Graciousness Toward All Things

the-glowSeeing, and accepting, all things for what they are, as they are, seems like a foreign land from the world we’ve been living in. And perhaps it is. Yet it is the state that brings us closer to God and creation, and closer to our re-integration with the Wholeness that everything is. This dream segues from Jeane’s dream yesterday (see Taking On the Wholeness), showing the same struggle through different imagery. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In the second dream, I seem to be with a group of people, many of us couples and friends, and we’re staying on a ship. I mean, I don’t ever have a feeling of anything moving, but it’s that kind of thing where you have little rooms that you stay in, and other rooms that you gather in, and there are several women in this group that I like.

Well, one woman has become aware that her husband’s having an affair, and he’s not in the room right then. And so I take my husband and her, and maybe there’s even someone else, and we go to the room of the other woman, and her husband’s in there with this other woman, and we go to pull the door open.  

Well, the other woman tries to keep the door shut, and she’s even stuffed some pieces of paper under it. It takes me about three tries, but I finally get the door open. When I get the door open, then the other woman’s husband comes out of the bathroom and walks towards us.

They see us all standing there and they’re completely shocked in a way, and once that has occurred I let the door shut because I know that just the fact that everyone has seen this is going to handle something.

Then I am back in another room with my husband, and maybe a friend, and I can see he’s been a little shocked by all of this because he makes some comment. I guess he used to live in Hartford, Connecticut and it’s like this sort of thing didn’t happen there quite this much.

He wants to show me something from there. He opens up a jewelry box. He can’t find it there. He realizes whatever it is maybe he has left it in this… it’s not quite a wallet, it’s more like a little pouch, but because he was busy he has just laid it down somewhere. He doesn’t worry about people taking things, but he doesn’t know where it is.

He goes off to look for it and he must walk into the bathroom and, as he does that ,then I’m talking to somebody else in the group, and I’m saying that I don’t think that would happen to me in terms of like an affair occurring because I have a husband that when I talk to him he actually listens.

John: Yes, it’s still this process of figuring out how to pull in all parts and pieces of yourself, because in the dream you’re also that person, or the masculine side, that’s having an affair.

You as the feminine are having to react to that as not being able to quite accept that as part of a Wholeness for yourself. And so you’re holding onto what you believe is a connection that is bifurcated or separate from that, that being something that’s not yet come into a completion or something.

And so what you’re holding onto, as you’re holding onto it, as a type of security, this is acting as if at least you’re not the other. It’s just kind of like a traffic cop that pulls someone over and didn’t get you. You breathe a sigh of relief.

That doesn’t strengthen your will, that doesn’t necessarily help you if you continue to view things as if there are levels that you develop that leave things behind, that see you as still separate or advantaged compared to others.

As you were talking I was thinking about the fourth stage of prayer of St. Teresa, which didn’t get discussed [in our gathering]. Well, it couldn’t get discussed, yet. It was actually a nice way of just leaving it a need silence, as opposed to discussing it, because we have to appreciate how we work, and can work, connected to an emptiness that then can take out and in its greatest Wholeness of letting go, and accepting everything in a state of responsibility.

When we get to that state where we absolve everything of anything that it has, down to us so to speak – in other words, we don’t carry any qualms against it. When we’ve done that, then you can actually reach that quality, which would be the fourth state of prayer, which can have an effect upon the Wholeness because you now are not acting as if that is something totally separate from you that you can’t embrace and take on in every depth and regard that is needed.

To do that of course you can’t be at a point where you carry a conditionality in terms of your development, and so you’re seeing that and what that is like, in terms of how you distinguish the energetics and the vibration and, eventually, you have to get to a point, or you reach a point, where in the strength of the auric development of you, you’re able to extend that out as a graciousness to everything.

As opposed to seeing where you’ve got a certain piece of a connection, and other parts don’t have it, and you note that and stay separate from that. You note it from the standpoint that ultimately, in the recognizing of the need, you pull that together and you take on your greater Wholeness that way.


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