Nothing for the Ego to Fight

Divine EnergyIn the world today, it is clear that a balance needs to be regained between the masculine and feminine genders. What is less understood is the same need for balance, between these two fundamental energetic principles, within ourselves. In John’s dream, he see the dilemma and challenge of his feminine energy embracing the Wholeness, rather than seeking an easier way out via escape or rescue. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: I dreamed the imbalance of the feminine, in terms of its process, and how the imbalance keeps the masculine imbalanced.

In other words, it’s like the feminine is actually creation, and the masculine brings down an energetic that needs to find a greater Wholeness and be okay in creation, which has all of these reflections and imbalances, which then can disturb or effect the feminine.

And to the degree that effect estranges the feminine, because of power and control, or however it is awry, as long as the feminine is not able to adopt, or take it on, in a completeness and in a Wholeness, then there is always a quality of something being wrong, that is assumed. Or there is always something that is one way, and something else that is another way.

And as long as the feminine approaches and feels that it is like that, then it never does catch up with the masculine. And it’s like the masculine power and control, or that quality that sets things ajar, and so it never does catch up with the Wholeness of itself.

In my dream, I look at the two extremes of that. The dream may have been somewhat influenced by the movie we watched, and it was also influenced by what the teacher said, in terms of a story out of the Bible, in which you take each part as if it were a dream. And you look at each component as part of yourself and determine what that means in a higher sense and in a higher way, which is a very correct way of looking at it because everything that occurs, every little story that occurs, speaks to something more.

I’m addressing an energetic to begin with, and we’ll see if it makes sense because I see the feminine nature within as seeking to be free, but not knowing what freedom is. A feminine nature is both catatonic, which leads to a desperation to be free, yet it’s subjugated and under the control of the forces of power and control.

As I see this inside myself I realize that setting it free is not possible when it carries such a desperate plight. In other words, when it’s reacting like that, trying to push off and fight and react like that, it can’t get free that way either.

The feminine nature needs to relax into the situation and know it can absorb anything that happens or affects it, which basically means it can absorb anything in life. To do so is to neutralize the outrage it carries within.

The feminine side must learn to be okay with the conditions of the surrounding environment, and in doing so she is able to absorb the negative conditions – which are an illusion. In other words, if she keeps saying something is better than this, or more secure than that, that keeps her weakened into thinking that she can only be that much.

There’s a part of the feminine nature that thinks it can escape from this. In other words, there’s a part that can be in chains, and then there’s another part that can have broken the chains and be running to get away and looking for something to rescue it from its plight, which is also not accepting responsibility, because it’s running away from it.

And I can see that for it to be rescued it must assume that everything is okay. It must be in a state where nothing can affect it, that everything is okay, and in doing so shift herself away from how something can supposedly keep her limited, or cause fear and reaction, and in doing this access her ability to take on everything that is.

In other words, if you visualize the state that you’re captured in life, either in chains subject to the powers and controls that be, or that you’re running away from the powers and controls that be trying to break free, both conditions lack acceptance. Both conditions act as if there is something that can overpower or control you.

And if the feminine is everything in creation, why is she raging in some part of herself? It is this lack of acceptance, no matter how dire conditions in the outer are shaped or appear for her, it is keeping her in chains. On the other hand, if she breaks free from the chains, thinking she can get away, it is a giving up of herself to the idea, she develops a weakened will, thinking she can be rescued or can find safety by running away, or getting rescued.

And that keeps the mess going, too, because she doesn’t fully take on that, she still acts as if she can move away from that, and therefore she’s not able to be her full Wholeness there either.

I’m seeing these two aspects, by seeing first that there is a woman who is tied up, and she can’t accept her plight, and this has her freaked out, and therefore catatonic and unable to just surrender to whatever might be.

And I see another woman, who is running away from what is a perceived danger, quick to grab whatever she thinks might lead to her sense of freedom away from something, or giving her the sense that she is rescued. And any idea of rescuing, or that which has the vibration of rescuing, she surrenders herself to that as opposed to her deeper self.

As a result, in both instances,the feminine isn’t rescuing herself. She’s not taking on the Whole. She is not absorbing things. She is acting like there’s something that imposes things upon her, which creates a problem for her. She is not accepting, like I said earlier, the responsibility for the plight in either of these instances, because when tied up she is catatonic. And when she is free of those chains, if there is an outside rescuer – which she’s inclined to think – then because she has broken free from one thing so obviously there’s a rescued state, she’s ready to give up her sense of self to that. So she never does take on the Whole.

If the feminine will realize that nothing has any power or control over who she is, in a totality, she will be able to connect the ungrounded masculine trait that comes into creation. She will be able to connect it with the physical aspect that is created as a picture that reflects the Whole. She will be able to pull those two together as opposed to them being separate or apart.

But if she continues to act as if she is being subjugated, or even that she has a right to try to escape from a plight around her, as if that’s possible, she loses; she leaves the masculine side of herself disconnected. Life then is unable to shift or evolve.

When circumstances are like that, the only thing one can do is sit in an inner place that is without any action, which simply observes how these parts of one’s self volley about, and keep one in either one extreme or another.

One stage can be like a type of righteousness and rage, and the other the idea that you can manipulate the variables to the point where you can find a way out that’s conditional. And every effort to do that, if you look at it, you just go from one mannerism to another, trying to delude yourself, and nothing in life is able to change, evolve, or shift.

So you convince yourself as you alter or find a type of way out, from time to time, that the appearances are actually shifting or changing. But when you see the outer appearances shifting and changing, you breathe a sigh of relief as if that is actually what has happened. And then get lazy and don’t accept the greater Whole.

And so you have this false sense of security, and disillusioned expectation, and you give up to that which is conditional. The world suffers because the will does not access the Wholeness and Oneness of creation.

The story in the Bible in which the father [Abraham] took his son to be sacrificed like a lamb, is an example of being able to let go within, to such a degree, that there is nothing for the ego to fight, against or for.

That is the need that exists. I must reflect, or present, or be in a global solution, and if I am unable to do this from within, there is no healing, there is no overall balance, and there is no Oneness.

You can also say that there is a deeper meaning in that to abide by a consciousness that doesn’t declare war on any part of itself, nor is devolved, meaning a stepping back based upon fear and ignorance, when that’s removed the coming together is natural.

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