Expanding Frame of Reference

expanding-universeJohn finds himself engaging with a scary neighbor in one dream, and facing a menacing brute, or leaping off a cliff in another dream. How are they connected? Both scenarios pose a challenge to overcome preconceived notions and judgments, as a means to reaching greater inner depths and connection to the Wholeness. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: The dream is about being able to not go around carrying judgments and attitudes. Now speaking of it from a masculine way of looking at it, which isn’t the Wholeness so much as it is the specifics of things, where you can get caught in the noodled-off ideas.

The dream is about accepting a sequence of estranged images, or mannerisms, that ordinarily I would reject or repel, simply because I have my conceptualization as to what is right and what is wrong. If I can quit doing that, then something can be more embracing, and more Whole, and leave me more exhilarated in a completeness inside.

In this first image my property is next door to a person who’s kind of dangerous because he’s the leader of an organized crime syndicate, kind of like a mafioso type.

As a consequence of that, the dream starts off with me recognizing that he does his thing and I do my thing – our ways are separate – and there’s no way of breaking this because what he does carries a certain judgment, and I have that judgment towards him, and so obviously there’s no rapport. We go our separate ways and leave each other alone and, in a roundabout way, because I kind of reject him, he kind of rejects me.

At least we’re leaving each other alone. If I somehow or another threatened him in my mannerism he would be a danger to me. Well, as circumstances would have it, I suddenly end up on my property with this huge object. It looks a little bit like an engine; it’s got sophisticated parts and whatnot to it. But this thing is something that has to be removed. It’s abandoned there, but has to be removed.

I could ignore it and leave it there, and it isn’t easy to remove because, even if I had the means to remove it, I just can’t take it to an ordinary dump because it’s made with toxic elements and whatnot too so it has to be disposed in a proper site. I can’t do either.

But to my surprise my neighbor offers to help. Now, I never did anything for him. Why would he do anything for me to offer to help? He’s actually opened up in a way, so he’s trying to break down the barriers.

So he’s giving me two alternatives. If I would like, I could just continue to go on as I go on and just let him, in his good time, use his equipment and his abilities to dispense with it on my behalf. Or if I still have to maintain my appearances, I can borrow a vehicle from him that I can use for purposes of carrying this toxic element away.

So I’m at a loss. My ego is such that I would be more inclined to doing it myself, and kind of keeping him at a distance so our definition is clearcut. I’m just borrowing his vehicle, nothing more, as opposed to letting him come sweeping in and doing it, which might be something a little bit too close and too overpowering and too big of a shift.

I can’t make up my mind. So I let him decide, and his decision, which has more light and openness to it, is to handle it on his own rather than create some sort of intertwining obligation or something. Just let him handle it as opposed to loaning me the vehicle to try to fumble with and figure out how to do something on my own that way, which is an area that he can naturally do because that just kind of is an octave of him being the way he is. He has all of that at his disposal.

Well, I feel like gee, if he’s doing all of that for me out of the blue and it’s unexpected in terms of the attitude I have towards him, I have to let go of something. So I try to give him a hug.

Well, this doesn’t go over very well at all. He is not the huggable type. I’m not going to close any gaps that way. He’s going to do that and that’s just the way it is. It doesn’t mean anything more. He’s remaining true to himself. He just has broken the ice as a good neighbor, that we need to accept each other as opposed to maintaining some sort of judgment between each other that I’m starting.

So he’s increasing the spatiality of it all, but he’s also holding himself back. He knows that I can’t switch like that, that quickly. This is not a conditional thing.

In another dream, the place where I’m residing has been compromised because a person who I have no way to control or stop has entered the place. And he’s an overpowering person. If I come across him, I’m in bad shape.

So how do I function in my own house? Well, there’s a person that I know, who apparently sees my plight and sees what bad shape I’m in, so this person comes into my place and places himself before this guy on my behalf, acting on my behalf, so that I can evacuate or get away from the situation.

Well, what he was doing was very sacrificial, because he gets badly hurt as I get away and hide. But deep down I have a responsibility for what he did. I am touched by what he did. I just can’t leave him, not after such a gesture that he didn’t have to do, but he did. That was pretty meritorious.

I retraced my steps to where he is, to help him, to see if I can get him out of there, because after this guy got hurt this guy is now looking for me and then I’ve hidden you know so I cycle back.

Well, the problem is by cycling back I’m deep within the aspect of the house again. How am I going to get by this guy to get out? So now the both of us are in trouble. The only way is for me to go beyond the limitations of the space that exists. In other words, I have to step into it and what it looks like is I have to go out a door or something and off a cliff.

How do I do that and survive? I can’t turn around now. That’s what is in front of me, and behind me is this guy now having caught up.

So that’s kind of how I wake up. I am at this point where it’s like I have to go off a cliff to fall into an area that is so far below that I am certain I will not survive, at all, the fall. It’s either this or face this guy who will tear me to pieces effortlessly who is now behind me. It’s like the best I can make out of this as I wake up is I have a slight chance of hope, going off the cliff, and no hope if I turn around and face this guy.

The meanings of both of these dreams is they are pushing me to let go to that which lies beyond my frame of reference. My frame of reference means I have to deal with things that have mannerisms and notions and up and down cycles to them, that I may not like, that I have to expand my frame of reference.

If I am able to do that, expand my frame of reference, I drop the inhibitions to stand in the way. I’m able to partially relate to that which I had shut out in the first dream, the guy next door, when I allow that to come closer to me, I have a partial relating but that’s not really genuine, you know, the hug isn’t real.

The key is I have to meet a larger me, which I am rejecting and disregarding. And if I take that in, as a more meaningful aspect, or person, that I am, that I have been disregarding as meaning nothing to me, but I can’t be disregarding it because it’s important.

I have to include that into my frame of reference. If I can quit rejecting and judging and having to put things into boxes, and patterns, and mannerisms, I can take in that which I am intentionally shutting out and it will not hurt me. It is all in my head that it affects me and hurts me as something that I have to repel.

The energetic last night felt like I was coming to grips with a newfound responsibility to accept a more complete way than would cause my current conditions with their routine judgements to drop away. In doing so I gain access to an energetic heartfulness that had been denied, actually screened out from my frame of reference.

So you’re expanding your wholeness in your way, and I’m expanding it by taking and not being so prejudicial, which is the masculine way of having to deal with notions and ideas.


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