Consciousness Going Forward

lucid-dreamToday’s dreams from Jeane are a continuation of the dream imagery discussed in the post, Letting the Stranger In. What began as a process of trying to embrace a greater Wholeness within, here we see the imagery has progressed to an acceptance and upholding of the new energies that have been accessed. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: It felt like sometimes I would go from that park setting to the home of a childhood friend to visit her mother who’s quite elderly. In outer reality the mother is deceased.

I would go to the home and it would be dark, and I know I would feel like maybe she was expecting me, and the door would be slightly open, but she wouldn’t be in the room right away, and then maybe she’d come.

The first time I went to see her, she had something like one of those very small collies or something, but kind of scruffy, and that dog would kind of walk into the house, I don’t know, kind of a little downbeat.

The second time I went to see her she changed it for a cocker spaniel, which seemed more appropriate for someone her age, which seemed to walk towards me. And again the house would be all dark, and then maybe she was taking me into some inner room in the house, because I know I went and visited there a couple of times.

After all of that I think I had one more image.

John: The first two dreams are building to something like your ability to include a large enough wholeness in your environment. In other words, if you are functioning with too narrow a perspective, then you’re consumed, and your attention is stripped by all of the greater Wholeness variables around you.

However, if you take in the greater Wholeness and the overall perspective around you, then you shift, and you’re able to take in other levels. You’re able to go and relate to the past. You’re able to see something that’s in a slightly different offset or octave.

And of course your dream just makes it look like you’re time-shifted, but you are level-shifted. And the dream is relating something that appears to be strictly mundane in the outer, but it’s how you make sense out of it in terms of manifestation.

You’re actually able to shift and do the work at a deeper level inside you, but you can’t notice this work, and you can’t do this work, and you can’t step into this work when you’re under assault, or attack, or however you would say that, because so much of your time is spent to try to streamline how it is that you are maintaining the Wholeness, which means then that you are exclusionary to things that are important that are in the Wholeness, as if it is important to be exclusionary in order to accentuate something about yourself that you see as important.

And that very process then keeps you alienated from being able to, number one, feel the greater Wholeness of yourself, and then number two, once you have felt the greater Wholeness of yourself, then you are able to naturally shift and take into account other levels, which wouldn’t have been even consciously possible without having become a greater Wholeness yourself – as a precursor step.

Jeane: The last image I remember is I have to get dressed for something, and I go to the display window of a store, and I have to step up into where the displays are. And there’s an outfit laying there in the floor that I pick up, and it is black-and-white, but it’s intricately designed, even with some fringe, and when you put it on it even has a part that fastens over your shoe. It has a little patent black and then some white fringe, so I have to be kind of careful how I put it on because when you put it on you step into it and then you have to pull it up, and it all fits in a particular way.

John: What you’re talking about is what is known as a state. In other words, when you take and you put that on, you go into a particular demeanor or mannerism. It’s not permanent, it’s a state. It’s something that you feel as an energetic for a while.

And so you’re looking at the garment. If you put the garment on, what comes with the garment is a certain energetic state, and then you’re in that energetic state. But that garment is not meant to be permanent. That garment is there just for you to size up, in relationship to taking on or shifting into a certain energetic state.

In order to shift into a certain energetic state, you have to be able to accept the overallness around you. Otherwise, the garment, as presented in front of you, would be an inconvenience or an intrusion into how it is that you’re carrying yourself.

But if you can readily accept what is brought before you, then you can shift into a greater energetic state, and that greater energetic state enhances, and fulfills, and enriches you with a greater Wholeness. Eventually that state becomes a station, meaning that you hold that, and then that is like a means upon which you then are able to shift into other levels.

Because the state no longer is something that just comes and goes, and so you’re able to utilize all of that energy that has flashed in and flashed out, flashed in and flashed out, that has developed a presence, or a Wholeness, or however you’d say it, an auric quality that exudes, we’ll say.

I’m trying to think of how you’d describe that. It exudes maybe as a greater aura. In other words, instead of things bugging you as much, they don’t. You accept and embrace and enjoy them because you’ve allowed yourself to no longer carry the mystique of that being something you have to stiff-arm and keep away from yourself.

So when you allow yourself to be subjected to those kinds of changes, and you are able to then appreciate and take in the breakthrough of that energetic, which is like a state of energy, then that state, as it matures to something that you’re able to hold or sustain, enables you then to utilize that energy for like a next shift, or step, in terms of you, which is then able to take on other levels.

Your dream is a dream about consciousness going forward, basically. In other words, that’s the underlying schematic, and it’s like almost a building block dream. You can’t do it if you just keep drinking the same water that you’re comfortable with. You have to give yourself permission to take into account other things in the overall environment around you.

In other words, let go of a particular projected image that you’re comfortable with, and then you’re able to appreciate and recognize something there that’s trying to allow itself to emerge, that is ordinarily disregarded, or rejected, because it might interfere with your main theme of yourself.

When you take that in, that makes you more Whole, and then being more Whole you’re then able, with that power of energy that you need, you’re then able to shift into other levels. It’s a building block dream.

It’s easy to equate this dream almost from the standpoint in that you know what it’s like when you feel overwhelmed in the heart, and therefore exhausted. You know what that feels like, and when it’s like that, then not only do you not have the proper connection and linkage to the Whole, but until you get the proper connection and linkage to the Whole, where you’re filled in terms of your inner sense, and inner power, and have that connection to hold, then are you able to then shift it into other levels of awareness and responsibility.

The dream is laying out a process of fluidity of understanding, that you are taking a look at inside of you.


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