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OZ_-_Z_Diorama_001John dreams of going for a walk with a woman from an isolated, conservative town, only to find her father and other authority figures awaiting their return. Through this imagery, we can extrapolate the current human condition, which imagines that it knows what is going on and has some control over the outcome.

From a higher perspective, we don’t really know, but we can understand that it’s unfolding according a greater plan that we don’t easily see. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: My dream is pretty fast. It’s an odd little story. Odd little stories are pretty loud actually, and actually easier to remember. That’s probably why they’re odd little stories. They’re the kind of stories that you tend to want to even forget as if you think something is haywire.

So, I have traveled into the eastern part of Montana, and arrived at a remote area where there is not much contact with civilization. People who live out here are very conservative. They are far away from normal life, in other words the life of the city and usual environment.

In other words, it’s not a great mixing pot. People are too isolated. Such isolation can lead to a lot of false impressions about how things are because there is not the opportunity to sort things out and grow, like there is in a mix of a lot of people. And that, as a consequence, such isolation leads to an imbalance because the consciousness is not provided the opportunity to develop.

So I’ve traveled out here, and I meet a woman and we go off in the distance together. We’re taking a walk out into the field away from the normal, small, isolated farm environment, or whatever it is. In such an isolated area nothing happens without everyone aware, which is both a protection and a problem.

I go off on an excursion with the woman. I’m able to tell that the father has imagined the worst: he has called the authorities. When we return, the ranch hands and her father, plus another person who has a certain authority about him, is there. Before we have gotten back to where they are, in other words we can see all of this in the distance as we’re returning, the authority figure says to the father to let him handle this because, he’s saying, “They look too casual and easygoing for one to just straightaway jump into some sort of foregone conclusion.”

As we arrive the daughter, of course, is aware of the mentality that has gone rampant, and says to her father, “At least you waited and didn’t go off completely on a tangent without obtaining my side of the story. Nothing could have happened without my permission. To that you can rest assured.”

The meaning is everyone thinks that creation is being raped and plundered at will. That is because there has been a jumping-to-conclusions based upon appearances and imagination. Such an attitude has magnified that which appears to be a problem, into a foregone conclusion.

That is a perspective that is closed off from the whole. The concept of self discipline has gotten lost. People imagine what they think they see, and in their imagination arrive at conclusions based upon appearances without fact.

Rarely does anyone take the time to realize that everything that happens in creation is by design. It’s easier to place blame. And that is why there is such a problem in creation. No one has any faith and trust anymore. This leads to a world of false accusation, fear, distrust, and isolationism. Creation is excluded from the big picture.

No one knows the real story. Nothing in creation can happen without the feminine being included and the unfoldment being part of a divine plan. God is everywhere, yet people seem to have forgotten this truth and gone off on personal tangents. The point is, nothing is as it appears.

Because of a lack of sight, the imagination is lost in the ideas of power and control. The conclusions reached from this perspective aren’t capable of embracing the big picture. As a result the world is deemed to be in dire straights, as if it is actually possible to destroy that which is real. In other words, that the world has something in it that is real.

Maybe we don’t know what that is, and that it could get destroyed. It is as if no one is able to look into the depths of the human heart to see that everything that is unfolding, as dire as it looks outwardly, is not what it seems. Just like energy is not created or destroyed, it simply changes form, that is what is taking place in creation.

And deep down, in the heart-of-hearts, what is unfolding is preordained. The problem is that no man can see or appreciate that because he has gotten lost in the appearances, and in his limited perception faculties. Creation knows better. She isn’t as helpless as she appears.

Permission for a change to occur has been given. There can be no other way. Everything is interconnected. A human being who identifies with the outer appearances has thrown away this memo.

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separationContinuing the theme that was explored in A Common Illusion, Jeane’s next dreams further the scenario by showing what happens when the masculine and feminine principles, within, aren’t accepted and in sync. As John says, “this is were all the problems begin.” (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: One scene in this next dream, it’s like I go back to visit some place where I’ve worked before, and I notice that they have more women. But now, when I’m sitting there, just a couple of men come in; it feels like a medical setting.

I’m joking with them, where I’m wondering where the women are, because I know there are other women working in the facility. But in the place where I used to work, right now it feels like it’s just filled with men.

And now I have to go out in the corridors, or other places, to find the women.

John: Basically, what you’re describing is one of the reasons why things have such a problem, is that on the inner levels, where healing and transformation are seemingly possible in the realms of creation, that somehow or another the feminine principle, which is actually everywhere and all around, but the catalyst of it, the part that is important to facilitating the magical unfoldment, that’s the catalyst, that’s the spark plug for the magical unfoldment of creation, it’s kept in an outer corridor, so that the willfulness, the power and control, the perceptions of the masculine, as it sees things that need to be done, is not able to take on and is not utilizing itself.

In other words, it doesn’t have the full picture. It is utilizing a perception that is off the ground because only the feminine principle in a scenario that carries the Wholeness, and the masculine would always be carrying in a memo, or a seed thought that, without the feminine principle to interject, to relay, to sustain, to maintain the Wholeness then you end up with something that appears to go astray.

What appears to go astray is that, what is able to open up and connect, in terms of the Wholeness, tends to stay deviated in terms of reactionariness. In other words, there is a loss of presence, actual true presence. True presence occurs by the principle of an overallness able to contain the energetics of seed energy of the masculine, which is ungrounded. And the result of that then is an effect that is true healing in that it takes on a responsibility over the whole of the universe.

Jeane: The last scene it seems like I’ve been busy. There is a man that’s like an acquaintance but maybe we also might be flirting with a relationship, but there doesn’t seem to be much time.

We’ve both gone somewhere where we have adjoining rooms, and maybe we both have to go somewhere at a certain hour, so it’s not like we’re actually seeing each other.

And then it must be that someone comes into my room from his room, and it’s two women I know and we visit a little while. I know when I go to the door I have to put on and take off the robe I’m wearing, and I notice the price tag is still on it.

When I visit with the two women, even though they can only stay a few minutes, I suddenly get the impression that the vibe is a little off, because one of them probably actually wants to go out with him and is becoming aware that I’m meeting with him in the morning or something, or that I have some kind of a relationship with him, and that’s bothering her but she never says anything.

They leave and I’m pondering that. I think I must decide that I have to call him but he’s already left, and we do have a time when we’re meeting in the morning. That’s about all I remember from that dream.

John: Whenever there’s the perception of something being separate, then there are all the games that come into play to try to maintain the appearances, and to support the idea that there’s something that can be lost and something that can be found. And what all of that does is it spurs on the neuroses of things, which lead to consequences.

This being the initial impulses and those initial impulses then lead to consequences that when magnified turn into ideas of protectionism, fear, power, control, loss, all of the kinds of dense reactions that are supported by the idea that one is suffering or affected by a loss, as opposed to the recognition that everything is intertwined and that everything is knowable and known, and that nothing is really hidden.

But when we think that something can be found or realized, if we go off on some agenda of separation on our own, that this will get us somewhere. When we take and do that, that’s when we start all of the problems, as opposed to, if one recognized that everything comes together as One, and everything has always been One, it doesn’t come together, it always has been One.

But the idea that it has to come together is actually part of the problem, because then that means that there are these choices, and these mannerisms, that have to be contended with or maintained.

When you have that sort of thing going on, then you’re going to have a slow and steady breakdown because you’re disrespecting what life is really all about. You’re choosing to act as if you’re somehow separate from the Whole, as if you’re a unique body that’s distinct from the Whole body, as opposed to a cell in one body that works and functions in conjunction with the Whole.

Even though we can know this, we still go through the motions and commotions, as if somehow or another a break like that, in some fashion, actually exists.


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starlightstardustToday, Jeane’s dream leads us beautifully into an exploration of a fundamental truth: we are part of the Wholeness of the universe, not separate. This is often stated as “life is an illusion.”

The illusion is that we are separate, and John points out how the anxiety caused by this feeling of separation triggers our deepest fears and sense of alienation. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I just seem to remember scenes from my dreams. It feels like they were all kind of stressed.

The very earliest dream, all I remember is I’m living in a house with other people. It seems to have at least three levels, and it feels like you can kind of see between some of the levels, too. But I have to keep going up to the very top level, at certain hours, because it’s as though either some dogs or some people come into the house that don’t feel entirely safe.

So I have to be on the very top level where I can kind of seal it off a little, so that they aren’t pursuing me there. If there is a certain person around, it’s like they don’t harm you. It’s just like I’m on the edge a lot, would be the best way of describing it, because of the sense that they can pursue you or something.

John: This is a dream that has you playing with a common illusion that exists in the outer. And the illusion is that what is taking place around you can affect you, or catch up with you, and can hurt you, and can find the access to you if it really wants to. And, therefore, there’s no place that you can go that is safe, even though deep down you kind of know that you can go to the top of the house and be okay.

In other words, there is an isolated part inside you that is secure and safe. But you’re never sure. And the reason why you’re never sure is because you’re only acting based upon best guesses. You don’t really know, because you don’t have good conscious connection to that deep heart-of-hearts depth of yourself to know if it’s going to be okay, or not.

So, what’s this dream about? What does it mean? What is it suggesting? What is it really talking about?

If you look at it in the full macrocosm sense, it’s like you are talking as creation. And what you’re saying is that you know that everything is okay. The appearances may suggest otherwise, and the appearances can even be a bit alarming to you.

However, deep, deep, deep inside you have to go with your best guess, and your best guess, even though you can’t prove it to be true, is that there is a way that you can go into a safe place within, and whatever happens can’t touch you. Whatever appears to be happening, can’t actually reach you.

You’re not sure about that however, but you think that it is so. And so it’s like this is a dream in which there is a kind of contrast that is being proposed as existing in terms of a kind of separation. In other words, there’s the feminine subjectivity of a Wholeness, and then there is the masculine energy that takes and probes out into all of life, which is the realm of the feminine, which is creation.

And the masculine probes out with an energy that kind of has a bit of a makeup that feels a little bit separate, and the reason why it feels separate is because the depth of that aspect of quality that feels separate, is so hidden within the feminine because it has the outer caricature of itself that it reflects, that the two don’t often come into cohesion. In other words, they don’t come into cohesion in the ordinary senses of a waking reality. They are in cohesion in the innermost sanctum of life as we know it, which includes light, and vibrations, and other levels.

We function without the ability to realize that everything is really connected and intertwined. We can understand it in principle, and in theory, but in an outer world it’s hard to sustain and maintain that level of sight, because everything, in its appearances, is against that.

It’s easy then to draw the conclusion that things can be created or destroyed. The idea that something can be created or destroyed is possible when there is the belief that a separation actually exists.

When a separation actually exists, then something can die or be hurt. But if everything is intertwined, that just isn’t actually possible, or you’d be violating a fundamental truth of the universe, that energy can be neither created nor destroyed.

It simply is a Wholeness that is everywhere, and the only thing that can appear to be changeable is the form, the outer reflections. But the inner shifts, and changes, at will. But someone who is limited, like an ordinary human being coming off of the typical faculties, cannot catch up with that. They can only work off of the appearances of what they have in terms of their ordinary faculties.

And so because they see things as separate, distinguishable, as having a density, as being manifested, and designed to look like they function independently in the outer, there is then the conclusion that things can be hurt, destroyed, contaminated, and all of that, but at the heart-of-heart is the understanding that this can never be so.

In your dream you are trying to play with this principle. You are caught in a scenario in which you see yourself as having to go off into a kind of separation. You’ve gone to the farthest reaches that you can go inside of you, and into this room you come to find that, perhaps, there is security and perhaps there is not.

Are you actually able to touch that depth that lies outside of the senses? Your intuition can tell you that this should, and does, feel okay, but your outer perceptions do not necessarily coincide. And so you don’t know and, as a consequence, it is easy to lose faith, it’s easy to lose trust, it’s easy to have fear, and all of that then contributes to the delusion.

So, we live in a world in which that lack of faith, the lack of trust, the fear, all is running rampant. And to the degree that one identifies with any of that, as opposed to the heart-of-hearts, you find yourself then having to try to find an escape that leads to a safety, deep down knowing that that’s possible, but rationally not having that conscious connection to know for sure.


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