A Deeper Plunge

Jeane’s dream provides an insight into the dilemma raised in John’s last dream (see The Reciprocal Effect), where the issue of what is now on-setting requires that we be open and connected to the future, as individuals, rather than thinking change will come through the collective of the human race. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In this dream, I seem to be working with an agency that helps underprivileged youth get jobs, so I go in and it feels like a minister somewhere had given me some information on a part of a program that he had that coached kids, and get jobs, so there’s job training, and also where you could volunteer.

But I go into the board meeting and there’s all the administrators sitting around a square table, and it feels like at the meeting all they discuss is business, and they don’t really discuss anything that has to do with the kids getting out in the world and having a real job, or being really connected to the overall community.

I see myself going over to the bulletin board and putting up this message from this minister about his program. I bring that up, and I feel like they just don’t respond; they’re just caught up in administrative stuff.

So I just leave, and when I go outside I run into this girl that’s from the program, who reminds me of someone I knew when I was a kid who lived next door. I’m talking to her. Maybe she’d be interested in this. I don’t know what is happening in her life, or how she’s doing with picking her life back up.

Then she notices a store and we walk in that store and it sells different kinds of dishes, some of them kind of art dishes, and there’s this one dish that’s chipped, but it’s also kind of a beautiful design like a fish, and it’s put together in this complex way. And she suddenly buys it.

It costs about $195. I’m not sure how she can afford this, but I feel like she must have some pride in wanting to show me that she’s doing okay, or that she has a home. Then we go out and get in a car and we’re driving towards her place, and I’m sitting in the backseat and she’s sitting in the front seat. And then I’m noticing that the dish that she bought kind of has come apart, in about four different parts.

It’s not broken. It’s just like you put it together in a certain pattern. I hadn’t realized it could also come apart. I’m not sure if she knows exactly how to put it back together, so I’m thinking of going to her house and we’ll put it back together because I’m wondering if she’s disappointed or how she’s feeling about what she bought.

I tell her that I’m kind of figuring out how you put it together and it will look pretty, it will be useful. And she pulls up to her house, which I’m curious to see, and it feels like I had these red socks on and I had taken them off, so I have to pause for a minute to get the socks back on to get out of the back seat.

Meanwhile she’s telling me that she has this dog. She has kind of a large dog and so when she opens the door the dog will come right to the door because you know how they’re anxious when you’ve been gone all day. I’m thinking about how to put the dish together. I think that’s when I wake up.

John: What you did is you actually dreamt the answer that I couldn’t pull out. You did it in a very convoluted way in that you essentially – who would have guessed that you were even doing this – because you took and you started off where you have this great body or whatever of things that isn’t addressing the problem. It’s looking at things in a general way and you’re aware of the specific issues that need to be taken into account.

And this whole overall sense, this big business-oriented body of things, is caught up in some sort of business octave of things, and it’s not looking at the specifics in terms of how something is important in its distinctions. This kind of bothers you. And so what you’re really doing is, this overallness sense is kind of a sense of the feminine, and this part that is bothered in its specificity is kind of like a masculine.

It’s kind of like misaligned masculine for a long, long period of time, but in this particular case it’s an energy coming down and through that is able, and meant to be able, to make a distinction irregardless of the conditions of the outer.

That is shown to of course right there. It is shown to you when you find yourself going with your friend and your friend acts according to her sense of something, in terms of an importance of a focus that she carries, which is how she kind of copes with things – as opposed to getting caught in the middle of having an idea, and then having the general which is just completely not in touch with it at all.

She goes into a store and she buys this dish, and this dish is her way of stroking herself. Well, this dish, because it needs to have a clarity, an individualistic-like clarity, that hasn’t quite yet fully come into its own, finds itself in four pieces. Well, when it’s in four pieces, your first realization is that looking at it from the reactive part of you, that something isn’t right.

And the depth of that trait, which is trying to sort something that has come down and through, you realize that that isn’t as big a problem as it looks. That can be fixed. Those four parts, four again symbolizing a completeness that you could find and make something complete about that.

You’re in a process that’s like you’re in a motion. The motion has a lot to do with the fact that you’re in the outer, because otherwise you’re in a total stillness if you’re in a space that’s outside of creation. But you’re also in creation, so you’re in motion.

When the car stops, and you get out, and you know that you can take and put this together – that’s when you start to get hit with the bombardment of things. You see red socks that you hadn’t put on; it all has to do with a type of groundedness. In other words, you have to ground the energetic that has come down and through.

And when you’ve totally grounded, you then, on an individualistic acuteness to a light that is able to come through and effectuate change, you’re able to catch up with it. Where the confusion exists is that there is this shift. Now it has made itself known, and the shift is it’s a raw energy shift. And raw energy, basically, the first go of it is, it comes down and is kind of discombobulating. It’s kind of shocking.

It can have four or five thoughts connected to it and they all can be disconsolate from each other, and until it’s grounded does one kind of see how that works. Ordinarily, the feminine’s responsibility and role is meant to take and function as a nurturing place, as a container upon which it provides a particular base. It’s doing this from a standpoint of creation.

Now all of a sudden it’s apparent and obvious that something is too recessed and too dormant there, and so it’s like this thing has shifted to an even greater aspect of raw energy with the answer within it. And that raw energy has a consciousness to it. It’s an individualistic light, but it’s an individualistic light that works with the masculine energy more so than the feminine energy.

So how is it a masculine energy? When you have things going wrong, and you have things haywire, do you sit there, with what should be and could be, against what is the lost general malaise? Well, that’s not going to work because you’d be trying to connect your outer – the outer, which is completely not getting any of this – and the inner inflections coming through, which make no sense to the outer. That’s not going to work.

So you’re going to have to rely upon that coming through, and that’s going to have to correlate to your own inner consciousness coming from within. You’re going to have to find the spark or the light of that, and stand on that – not sit there and be grumpy or complaining or dour about the fact that there is nowhere to place that in terms of the collective, in terms of the general.

You’re going to have to place that just with yourself. Well, that seems very, very limiting because to place that just upon your own being, and so you’re still going to have to correlate that somehow and that really distracts things.

You no longer can take an energy that comes down and in, and quite work with it in its great and overall way as you did before. You are always the microcosm of the macrocosm. And now you have to take that microcosm and awaken that as if that’s an ember in and of itself. And what it is that you’re able to awaken to, sure you would like to awaken it in one fell swoop and perhaps have a little guidance and help where it has an infectious quality that takes and permeates into the outer, and into the Whole, or into the collective, because there’s a resonance that exists. And it finally catches the inflection and gets it and so, boom, it sweeps through the Whole in a macrocosmic way.

If you don’t have that, you’re left with a microcosmic. Now, where the question comes up, how then can you have a shift that affects the Whole, if you’re not able to ignite the macrocosm? And the point is, you don’t work that way anymore. You work with just developing this own little energetic and you sit in that little space.

And the answer as to how this is to affect the other, that responsibility, or that decision, has been forsaken for so long that, yes, maybe that was a principle that could work. And at some point you discovered that you were the microcosm of the macrocosm, but now you just need to stay and be the microcosm. And you have to be this microcosm no matter how loud things can get in the macrocosm around you.

In other words, if you just nurture a clarity that is developing inside of you, as a consequence or as a reciprocal of how it is that you are, like based upon like how you would be in relationship to your dad and the energetic of all of that, if you just nurtured that you will find what is important that strokes the both of you and strokes that situation in a similitude and in a blood-like connection.

However, if you think that you now have to include or take that into the greater Whole, as if this then emerges into being about something bigger and start introducing all of that into yourself, then you can get very, very confused. You could start to say well okay, well maybe in taking into account this greater Whole, maybe there’s a discombobulation. Maybe something here needs to change or alter or adjust.

If you start to include the opinion of the whole, as opposed to being able to realize, in a sense inside of you, that something can be perpetuated based upon a certain clarity and aliveness and energetic, that you can stroke, and feel, and hold, and almost create a buffer or safe zone irregardless of what’s going on around you.

Well, this to me looks very important. In fact, it looks interesting and exciting because if things really break down and fall apart and there is mass confusion, are we to believe that somehow or another we’re able to effect this mass confusion, if it’s meant to happen, by taking our microcosm into the macrocosm? Or do we live almost in a vacuum to that – at least at this phase of the process?

In other words, this is how things shift: no longer trying to support a light in the world, so to speak, as a collective. But what needs to be there arises up from a deeper within, and that deeper within is what I call the secret of secrets, and that secret of secrets is described as a light that no one has access to, not a teacher, prophet, or anything.

A human being has access to that, so this has got to be quite discombobulating, because in the past you would have a teacher, and a teacher would work with the student, and a student’s soul and everything would come into an alignment and training. And you were working with the student as a microcosm to the macrocosm.

The true secret of the secret that was really a wonder would be something that the teacher would be looking at to try to get hints and glimpses of, and now it’s almost as if, holy mackerel, in order for this to be fixed the student has to catch up to a point where they really have to work with their light even more succinctly.

In the past it has been noted that the greatest changes did occur on an individualistic level, where individuals got to a particular clarity where they made a sacrifice that shocked and surprised, that went beyond their limitations and effected something meaningful in life. And now it’s been talked about how a Oneness is coming about, and there’s integration, and we’re moving to the eight, which laid on its side is like an infinity. And that in the interconnectivity that we all see to everything, and working within the elements of groups, that we take and we manifest a change.

Well, this has been thrown for a loop because even the groups are infected. They’re infected when they do not accept the potency of their own inner connection to the way something opens up with a sheer aliveness, a light of their own, a deeper innerness. And if the group doesn’t catch up with that deeper innerness, then it is still affected by the outer. How can anything of any consequence happen? It’ll always just keep shattering at some level after another level after another level.

This deeper plunge inside is what is now needed and that then takes and throws you into a schematic that’s even harder to see.


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