Holding On to The Need

Human beings have an important role to play in the evolution of creation. To be in service to that requires a balancing of the masculine and feminine natures in each of us, so that we can bring new energies into life without warp. In that way, we can respond to the need of creation and become a conduit for its enactment on this planet. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I was having a dream where it feels like there’s three of us, a guy, a girl, and me, who must have just graduated medical school, and now it’s time to do residency. And I’m kind of interested in the guy, but maybe he and the girl are in a relationship and I’m more the observer. It’s hard for me to tell.

She suddenly announces that she’s accepted a residency in California, and it seems like in the dream we must be living on the East Coast and his plans were to go to a residency in Boston, I think, and I’m kind of on tenterhooks waiting to see where he’s going to go.

I’m wondering if he decides he also wants to go to the West Coast it seems to me like you have to pass all these new exams when you go from one state to another. I haven’t done any preparation to go to the West Coast. I want to be where he’s going to be, and he was planning on being in Boston, and then it sounds like he says that no, he hasn’t accepted Boston but he’s going to say where he has accepted – when the alarm rings, so I never did learn that.

John: This is your way of playing with something that’s called a need, and in the need you hear a pulling in a particular way this way, or a particular pulling that way. And you’re just showing yourself to be overall receptive to that. In other words, you function and you act and you shift in a general way in relationship to that.

It’s a higher octave of catching up with the feminine quality nature inside of you, that functions in some sort of in-between zone, which is more from a state of emptiness, or not necessarily materialistic, in terms of the way of describing it, because it can be at the epicenter of a nothingness where the inner turns into an outer and, somehow or another, it causes you to be more real in terms of who you are.

That’s kind of like a gray zone to the actual effect of being able to hear the need, and live in an overall consequence with the need, because you recognize what is important in terms of how something compels or shifts you about. You hear it in this particular way. You’re shown that you’re hearing it in this particular way.

The specifics of how that need is designed to be complied with, and recognized, in a non-doing way, is what my dream is about. You’re just recognizing it in a general way, and in the general way that supports something and helps it hold its overallness. In the specific way it’s very, very easy to see one’s self go and hurt themselves, or be on a tangent, if they don’t know how to hold the need.

You can see that. You can go and follow that space, and you can tell if something hurts itself in relationship to how it understands that. It’s just like me asking Anne what this whole thing tended to mean when you can no longer shift as a human soul. If the collective light is out, then evolution of the human soul is restricted, or something, and she recognized that yes, that’s true for most people, but those who connected to an inner space inside of themselves do not have that as an issue, although it may not look like this to anybody else.

The masculine has to contend with the energy that comes down from that space, and tries to noodle around, and then awaken something as a corollary, as the reflective of that spirit energy and matter, which only then zips back to that space, gives back and comes back to that space, as the eyes and ears of a seeingness of it.

Now it’s becoming imperative that in the development that both hold what they are doing. Both hold that masculine space of the inner into outer. Both hold that. The feminine has a greater sense of its importance than the masculine needs to hold that, so it’s lucky that it has that greater sense.

The masculine, which loves to come from that space, as a seed, has to realize that that’s just not going to go anywhere anymore because it has to catch up and touch some sort of corollary light that exists, as kind of a light as a collective, in order to shift something and it can’t do that anymore.

Orders aren’t given, or it’s not open, or it’s not required. It has to wait, and it has to sit until something gets recognized from the greater consequences of a need, and that’s harder for the masculine to do. It always can veer off as if it can champion or pioneer. And it’s easier for the feminine to recognize that it needs to hold that inner space.

The problem is how does it hold that inner space because it has gotten so used to working with something that moves it, or affects it, or disturbs it? Your dream is indicating that you hold that space by holding a connection to something that is oriented towards the masculine, which is the masculine side of you, that is at that space. You go with that.

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