The Depth of the Matter

atomIn our last post, Jeane’s dreams brought her close, but not all the way, to an inner breakthrough.

Here, John’s dreams, from the same night, provide the missing answer. What unfolds is, no less, the nature of the human’s relationship, and responsibility, to the evolution of creation.


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John: I don’t report the overall, I just report how it spiritually works.

My first dream is incomplete, but sets the stage in kind of a masculine way of approaching things, because you are approaching it in a feminine way where something just needed to evolve to a point that would create a cadence and a balance.

And I was listening closely to see what the characteristics of that would be, in terms of how that would evolve for the cadence and balance. Instead, you built it up to a loud suspense, which is a type of longing. The dream has a type of longing in it that eventually pulls to the resolution.

Mine carries a particular download, but in order for the download to work it requires the overallness. The first dream doesn’t catch up with it, but it lays the stage to where the second stage, just like you dreamt in stages and you actually needed a third step in your dream. I just have two steps.

In the first dream, my flight that I’m on has taken me to an in-between place where I’m held up, and have been held up for quite some time. In other words, it’s like I flew in on an airplane and landed at this particular place. It took me a long time to go through the clearance of that, and finally, when I’m released, that’s when I realize I have to hustle or I will miss my next flight connection, which is very tight. And that connection is not in this place.

What I have to do is walk a distance over between two points, over land, from this quasi-like airport clearance place, to a whole other airport or spot, and get checked in there. So I go over the outer trail and as I get near to the place, there is kind of a glass partition I have to walk around, and, as I’m arriving there, I hear the announcement that passengers on this flight need to be here.

It’s as if they’re saying that it’s now too late, that their seats can be given away or whatever because they needed to be here by now. But my transportation has not yet departed. I see myself just needing to get around the partition, across the street, and then find out if it’s still possible that they can slip me on board, or if I am just a tad too late and they’ve closed everything, closed the gate.

But in the dream, I’m confident that this is going to work out, but I can’t seem to hurry over a particular pace because I have to hold a certain cadence. I’m close, but all I can do is to hold the composure and see how it works out.

What it means is, as things change, in this dream I’m having to watch my composure, among other things, and I’m confronted with changes that, from inside, destroy that sort of demeanor presence.

I’m watching the changes from inside, but what is occurring around me can set me astray or destroy the certain demeanor presence that I need to maintain, or otherwise you flip out, you give up.

So this is a dream that’s testing me to see if I can maintain my composure in spite of the outer circumstances. I know that what is important is that connection within, and not the reflection of the changes in the outer variables. And so I am to hold onto the inner consciousness and, even as the outer changes, I need to simply accept the changes as part of a process that creation emanates.

And in doing so, I just have to know that everything about myself has been taken into consideration by this deep-seated inner consciousness, so whatever unfolds is as it is intended to be. So as you can see, this does not yet reach an answer. And so I come back to it and I say, there is something yet that is overlooked in terms of what is to happen.

The next dream goes into the depth of that matter, just like your dream went to a stage, and then you went to a middle stage. I don’t have the middle stage.

In the next dream, there is a mixture that is needed, that rectifies a problem that exists. Something has changed and the responsibility falls upon my family.

In the dream, I am a kid who is observing the stress that this has created. And I had my idea as a kid, and it’s to use a liquid mixture to add to what is being cooked, or whatever it is that’s being mixed together, as if that’s going to resolve what is needed. This is my best idea as a kid.

My dad, who has anticipated the problem and is very focused and intense, pulls out a product he has saved for just this occasion. It is kept in a freezer and frozen for just this point in time. I climb around him in an over eager condition. In his seriousness he pushes me away so that I don’t effect what he’s doing. This stifles my euphoria.

What he has set aside is a frozen mixture that is to be unsealed and poured into the mix to change the composition.

The meaning of this dream, this has a very deep meaning, is there is a problem in the collective outer that was caused by the way things have evolved over time. My idea to simply change the flow is not enough. Something that my father has saved for just this point in time needs to be applied.

I am like a child shocked at the intensity my father resonates. When he settles me down, I watch him take a frozen mixture designed to change the context of the situation. I’m not mature enough to see this yet, but I am linked through my father to what is needed at this moment in time.

To appreciate what is taking place I need to lose my giddiness, and settle back, and watch the process unfold from a depth of rootedness I have not realized. My chance lacked the required maturity; what I had in mind wasn’t developed enough. A greater depth in creation, combined with an inner sight, is what needs to come together.

That which comes down from above touches the frozen depth of creation, and these extremes awaken the whole. What this image is suggesting is that the formula needed to create the change needed in creation is imbedded in a consciousness that is able to work with frozen matter, in other words able to work in matter, and with matter.

This is how the “as above, so below” principle between creator/creation works. God has hidden Himself in creation and man is the link that brings the expanse and contraction forward, as the next step in evolution. See, we got the answer.

In your dream what you were doing is you got all the way up to the point where you had the crescendo, and it probably was kind of harder in your case because this is how you are: you have to take in the expanse. But then something didn’t break into the expanse as the final step.

Your first part identified kind of that something had to be done. Your second part had you kind of ignoring it, and then all of a sudden getting it and realizing the gravity of the situation, but not yet able to act yet, so the intensity built in that. And then you needed a third dream which would have been interesting to see how close that would have come to just what happened here.

The new information that this dream is suggesting, is that if it’s “as above, so below” means that something above is no different than something below, and therefore you’re to understand that in the end the lower self and the higher self come together as One. Then there’s something wrong with the idea that there is a higher self that is separate from the lower self, that in the totality of things they are one and the same.

It’s easy to draw the conclusion that when something is more speeded up and operates and functions on a higher, greater level of existence in terms of the universe of things, the God head of things, that that makes it more in keeping with a process that needs to unfold – as if man has to completely reconnoiter to that.

If that’s the case, then you don’t have an “as above, so below,” do you? You instead have something down here needing to evolve to something else and, if that is so, then you really don’t have a Oneness at all.

In other words, the Oneness is hidden at this point in time, and the Oneness isn’t put together by the fact that you cobble pieces together. The Oneness is always the Oneness. It’s just that it’s unconscious or dormant.

What this dream is saying is that, it incorporates a Chinese understanding even that in terms of Yin and Yang, the greater the darkness, the greater the light, the greater the light, the greater the darkness. They work hand in hand.

In order for something conscious to come through, as if it’s coming through from above, the extreme density of something in creation has to receive it. In other words, the higher you scale something, the deeper you probe something. Existence is everything in the microcosm. The macrocosm is hidden in the microcosm.

And so if you incorporate the principle that God has hidden Himself in the human heart, and that man is the catalyst for something to awaken, and everyone is sitting back acting like big Father is going to come storming to the rescue, they’re getting it all wrong.

The answer, the solution, is hidden within man, within the depths of the heart of man. And man has to go to an even greater depth within. Everything can be changed, everything can be corrected, everything that happens is fixable in terms of the inflection of how it is, but it requires man to go more into the microcosm of the density of himself.

In other words, as a child way of looking at it, you might think you could change the tone or the mood or the manner of what is unfolding, in other words, apply a different flow to it, which is more liquid. But no, that’s apparent, that’s obvious, and everyone has their ideas on how that could work, and as a kid my idea is my idea. But no, you have to go to a greater depth.

There is no giddiness involved. This isn’t that simple. You have to go deeper, and that depth that’s deeper, is deeper within the depths of one’s self, just like when you’re transforming and changing the mannerisms of things and traits and characteristics of you that keep you from becoming awakened.

You do that by going to the depths of yourself. The same process applies, because it’s always macrocosm/microcosm kind of reflecting each other, as above, so below. So in order to effectuate the change that needs to occur in any kind of issue in the world, it’s not like “as above” has got it right; it’s always within the microcosm as well.

And so if the microcosm is off, the macrocosm and the work that is done there, isn’t in cohesion either, so you have to go into the depths of yourself. The depths of yourself is like a frozenness. You have to go in to such a degree of that, but no one has done that. That’s what surprises me.

I have to just sit and watch because it’s a depth of my consciousness and development. I’m linked to that which actually does know. It’s in the blood, so to speak. It’s in the family, but the thing that bothers me about it is, I’m still not comfortable with how serious this was, in terms of my father’s seriousness, because I clamored into the situation as if I wanted to even open this thing and whatnot and had to be settled and pushed back a bit, because the exacting of this was quite a serious kind of thing. That, I guess, exemplified the fact that it wasn’t holding the energy.

You have to hold the energy. It’s hard to hold something in its density, and something in its sheer density actually can almost suck the light out it. It’s like a black hole, and yet you have this paradox where something as a light in its expanse has to work simultaneously with something as a density, which is like a black hole that can suck the light out, in order for there to be a Wholeness or breakthrough.

Science has discovered that the universe explains all of this. In other words, you have stars blowing up and something creating an expanse, and then you have what’s known as a dark hole that eats up the matter. It just kind of goes in, or it just goes into this black hole and gets really, really, really dense again, and you have these two characteristics going side by side.

Actually, that’s what’s going on with mankind. He has within him the radiance of the stars in the universe and, at the same time, he has the density of all of that compacted as one can get. And that’s why science, if they really want to understand something, they don’t need to try to explore the universe. They can just explore the matter, the atom, and that’s why science has discovered that if you take an atom and you really study it you can find everything in existence in the universe all housed in a single atom.

The atom has light. It has an incredible amount of power that can blow everything to smithereens if you were able to open it up and tap it properly. That’s what nuclear fusion and fission and all of that’s about. It has that vibration that is absolutely all-encompassing. It has the sound. It has everything in life that exists, all within an atom.

And so if you’re trying to take something that’s totally expansive and beyond the comprehension in terms of the outer expanse, and you’re trying to fix something that has gone awry in between, you have to go into the depth of matter itself in order for this to work. That’s kind of what the dream is portraying.

And what you were trying to do is you were trying to catch up with how the Wholeness of that feels, and you came up to a certain crescendo very loudly and disturbingly, with a type of suspense that is akin to a longing, but you hadn’t broken through in terms of how it is that you’re supposed to be able to feel this in its expanse.

How you feel that in its expanse is the answer, or resolution, in terms of the feminine principle of holding creation, holding the above all the way down through into creation.

The paradox again if as above, so below, is that that there’s nothing any different up above than there is down below and that the answer is all here just like the answer is all there somewhere else. And if the answer’s confusing here, it’s confusing there.

If there’s a big step that has to be taken, the big step is that something at the depth of how it all works, in terms of how matter is, has yet to be brought forward. That there’s a certain way of going into matter that then effectuates the change that is needed. As long as one is doodling on the surface, and doing things that disturb the matter, but don’t know how to take on a greater responsibility of what’s embedded, as a quality and a trait in matter, you’re not cutting the grade.

Everything has a divinity in it, and that divinity connects to the creator. But man’s consciousness, with his freedom of choice, has kept Her from going into the depths of the matter of things, and he’s been charged with that as a role responsibility. If he can catch up, and if he can do that, then he has actually truly become what he’s intended to be, the Crown of Creation, and is able to connect all of the worlds together – through the microcosm.

It can’t be done in the macrocosm either, because it’s just too expansive. And maybe it can’t be done in the microcosm because it’s just too minute, and too dense. But there lies the paradox. It has to be done with the both of them simultaneously – and then you get the Oneness, and all of the levels open up as a consequence if you do do it.
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