Caught In Between

In today’s dream, Jeane finds herself caught up in a commotion that surrounds her, which can be seen as a type of delirium. A state of delirium in a dream is often created when our inner system is trying to work out, or integrate, some new energetic that has been introduced. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: My first dream last night seemed to be affected by the fact the light was on in the room and we watched some dumb movie on television.

So there was some kid in the room that was like in the movie, and there had been this wedding going on in the hotel – I mean in the outer reality – so that was in the dream too. It felt like there was kind of this activity in our room, and there was another room, inner room, right off to your right where I guess the kid slept.

There’s this coming and going because I had figured out maybe I was going to set off the fire alarm and see how everybody exited the hotel. It just felt like there was all this coming and going and commotion and that was all the first dream was about.

John: That delirium was in my second dream or third dream or whatever. It’s not quite attuned to how it needs to be; it has kind of a confusion whether it should be a little like this or a little like that. The problem is you’re not sure that you can get even directed from the outer, because the outer could be coming with some concepts as well.

In my dream that was like this, something had changed in relationship to how something needed to be looked at, so when I pull up to a stoplight, and there’s an officer standing there, I don’t know if I’m violating something to even be at that stoplight, because what had occurred and existed worked within relationship to that being a stop for it, and a stoplight there.

And now that something’s changed, it’s a stoplight, and how does that apply to what has shifted and changed too? Because there’s a different purpose, and that different purpose existed for something in the past and not for this that exists in the present. And so I have to at some point ask the officer some questions to try to see, because you can interpret this multiple ways, and in your dream it’s like… say it again. What was the main theme?

Jeane: The main theme was like we had this kind of dorky kid that was staying in the room with us, kind of in another room off to your right, and then there’s a certain amount of commotion going on in the hotel with people coming and going because there was a wedding and they were staying in the hotel.

And then I was thinking I would maybe set off an alarm and see how people exited the hotel, or go out and direct the traffic as they tried to leave the hotel. It just was kind a lot of commotion.

John: Yeah, you’re kind of caught in something there where even you could act up to try to see how something best responds because it just hasn’t come into any kind of congruity in the way that you need it to be, or feel that it should be.

A person has a dream like that when there’s something thrown in that’s like a concept or view or perspective that they haven’t figured out if it integrates, or doesn’t integrate. And you could be thrown off, if whatever it is that’s thrown out there, seems to compromise the way that you find yourself flowing or unfolding.

In other words, you could have felt confident in it being one way, and then all of a sudden you no longer have that confidence because something has changed, or the report on something has been altered to reflect something else. And so you don’t know what applies or fits anymore.

This is a kind of a dream that’s caught in between. It’s better than being in a biased place, to be able to be in between so that you can actually take in something. It’s better to be like this than to be totally set in your nature, but then at the same time you can’t be like this for long because you’re meant to be able to have a focus and attention that’s able to slice through and effect things in life.

And so if you’re caught in kind of a delirium about things, then that delirium stands in the way of you getting to a greater depth inside yourself.

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