A Deeper Need

So often in our interactions, whether with others or as an inner dialogue, we hear the phrase: “I Need…” And we often find ourselves trying to soothe those needs by trying to physically supply what is needed. Yet the truth is that we seldom know what we need and, even less, what others need. But if we can reach beyond the surface, and understand the energetic need, we can offer exactly what is needed – energetically – by holding that space within us. This is the territory that Jeane’s dreams explore. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: My memory of my dream is a little jumbled. What I most remember about it, it’s like there’s somebody who wanted to learn shamanic work with a tiger.

Well, it felt like in order to learn how to work with a tiger, you needed a safe environment. So it felt like the safe environment was in front of this cave, and there is an ice flow; when you were on the ice that must have slowed down the tiger a bit. We seemed to have a tiger that walked on its hind legs, too.

It felt like there was a woman and me, and I think it was a woman that wanted to learn this. So we were trying to teach them how to box with the tiger. You almost tried to stand on the tiger’s paws and be able to push against it; it was something between a boxing match and a dance, but you were doing it out where it was frozen, so that the animal itself was kind of slowed down so that you could practice.

And then she would practice, or I would practice, with this. Then it felt like the tiger was practicing too, learning this. It was all kind of confusing. Then it just shifted slightly.

John: Basically, in this particular dream, what it’s doing is it’s just identifying a particular quality, or energy. You’re using this particular energy in order to qualify; qualifying means conditions upon which you confront something, or face something. Some people, for example, need to be stimulated in a particular way, and if they’re not stimulated in a particular way they just go deadpan. They go cool; they go cold.

You’re seeing that you like a certain intensity. You like a certain mannerism. In other words, you don’t just come from some point inside you into an outer format, without confronting something that gets your attention – like a tiger or something.

But the dream is making fun of you too, by saying okay now we’ve got this tiger, and he’s standing on ice, and he could slip, and he could fall, and he’s been handicapped to some degree, so he’s not as ferocious as he could be.

In other words, you need to be able to face something that is challenging to you, and yet at the same time, in order for you to properly come to grips with that, and to face that, you can’t have some part of you that could fall down, or that isn’t quite in the right scenario. In other words, is the setting quite right?

What is missing from this not only working, or coming together as a power on top of power, or energy on top of energy? The other thing about it is, is the fact that the thing is on its hind legs, which is unnatural, and having to be on ice as its mannerism, and having to go through antics which are somewhat combative, which is showing a lack of proper connection.

And in this particular case you could say that something about that seemed missing, and what seemed missing? As best as I could characterize the theme of the dreaming, was there was the need to find how something connected in terms of a flow, and at the same time, could one just connect to the flow, or did one have to approach it in a particular way that had to do with how one saw themselves? In other words, challenged themselves.

And if you’re projecting yourself in a particular way in terms of how you challenge yourself, then you’re defining the conditions upon which you relate, or see things, or allow things to come into your environment. In other words, a narrowed vision.

And thus, the way you are looking at things and sorting it out in terms of what it means to you, thus you come to recognize that in looking in this particular way, which is somewhat off to one side, you are never going to quite see it complete. And therefore you’re going to see the thing that you’re confronting as being handicapped in some capacity.

It’s only when your overall nature can totally let go of everything, is it possible for you to then be able to be in a given scenario, in front of a lion or tiger or whatever, and be appreciative of how that is and be able to communicate and link to that in the way that it needs to be communicated and linked to.

But if you have tendencies that you feel you have to relate to, any kind of relating to any kind of tendency is always going to reveal that something is missing. In other words, the lack of true letting go.

Jeane: Then I felt like I’ve gone in a cave, which leads down to a store. Well, the woman I was training with, I’ve gone with three of her daughters, and they’re wanting to get a gift for their mother. I’m actually getting gifts for them but I haven’t told them that.

Well, I’ve picked out two gifts that they didn’t see me pick out, for two of the daughters. I want to get a gift for the third daughter as we go down into another part of the store, just a little knickknack of some kind. I’ve gotten some kind of figurines for them. And I have them in a bag so they don’t know what I’ve gotten, but they’re kind of watching me right now so I’m asking them what they think their mother would like while I’m looking around for what I think the third girl would like.

Well, they look at this one plant but it turns out to be such a large plant that it’s $165, so we all realize that I’m not going to get that for their mother, or maybe they’re going to save up and get it for their mother later. And so then they pick a small figurine that they think their mother would like that was reasonably priced, and it’s even a little dusty, and I’m looking at it.

I have to look at it because they say that’s what they’re interested in, but at the same time I’m looking around to figure out how can I find this third gift for the daughter without her being aware of what I’m buying? I think that is when I wake up.

John: This is a dream that you might say is better understood if you look at a potential scenario that can trigger something like this, and this sort of thing is triggered all the time in terms of a certain mannerism by which you find yourself expressing or coming across.

In other words, whenever you see something spark in another person, in which they have an interest, or curiosity, or a need, the identifying of the depth of the need is still what you’re trying to hone in on. And so it’s easier to settle for something in between. In other words, it’s like to be able to look and to see what would make someone feel good, or be okay, in terms of what they are reaching to, instead of being able to ask an even deeper question: what is behind that, what is even more than that?

But what one is inclined to do is to present or to offer a person what it is that they seem to want, almost as if we have this aim-to-please nature. And most anything and everything that a person wants has a limited context to it, based upon how their world is shaped.

For example, the scenario for a dream like this is like when we took the walk with Mary. She is obviously scrambling in a world that is changing, because she has adopted a particular kind of mannerism and lifestyle through which she chooses to carry and conduct herself.

She doesn’t have all of the answers, or the images, or the picture of what to do, and something about me or us embodies something, like missing links or pieces that she can pick up or glean to try to better sort this sort of thing out. And so our tendency is to try to present something that she’s not seeing, and needs to grasp or understand, which could help her in her need to be a particular way.

The thing that one needs to realize is that all attempts to do that only serve a satisfactory need. In other words, if you were able to find something that worked or suited what the mother needed in your dream, on the surface there is a magnetism to kind of do that because you recognize what tends to make something feel more comfortable, momentarily, but it’s better if you could take and see beyond that to something even deeper that is calling and reaching out.

But the tendency is, is for the instant gratification of serving something up that immediately satisfies and creates a reconciliation of seeming balance. The thing about that is, it’s only temporary, because a person, really at the depths inside them, is reaching out to so much more.

The key is to actually be able to let one’s self go and go even behind that, to not have to contend with some appearance or projection or sorting out, to be able to let go behind that because all projections or sorting out are just that: they’re bifurcations based upon earth energy.

And to let go to something beyond that is to be free of the limitations that are constantly bombarded upon life in the outer. Now, that’s a greater schematic that’s even revealed in your second dream. If somehow or another you settle back you don’t necessarily have to give something to yourself, or this other person. You can identify with what it is that they really need and hold a space for that.

When you do it that way, you’re holding the space and so it reflects something more than just the act of what you gave them, instead of just the mere identifying with something that they wanted, as if they needed, as if that would help them. Instead of just that, if you hold the space you can actually recognize what it is that they seek, in terms of an energetic pulling and calling and reaching out inside of themselves vibration.

And you can actually bring that across. In other words, everything in the outer is using a particular way to reflect something from a depth of an inner, that is trying to peek out. But if you find yourself correlating, relating, identifying, or trying to sooth or satisfy or react to or anything in terms of how something is in the outer, then you miss the question, or the need, or the yearning. You miss that thing that’s pent up.

And one of the ways that you kill the energy, and you kill the magic, is if you take and you look at someone in terms of what they’re reaching out to feel, or touch, and you just meet that head on – one-to-one correspondence – with the specific thing, as if that is what it’s about. You get a momentary rush of thinking they’ve got something, and that you actually offered something and gave them something, and then it goes flat because you realize that that wasn’t really it.

And so the key is this greater attunement of recognition, of seeing, and that’s true of the first dream and the second dream.

In your first dream where you have the lion or tiger or whatever it is that stands on its feet, what is there behind all of that that’s the real power and the real interest, of something that links whereby you let go as opposed to having to box and dance and try to play something that’s slippery?

And in the second dream in which you’re trying to give something, what is there behind that so that you don’t actually have to give? Because your giving of something is specific and related to the giving of something, but behind that giving of something is an energetic. You reduce it to a physical thing that you give, but whatever it is that tickled your fancy as a connection, as a linkage, as an insight, if you can hold that space, if you can present just that space.

Now, the thing of it is you actually hear those spaces inside, but then because one lives in the outer, we have a tendency to offer menial things, menial ideas, and menial objects, as opposed to holding a greater space that seems to soothe it all.

And it always comes down to something so much greater than whatever it is that is right in front of us. So how do we embody that which is so much greater, and yet at the same time maybe go through the motions, but go through the motions in such a way so that we’re always reflecting a kind of symbolism for the person, who is keenly aware, to see.

The big mistake that’s always made is we always think that we can reveal something, or tell somebody something, but they never really get it through the words. They only get it through a way some energetic comes across and actually touches something in a way that it aligns.

But if you present that which they are reaching for, or grasping for, you don’t give them a depth. It doesn’t work that way. That’s why it has to be intertwined. That’s why some part of you actually hears what is reaching, and screaming out, and knows how to touch that.

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