Setting ourselves free from the established ways of culture and society is one of the hardest aspects of opening ourselves up to our spiritual connections.

John’s dreams show this struggle through the repetition of images that all make the same point. Again we see that there is a choice to be made, between a life focused on affairs of the planet, or a life in pursuit of a greater integration with God and creation. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Just like you had this idea of a wedding, or something like that, that you had to remember or hold onto, in other words like an imprint upon your nature, that’s kind of how this is. I have the echo of the imprint that is contrary to what is apparent. And the dream repeats this sort of stuff over and over again.

In other words, something that happens that isn’t common opinion, or natural, but part of a natural way things are out there.

For example, one of the images was a boy disregards his elders, in rebellion, instead of following an established protocol. Well, he does this for a reason, because obviously he is hearkening to something. Whether it’s right or wrong, he’s still hearkening to something that makes more sense to him.

And then there are things that take place out of the ordinary, that are different from what the established norm is and, of course, I keep staring and staring at the contrast because that which is different than the routine expectation is what is interesting to me. It’s meaningful to me and I want to understand it better.

In other words, I’m basically valuing each of these patterns or repetitions, or actually I guess you would say repudiations of prescribed expectation, because instead of just the norm being there, I flip to something else. I inflect to something opposite that because I feel that this leads to a greater freedom and consciousness than being a conformist to the norm.

In the dreaming I’m even grateful that I’m able to be this way, because if I was set in the opposite road, I would not be appreciating this other picture unfolding from within.

This dream had a repeat quality to it, but I don’t have the specific detail, and the reason I don’t have the specific detail is because I recognized the repeat pattern and chose to disregard it because I got it, inside of me.

This was something that just reverbed, that kind of goes on each night that there’s something opposite than what is out there. Had I not done that of course I would have been able to describe in minute detail the energetic condition I’m dealing with in this contrast that leads to something more opening up.

Of course dealing with that is kind of like having an attention in one place at a depth inside of you, while at the same time you are in creation. It’s kind of like the means by which one comes back into an element of service, but this is done more in terms of recognizing the mannerisms upon which one sorts something out. You sort it out from a listening from within, as opposed to following the specificity. Or, in other words, as I said, these are examples and aspects of inner into outer revealing itself.

In the next little dream I watched an addition where a young girl did something that was quite touching, from somewhere else and exceptional because it came from the depths of her nature and you don’t expect it. And so I ask her her age and she said she was 13.

The first thought I have is to connect her with two boys I remember earlier that are like 8 or 9 who are also relating and bringing out something that’s exceptional. The thinking of course being that they would come together and bring out an energetic unfoldment that worked in a similitude manner because each of them was connecting in some aspect of an expression that revealed something from somewhere else, and that they then could support each other outside of the ordinary limiting patterns, or conditioning, the collective that kind of defines how something unfolds.

The meaning of course is, this likens a similitude of consciousness; it’s identifying, or I call it likening, how a similitude of consciousness can be brought together energetically to enhance a connection.

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