Dropping Absolutely Everything

In a spiritual journey, the process of letting go of our established patterns, mannerisms, fears, or defense mechanisms is crucial to our ability to be in the flow of creation. In Jeane’s dream sequence, we see her trying to make a journey, or a shift to something new. But to make that shift, she must leave unnecessary baggage behind. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I remember one dream, and it feels like I’m going to have to travel with a couple other people, one of whom is a slender, young woman. And the way we choose to travel is that we have this animal that looks almost like a camel with a longer, flatter back, so the three of us can ride on it.

The girl particularly is kind of nervous; even the camel is not certain sometimes – whatever this animal is. At one point we get to this area where it’s almost like we have to walk over a fairly thin piece of land that even has some crevices in it, and everything has fallen away on several slides ,and there are about three segments of it.

The camel may have to get across almost with a little jump or something, and everybody is a little nervous about it, even the camel is a little nervous about getting across. So there’s all this maneuvering to kind of stay on, or maybe even one or two get off for a while to see if we’re going to make it. And then we’re going to have to get from this strange looking piece of land over to the mainland, so to speak, with a little jump.

Well, the girl, then, she’s suddenly uncertain because the outfit she’s wearing is a little short, and she’s uncertain she can actually ride this camel and get off it and look dignified because maybe she doesn’t have any underpants on or something like that. I try different things. I finally end up picking her up and carrying her, and getting the camel to kind of jump over to the other side.

Then, because I’m carrying her and I realize what her dilemma is because she wants to feel modest or whatever, I search around in my mind and it must be a time before they had invented those clothes where you have like a dress that goes over pants. I’m figuring I have to get to a village and I guess we’re going to invent that then. We are going to get her some silk pants that come down like they do in India, you know, like down to your knees or whatever that you wear under a dress, so she can feel like she can travel and things like that.

John: What’s interesting in the dream is that, because this is a dream in which you are transitioning from a place where you had been to a new place, what’s interesting about it is that you’re not doing it alone.

It’s like you have these other parts of you, and I guess you’re including these other parts of you in order to help to facilitate and make a point. And the point is that, part of making this adventure across, you have to let go of appearances in terms of whether it’s right, or not right.

It was kind of like the odd thing that I did when it was raining out and I just took half the bed with me to keep from getting wet, you know, this huge blanket and everything, putting the towel over my head, which looked probably pretty strange to someone looking at it, but whatever it was that had happened that night had taken me out of my normal demeanor, where you just don’t do that.

It was like I kind of got to a point where I just didn’t give a shit, because whatever it was that was affecting me from that dream had put me into a state or a place in which what was important was facilitating the continuation of the process and not the appearances.

Ordinarily you would be wet and you would dry out and maybe be uncomfortable or uneasy or cold or who knows what, and in this particular case, rather than have that interfere or in the way, potentially, as something that could be a distraction, I just dropped all appearances, because that was an aspect of appearances.

Well, in your transitioning or shifting across in this journey that you’re taking, you’re looking for a new set of clothes or tools, a new way, a new way of being. Of course, you’re shifting into something that’s new. It’s taking a little effort to go across, and you’re not certain of course of the vehicle or whether the vehicle is going to get you across – this strange looking camel. You’re not sure just what it is that you’re going to find over there. You’re just doing it.

You have your uncertainties as well as issues that have to do with a bit of the way you need to carry yourself or something in terms of doing this. So your dream is just like giving you a report, the report being what possibly sits there as issues in terms of this sort of transitioning.

In other words, the question about whether the camel is the right way, and this is going to be kind of difficult in some fashion, and then the appearances – are you dressed properly – are all the necessary aspects of a type of appearance mannerism. Just showing what there is that still is kind of noodling around in your nature, although you’re still doing it. In other words, these are just like the little vagaries that one carries.

Jeane: I don’t know if this was another dream, or if it was how that dream began, but I remember being in a house, and there’s at least maybe two parts that are going with me and they feel younger, and then a woman who runs the house.

And it feels as we prepare for a journey, I keep going to the kitchen, and I’m trying to go out to the Jeep we’re going to travel in, and make sure we have our food and everything else right.

Then I find out that the woman who’s in charge of the house isn’t going with us, and actually it doesn’t feel like we really wanted her to go, but we thought she was. Then we find out she’s not going, and it suddenly frees things up – like then you don’t have to go pack the Jeep in as prepared a way, I think.

You know what I mean? It’s kind of like if a parent is going sometimes they have their whole agenda and list you have to check off, but if you’re just going, let’s say the younger set, you can just grab this and that and kind of take off. So it kind of frees something up when we think we’re going, but then I think the Jeep turns into the camel.

John: This thing that you’re talking about, it’s interesting you’re able to pull it out.

Well, in this particular instance what you’re describing in your dream, is that you’re having to let go or leave behind. In other words, this is like a higher octave of the appearances. You’re having to let go and leave behind those aspects or parts of yourself that you normally feel you have to carry around with you – because they are part of you.

In other words, in order to take this step you have to let go and go into an emptiness or a nothingness where you don’t have anything that you are putting your attention upon as essentials. Normally whenever we do something we always have our essentials, whether it’s a jacket or clothes on. We always have our essentials.

Well, at the very epicenter of this journey, or shift to something new, you have to drop all of that.

And so the grandmother or whatever it is that normally comes along, in this particular instance, is not necessarily a deeper part of you, as it would usually be. It’s more like a part of you where you are caught up in ideas of responsibilities, and idiosyncrasies, that have to be taken into account before you can do any kind of shift.

In this particular case all of that has to be dropped so that you’re in an emptiness. And you can use that state of quietness, and the energy that surges there, in order to shift across. That’s what is at the basis of being able to take the step, and then your second dream takes and relates to the fact that you still now have the lower octaves of appearances and such that as you’re making the shift, that haven’t been completely let go of, still malingering with their qualms. But nevertheless apparently not so loud, and not so controlling, as to keep you from making this transition into this new space.

Jeane: Then I think right before I woke up I had a brief dream, and all I really remember about it is I seem to be at the house of some people I know that have certain leadership qualities. But they also have patterns I don’t trust at all – for good reason.

And within the house, and out in the backyard, it’s almost like they’re having a picnic or a gathering or whatever; there are people around. But there’s a point when everybody is supposed to settle and meditate, and I’ve gone over to a rock to sit there, but then I’ve also got my eye on the couple that are like the leaders. Because I feel like I have to keep my eye on him, and other things that seem to go on there, I never do seem to be able to meditate.

John: You have to put this part of the dream into the context of the two that came before. And so in the primary dream, where you went across to the other side, you still had your little nuances. And because you still carried those little nuances, you actually carried those across to the other side. But they don’t belong to the other side; they function as a kind of contaminant.

So you can’t quite own that space and, as a consequence, you still have something that you carry that is like a mannerism, and responsibility, in your way of being that hasn’t been dropped. And so you are still feeling that you have to keep your eye on this, or you have to sustain something like this. And the problem is, you don’t.

And you’re feeling, in this dream, the degree of focus and attention that this takes away from you, from another space that is also possible and is meant to be there, and you’re realizing that this is compromising that to some degree. So it’s kind of like you’re in a watching mode, of noting that as you have taken – as shown in the other dreams  – and created a shift across, first you let go sufficiently enough to be able to have the emptiness to be able to be light enough in terms of what you were carrying, to be able to acceptably take the step across.

But even as you took the step across, you still carried certain appearance issues and whatnot, and certain equivocations as to whether this was quite right or not. You weren’t completely sure. And the degree to which you carried that still had an effect upon the space, in that it now manifests as having to keep your eye on something, to a type of lack of total freedom, which you could have had, had you dropped absolutely everything and made the step across.

But because you still have a little yet to have to contend with, you’re finding yourself having to factor that in, which was part of keeping your eye on this guy or something else that is going on there, and that takes away from this greater dimension inside of you, that you know is meant to be a part of the space that you’re shifting into.

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