take in, is something entirely different.

And so you’re finding that you’re having to cope with life in which that which is relatable is something in which there’s a similitude, or an intertwining, that has to do with the way you are able to find yourself and feel yourself in relationship to the Whole.

And so as you proceed in what is kind of a mayhem of energetics in the Wholeness of life, you’re able to tell that which is expansive and adds something to you, which is like a friendly, and that which may look like you and may seem like you, but isn’t yet quickened or awakened to be able to respond or to integrate and thus is, and can have, the sensation of being like an enemy. Or you can have the compassion and recognition that they just are what they are and that you are able to function in a different space, so that you’re not affected by them.

In other words, the dream is having you look at the contrast of how something can, in one regard, connect and link and be touched, and in another regard be something that is hostile and foreign or alien.

The difference basically is, in terms of looking at this being sides of yourself, the difference is the degree to which you are able to hold onto that interval or space that has a connection with all that exists in an undifferentiated manner. That interval and space is where the inner turns to the out-breath.

To the degree to which you don’t, on an energetic level, hold onto that space, you see yourself then as having to figure out who the friendlies are, and who the hostiles are. And you see yourself as in a universe, or world of energy, in which you hold yourself in such a way so that you draw things to you, and sort it out that way, or you go the opposite direction and you proceed out, and reach out, to touch or to poke things and in each interval you have to quickly be on guard if it is something that is foreign or alien.

It may look like you, but isn’t able to be like you. This is also your way of being able to see in life that, energetically speaking, where there is a cohesion that can come together as if light recognizes light, or likeness recognizes likeness, and the dilemma of this dream is that there’s actually a space in which none of that needs to affect you one way or another.

That is the overall space, true, and it is what exists out there. And of course it would be extremely confusing if you were having to understand this strictly based upon the reflections in which what you’re able to sort out and understand over here, will not make any sense in terms of what is happening next over there, and that all of this will be most confusing in terms of looking at it in terms of social, economic, or spiritual.

To make sense out of it, you have to be at the point where whatever there is that’s in existence, or in manifestation, is just acceptable to you because you sit in this interval before manifestation, or a setness, is able to take in, which is the interval between in-breath and out-breath.

It’s in this area of a nothingness or emptiness from which everything is essentially created, but then there is this moment in this interval where the switch, or the change agents, the evolution, however you want to say that, is not yet designed, or set forth.

And so when it’s like that, if you’re able to be in this space, you can be turned this way or that way, expanded or contracted, hit by light or dark, and be able to just go with the flow without your mind getting caught up in whether this is right or wrong, or whatever the usual nuances are that tear and twist a person up.

You’re able to accommodate that because there has been no divine decision or determination upon which to set the clock of manifestation, and so it sits in a type of momentary limbo. Now, the time of when that turns into maybe the next round of things, or the next setness of life going forward, or in which there is kind of a linkage or connection that comes back in as a collective quality of light, that hasn’t happened yet.

Instead the light of the old era has ended, so that the values that are possible in terms of the inner light to the outer manifestation can’t evolve or shift. That state exists for who knows how long because the aspect or consequences of time and space do not yet come into play when you’re at this interval between the inner and the outer.

Ultimately of course they will come back into play, but right now you have no out-breath that brings the seed down, nor do you have an in-breath that takes something back that keeps the cycles of creation viable.

And so in your dream, the degree to which you’re able to gracefully be in this space, the degree to which you struggle to be gracefully in this space, is presented by the way you attempt to orient yourself in terms of, on one hand trying to draw something to you almost as a setup, as a baiting, all the time cognizant that it may not be like you and it might be an enemy or a hostile.

Or flipping it around that you can take an initiative and go out and stalk something knowing full well that you might creep up on something that looks like you, but isn’t like you, that, in other words, just doesn’t have what is necessary as a light from which something can happen.

This description of what and of how you are looking at it is reflective of how it is that you are existing. In other words, you could exist in this interval where the inner and the outer have not yet… something hasn’t clicked yet and it’s just a nothingness and emptiness that encompasses it all before the next play or round begins.

You could be sitting there, but you’re not quite actually totally sitting there. You’re being thrown, you’re yo-yoing about, you’re bicycling about, trying to figure out how to make the best of it, where you have an inkling but you haven’t gotten the full download or the full letting go.

This is a quality of letting go, and the degree to which you aren’t quite doing it so you’re still having your nuances and your reactions, because you’re still buying into something instead of just the pure essence of that interval.


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