Bringing Through the Purity

Today, Jeane’s dream is an excellent example of how imagery that can be disturbing at a surface level, can actually be pointing to something important at a deeper, inner level.

Here, a young girl is willing to trade herself for a pearl, and then a man has an intention to buy the girl. But when we see these characters as aspects of the inner masculine and feminine, we find a deeper relationship trying to unfold. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: This was a dream I really didn’t want to do, because I didn’t like it. It’s almost like there’s this young girl – she looks like 11 or 12 and even smaller – and she’s dark-skinned, and it’s like she’s run away from home.

And there’s a couple of men there, and one of them has what looks like a couple of pearls, and so she’s willing to go to them, or sell herself to them, because she wants one of these pearls.

Now, they don’t even look like real pearls to me. There must be some kind of a struggle, because I think there are two or three pearls scatter on the ground and everybody chases them. But the girl runs down a little alleyway that ends up being a dead end, and to the right on the alleyway is a glass door and there’s a couple of men in there.

This glass shop is filled with gold items, mostly gold watches and stuff. It almost looks like 24 karat gold. They notice her, and it’s a blind alley; she doesn’t really have anywhere to run. One of the men in there decides that he’s going to buy, if one of the other men will prove that she’s untouched, then he’s going to buy her. He’ll buy her from one of the other men – it’s not even like she can sell herself now for a pearl or anything.

So now she’s just trying to get away from the men. I think that’s when I woke myself up.

John: You’ve got to realize what the theme of the energetic dreaming was. This had to do with being projected into life in some capacity, or projected away from whatever your comfort zone was, and giving up everything. In other words, the condition of a pearl is an aspect of purity.

Jeane: It didn’t even look like a real pearl.

John: But you somehow or another are willing to settle for something like that. Why didn’t you settle for it? What happened?

Jeane: Somehow it became three pearls and they were all knocked different places on the ground, a then that caused her to kind of run in one direction and then go down the alleyway.

John: So were you chasing the pearls or just trying to get away now?

Jeane: I’m not sure. I don’t remember that real well.

John: Because where you end up is, you end up in a state where you have to be a watcher. It’s based upon time. You’re sitting in a whole other schematic of how things open up or unfold, and in that state you’re seeing how it is that things get bought and sold or defiled.

In other words, you went from a state of pearl where you started to lose the sensibility or the sense of the preciousness of that state, and ended up in a condition where you were observed, and yet you were watching. And this watching had to do with an element of time, and the conditions going on there had to do with what it took to reach that, or touch that, which is pure.

Well, the oddity is that the masculine inside of you is not taking that purity on for itself. It’s buying it. It’s coming close to it, in order to hand it to another part of you, so the more conscious part of you isn’t seeing it. The less conscious part of you is recognizing that there’s something of value there.

It too is like a sojourn where you come from one place and you find yourself stumbling into another scenario in which what is pure about that scenario has to be, you know, you have to come to see that again. It’s your role to bring, or usher, that in – within a watch setting and time setting.

Different than my dream, you’re doing it from something about an overall sense of yourself, in other words a Wholeness like the feminine carries a completeness, a purity in and of itself – if it can ever catch up with it – that is imbedded inside, that is there meant to be laid out, presented out. In other words, it’s got the silence and all of that incorporated within itself, if it can catch up with it, for it to then be revealed into the Wholeness of all of life, because it’s a Wholeness in the microcosm.

The masculine carries the seed energy that comes succinctly along, a lot like pen and paper, that has to come from its state of Wholeness or zone from, you might say, the crown or whatever you want to call that. And then sojourn back into life, and then bring through whatever that is that is all about pen and paper into a succinctness.

And the degree to whatever that is, however that is, because in my dream it’s not revealed, that remains to be seen. In your dream of course it remains to be seen as well, as to what that purity is that’s supposed to suddenly come back out.

Your masculine side is not seeing it, or I should say maybe some part of you is, but it’s not being lived because it’s being passed around. It’s not being taken on and grounded. And in my case, I’m shocked. I expected to get riddled and everything else, coming from a state that was essentially carbon dust, into something that is suddenly back into the river flow, the flood waters of life.

And what is to be noted, and denoted, and made known in terms of that from something that comes from within into the outer?



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