Take Me To The King

veils-of-illusion-daav-corbetIn today’s dream, Jeanne confronts her own barriers to the journey she is embarking on. As in waking life, where paperwork often needs to be in order for things to go smoothly, in dreams it is the need to overcome personal resistances that keep the journey of images flowing smoothly. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: It feels like there are a few figures in my dream, like someone who runs the country I’m in or something, that looks a little Asian, which is probably an influence from reading about Cambodia last night. Because whoever runs the country, people either think he’s dead or he’s in hiding. He’s actually in hiding, but people think he’s dead.

I seem to know the people who are in touch with him. Wherever I am it feels more local where I’m staying or at least it reminds me of an area I’ve lived in in the past, but first I’m staying with a couple where they feel a little more sexually aggressive or something, like I have to kind of watch my boundaries with them a little bit. But I sleep with them.

I’m staying with one couple, and then I go into work, and I seem to work in a school, and at some point I make a transition to stay with another couple who are a little less forward than the first couple. But whenever I stay with the couple, we all share the same bed. It’s just that the second couple has a little bit better boundaries.

And I’m getting ready to go on a trip; I have two concerns. One is that there is some exam either I have to give, or I have to take, where the paperwork isn’t complete yet, so I’m trying to figure out how to get back to the school to do that once I start on the trip.

The second is I have to get into town to leave, and the man of the couple, when he comes, he’ll give me a ride part of the way, but the rest of the way I may have to hitchhike. And so I’ve come up with this little contraption where I can push my luggage ahead of me as I go.

I don’t have a lot, but I have a little bit, and I can still hitchhike because it’s not much luggage. Then I realize I also will probably have to get a permit to leave the country, or some kind of paperwork, and I know that the first couple knows where the king’s in hiding, or whoever he is that runs things, so that I can go back there and I can get the paperwork.

That seems to be all I really remember of that dream.

John: It’s like what is cycling around in you, with these images, is causing a veil to be removed. You seem to be able to adjust to the situation that you find yourself in, because it effects you in some way that as you’re paying attention to it, first it’s all foreign to you. It’s going through stages, but it’s all foreign to you.

In other words, you seem to be accepting the situation you’re in, but what needs to awaken is still all foreign to you. Your approach to awakening to what is foreign to you, is going through degrees of slow alignment, but the way that it is going is still not direct – but it’s getting refined.

The first mannerism is kind of raw and abrupt, and yet in that rawness is where something deeper is hidden, but also because it’s raw, it stays hidden, too. Then what you’re doing, which still isn’t quite right, is that you learn to be more subtle or gentle with yourself, but you’re still doing it in a slanted, tangential way.

In other words, it isn’t quite you standing on your own. You’re still doing it subordinate to an unfoldment process, and when it’s subordinate, whenever anything is subordinate to the process, that means that you are maintaining veils for some reason. The best you can come to depict what is meant to unfold is that behind all of this is something that takes you to a deeper awareness, and the awareness of where the king, and in this case the king is the God or the masculine part of you, is located, is hidden.

You’re going through this bizarre maze and trail to get there. Because it still has such a bifurcated feel to it in order to ultimately get to where it needs to get, it’s like a real Rubik’s Cube, it means that there’s care taken, by a certain part of you, in this particular process.

And the care that’s taken, that causes you to follow the thread in a particular way, it has a mannerism about it that also will have to drop away. But you have to take on this additional, or this type of relatable dependency, at this time, in terms of sneaking up and catching up, with the king, or the God, or the masculine inside of you.

In other words, it’s complicated, almost bizarre, as an approach, in one way of looking at it, because, from a conceptual standpoint you would think that you could take steps that make full sense, each step that you take, but your approach to this has you going through things that aren’t quite right, in terms of the way one could look at it in an A, B, C, straight-line way.

But it’s designed that way for you to open up, so it’s as if that which is hidden has to be approached in this kind of indirect way, and you have to go through these episodes or mannerisms that will also have to fall away. You have to take them on, and go through them, in order to get there, because otherwise it would be too direct for you, and too much. It’s a strange kind of dream.

One ponders in a dream like that, is, what is it that you’re feeling in terms of yourself that causes it to have to have this kind of mannerism. This kind of mannerism has something to do with an identity, or whatever it is that you still hold onto. And so you’re holding onto it for a reason, and so you’re allowed to have that deviation mannerism because it’s not time for that to be dropped and, as a consequence, it creates this certain bizarre unfoldment to get there.

I guess we all have that to some degree. One can look at others, in terms of what they’re doing, and see, after the fact, that yeah, it was kind of bizarre. You kind of sense that it was bizarre. You kind of sense that they were making like a type of mistake, or peculiar thing, but it was a mannerism that was important for them to take on because that was something that they needed to pick up and see for themselves.

And even though they may have intellectually understood even that that wasn’t right, they still kind of have to do it because that’s how it is that they’re designed to bring themselves back to where they need to be.

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