A Fine Line

When we understand what our dreams are telling us, we can better see where we are in our journey and what we need to do next. Jeane’s dream showed her that she was holding on to Personal Mannerisms, which kept her from letting go to a deeper inner level.

Here, John’s dreams show that he is all too happy to disappear into the inner realms and disengage from the outer world. We can see that, as human beings, we are meant to embrace both aspects of life, inner and outer. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: The theme of the dreaming of course is this strange quality of having to reverb back and forth over and over again about things. My reverbing back and forth has to do with somehow or another having to distinguish something, to take into account something that’s important, which I don’t think is important, and let go of that which I think is important, because it’s not.

I’m dreaming that that which is deemed to have no importance, is what is of value. It’s saying that which has no value is where the attention is to be placed. And so I carefully weigh the heart, the imprint upon the heart, to feel this back and forth, because like I’m caught in one part being deemed out of it, and in another part being important. And to understand that I have to grasp it in terms of how it actually feels in the heart, because that’s where the knowingness that has the lasting value is found.

It’s one thing to come to know it from within, in terms of the heart, but then to keep one from yo-yoing, or reverbing too, because you also get this reverb in terms of it having a dis-tango relationship to the outer. In other words, taken into the day-to-day experiences and still maintaining that quality from within.

This is like a reoccurring dream in the sense of that which has value, and the weighing by the heart within. And upon the outer this can leave a person in a trance, meaning you can have it one way, and then with an intent and involved in this type of sorting out, and that you can have it like that within but in the outer you could be like in a trance because you haven’t quite grasped or become comfortable with it.

And so this is shown when I’m kind of going back and forth, and maybe there’s a stream in between, and on the other side is where my family is, and I’m going back and forth without even noticing them. And there’s my dad there, and my mother there, and my sister, and kids, and they’re all part of the family, and they’re trying to get my attention as I’m pacing back and forth completely oblivious that they’re even there, because I’m so intent in sorting this out that I’m not relating to that which is around me.

It’s as if my focus has gotten so intent that I don’t even hear them calling out to me. Suddenly someone has to break this trance and point out to me that, in this park, or across this creek, or whatever it is near a picnic table a short distance away, is the family, who are calling out to me or trying to invite me to join them.

And in breaking that trance, I’m actually shocked that they’re nearby like that. In fact, I almost want to believe, like for example my dad has passed away, there he is and it’s like that’s a shock to me as if some part of me knows that all of that can’t be. That is when I realize that I am recalcitrant to be in an openness in the outer in a general free flow way, because I get so absorbed in trying to access or reach that which is welling up.

This is like an identity, just like your dream had this quality inside of it that it needed to maintain a certain kind of projection in order to feel comfortable amongst those that you come across. My dream had this demeanor whereby I’m not all that considerate in terms of engaging because on some level inside of myself it’s as if this gets in the way of that inner experience.

Then there was this prior dream in which I noticed that I am barely relating to someone who is there before me because my attention is somewhere else. This can happen and this actually happens a lot of times. I will tune you out to a certain degree because I’m wandering around in a trance trying to figure something out, usually some external kind of thing that I drift away into, and then somehow or another I’m not really present; I’m not really there.

And so as I pause to notice that I have brushed off comments that are being made that I’m doing this in order to maintain a kind of trance, or trying to sort something out or make a decision within, is when I realize that I’m not relatable, not out in the open, because I’ve become absurd.

And I can’t help then, when I’m like this, gravitating away from the effect of the outer surroundings, which is an inconsiderateness and it’s a taking away from what is happening in the outer, as if I have a right, as if there is this other place that is better or something, or a place that requires my focus; that in order to sustain it and maintain it, I have to ignore the routine outer nuances.

What this is doing is this is exaggerating this effect by pointing out that if you get on any kind of habituation or mannerism where you consider something as a way of being, as a truth, that is more real than the other, you consider the inner more than the outer.

For example, you get carried away in trying to become a bit more transcendent or something in terms of catching up with something, then you’re actually shutting things out and you’re actually missing a type of kindness, or quality of overallness.

It’s a type of reaction just like when a person gets really uptight over something and reacts and barks at something, then automatically they pull in a veil in terms of their ability to access and appreciate the wholeness or overallness, and they have to let go of that in order to draw themselves back into the sense of every little nuance that they have an intimate recognition of. It’s got to be both on the inner and on the outer level. You can’t just do it one way.

Also, as the meaning that I wrote up is what needs to awaken has to include both creator and creation, in other words, masculine and feminine, immanency on transcendency. In other words, my heartfelt energy will go off on a tangent if I pull myself away from that which goes on in creation, in order to look at something that is coming from within, thinking that that is the only direction, and that is the direction to which everything exists.

There’s a fine line there because then you can start to look at what’s going on in creation, which is reflected, but also always part of a much, much bigger picture. You can start to then try to narrow the frequency of the channel that you’re looking at, instead of being able to integrate it all together.

The dreams are pointing out that I’m taking on an attention, which isn’t properly including the outer present moment, so much so that I can even blank out what is going on in front of me and not realize how inconsiderate that is. Or I cannot hear or see before me my family, because I’m caught up in an inner-sorting-out trance.

There is an importance to being grounded in creation. It is like saying life is what happens when you experience the day to day. I am purposely shutting this out because I’m trying to catch up with the inner dumber that is also waking up.

They wake up simultaneously in other words. You don’t have something that’s a trick being played upon you. It’s all there. It’s just a matter of you being able to appreciate it all, and sure you can find major hiccups and reactivities in the outer that can confuse you, but that doesn’t mean then that you abandon ship and go to the inner, solely to the inner for solace purposes. You have to comport it all together.

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